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  1. randomfan

    Thanks! Good to see you again, too.
  2. Cascade » randomfan

    ehhhh that's alright. As long as you still post occasionally =P but really nice to see you're still alive lol
  3. randomfan

    Fine, you caught me. Though I probably won't be able to post much.
  4. Cascade » randomfan

    I see you lurkinggggggggggggg. welcome back lol :P
  5. Ironwolf » randomfan

    i know its late for this but happy 4th of july
  6. Ironwolf » randomfan

    have you heard of kasuto.net
  7. Ironwolf » randomfan

    did you look?
  8. Ironwolf » randomfan

    go to ze end of the world on youtube
  9. randomfan

    I don't really know.
  10. Ironwolf » randomfan

    what do they do in clans
  11. randomfan

    Not very much.
  12. Ironwolf » randomfan

    Hey what do u do with the items at the shop!?!?!?
  13. Ironwolf » randomfan

    Hey watz up?
  14. randomfan » Max

    Thank you for adding me as a friend!
  15. Ironwolf » randomfan

    Hey how do you get a member title?
  16. Ironwolf » randomfan

    Hey Hi How ,How do I join a clan . Do you know?