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  1. hallratena liked a post in a topic by Neku in The New X-Factor Audition Layout   
    Now, I don't know if this is relevant or not, even if it is the general board.

    Has anyone seen the new series of X-Factor? I mean, where the auditions are live? (Is it even shown outside of the UK?!)
    Now if you have, I just want to hear your opinions of it. I mean, I honestly think it ruins the whole idea of a 'journey' from auditions to a live performance. And 70% of the fanbase agree. 400,000 people less than last year watched the first ep, but I can't be certain as to why yet.

    And Simon Cowell says : "If it doesn't work, I'll take the blame. Simple as that."

    Well, its a poor idea, if you ask me. It works with Britains Got Talent, but it takes the appeal away from the X-Factor.
    (If this thread is irrelevant or already been done, feel free to remove it. )