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  1. I've missed school two days in a row, yesterday because it was my sister's 18th birthday and she stayed home, and my mom just decided that I wasn't going either. Today I just couldn't wake up, because I didn't fall asleep until 5 AM.

    I hate missing school.

  2. Update: With a recent update, the GeForce mobile series is being detected again. I've got GeForce experience running now. So that's all my issues with Windows 10 resolved. :D

  3. I've had like one problem so far, being it not detecting Nvidia laptop cards. Which I guess is a big issue, but at least I've got integrated graphics to run on. Everything else has been MUCH better than 8.1.

  4. I think it's a pretty cool place with a lot of chill people on it. My favorite subreddits  ate usually fan-based things, like r/HarryPotter or r/civ. r/OutOfTheLoop is one that I almost feel should be default, it's so interesting.

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  5. TG: i mean

    TG: a man aint nothing but a man

    TG: and you are a whole lotta man

    TG: you puppyin know it kiddo now let's get this shit started

    TG: bring on the slap bass and bad acting lets get this gay porno going

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  6. I play League of Legends a fair bit, but I really suck at it. That wasn't the case with this last game, though. I did really well, and our team made a serious comeback towards the end and ended up winning! Both teams were pushed back to the nexus, and they had a serious kill and gold advantage (though the game ended 75-75, lol)

    If anyone wants to look at boring stats, here's the match report:

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  7. I'll be honest I do not get you guys' hate for tim burton

  8. i thought it was cool to see what posts got liked, and remembering what i liked before

    I guess they're not important I just think they're cool


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  9. On the topic of likes, I really don't like getting notificiations for them. But apparently you disabled toggling that? I only really want to be website-notified for messages.

  10. eun0cfe.png

    This is what shows up when I click "reputation activity" which is what I assume likes are. It doesn't show me given or received.

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  11. Hey, Tappy, is it possible to see likes given/received anymore? Clicking on the link about community reputation doesn't show anything.

  12. Yeah, I do not like this theme. I would much rather have the old green back, if possible.