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  1. Arcane » Esme/ralda

    Welcome back
  2. Esme/ralda » Jo-Bengt

    I just noticed you have Daft Punk in your signature
  3. Esme/ralda » The Count

    Thsts cool [:
    I'm not Karlie though, sorry to say ]:
  4. The Count » Esme/ralda

    I swear you remind me of this girl I know named Karlie...
  5. o Legiitz o » Esme/ralda

    would you like some rupees?
  6. Teto » Esme/ralda

    Also, the avatar looks good, ;o
  7. Teto » Esme/ralda

    Wait, what? I posted that on my page, not yours. My browser must be messed up. :S
  8. Teto » Esme/ralda

    Wait, why did that comment go on my, L and Adn's pages?
  9. Teto » Esme/ralda

    Well you know what's coming in Door to Darkness then. I guess the only surprise I can give you is as to how I might dispose of him, eh?
  10. Teto » Esme/ralda

    >:/ I'll start again then...
    I already have my newest RP character's death sorted out and I haven't even made my first post.
  11. Teto » Esme/ralda

    Oh he can sometimes over react though. Oh well, that's a pretty good idea. I'll try to think of how to incorporate it into the story too. I usually have a habit of thinking really far ahead about future events in the RP and how I can turn the story towards it. If you haven't seen other RPs I'm in, you wont know that I have a tendency to kill off my characters D:. I already have my
  12. Teto » Esme/ralda

    It'd be good to start a new RP altogether but getting an idea is the problem. And if we started Door to Darkness again, I'm sure Taco would go all Nazi and lock it anyway. D:
    Does Esme have time powers so that we can go back to before the dragon?
  13. Teto » Esme/ralda

    The RP section as a whole seems to be dying. It's rare that an RP lasts as long as DtD did though, so we can be thankful it did so. :')
  14. Teto » Esme/ralda

    'sall right. I think I might be out of my Writer's Block now and hopefully I'll stay out.
  15. Teto » Esme/ralda

    Also, sorry for not posting in the RP. I have a block of the writer variety. Available in stores now, today only and probably for a while.
    Anyway, you saw my Flame Sage topic? I am super stealthy sleuth for sure. :D:D:D
  16. Adn » Esme/ralda

    Happy (belated) Birhtday, Esme!
  17. Chef Nonsense » Esme/ralda

    Sorry for the mess up.
  18. Chef Nonsense » Esme/ralda

    Happy Birthday Emse! =D

    He's an alien.
    Don't turn back, just run.
  20. Hedawn Omni » Esme/ralda

    Hello there
    I bring you a gift a beautiful new day.
    So smile.