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  1. Skyrider

    it feels pretty great knowing that you have the only 3DS in your town.
  2. Skyrider » Rika Code

    Be sure to rase "Zora Love" with lots of...well... love of course! Also take it through league!
  3. Rika Code » Skyrider

    Yep, and I am going to keep making Zorua eggs until I get a shiny (they are blue!!) and nickname it "Zora Love"
  4. Skyrider » Rika Code

    SO if you take ZORA and add a U you get ZORUA. If you add a O and RK you get ZOROARK!
  5. Puck » Skyrider

    It is a better game than most people give credit for.
  6. Skyrider » Puck

    Cool! I was I was introduced to zelda with wind waker too.
  7. Skyrider » Hiro Protagonist

    Happy Birthday! I had a TARDIS cake for you but it dematerialized.
  8. Skyrider » #1zeldafan

    Hey! You have mario kart wii?! PM me sometime I want to swap codes wih you!
  9. Skyrider » misa

    Happy late B-day I guess! Also Happy Independence Day!
  10. Skyrider » Hiro Protagonist

    Box falls out of the sky, man falls out of the box, man eats fish custard, and look at you, you're just sittin' there!
    Haha, I love Dr. Who!
  11. Skyrider » Kimmy

    Hey Kimmy! Hey Kimmy! Hey Kimmy! Hey Kimmy! The bunnies all left and went out into the world! I didn't kill them!
  12. misa » Skyrider

    Kinda suckish broke my arm.
  13. Skyrider » misa

    Hey misa, hows life been?
  14. Skyrider » Mila

    Hi there!
  15. Skyrider » Rika Code

    ZORA... ZORA!!!
  16. Rika Code » Skyrider

  17. Skyrider » Teto

    I stalk you hmmm..... NOW! Hahahahaha!