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  1. I want to buy this game, but I'm worried that I'll hate the aiming. I'm only really good with mouse and keyboard. I mean, the motion aiming might be fine, but I dunno. I got too used to TF2 and Payday, I guess.

  2. Because you totally can't be competitive with a silly, cartoon-y game.

    Like Super Smash Brothers.

    Not at all.

  3. So on mother's day, we went to this craft store because my mom is really into that kind of thing. There were these "Metal Earth" things there, which had a sheet of pop-out metal bits that connected with tabs that you turn with pliers and stuff. I got one to build a guitar, and attached are the results. It was a lot of fun to build, and I'm proud of how it turned out.

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  4. Hey, Teto. Why's your name Dog if your picture's a lion? I think you're not telling us the whole story here.

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  5. I don't want to have my music interrupted by audio ads, and I don't like the radio style of Pandora. I want something were I can play a song on demand, and build a playlist, and all that.

  6. So music streaming site Grooveshark shut down two days ago. I relied on it for practically all of my music, not having money to pay for subscriptions or albums, and thoroughly disliking the radio-inspired styles of sites like Pandora. I've really been unable to find any other free, playlist-styled service, and it's distressing me a bit. I don't want to use YouTube, 'cause it's cumbersome and harder to track down songs and make playlists amongst just about every other type of entertainment on the Internet.


    In general it makes me pretty sad.

  7. I prefer fruit, yeah. I never really liked bitter things, or foods that have too crisp of a crunch. Celery and onions are the worst offenders, even if I like onions in pasta sauce. Otherwise they can go puppy themselves. :P

  8. I love transistor a lot, but I feel like bastion had the better gameplay. Both were great, and transistor certainly didn't fall flat, I just feel like the game is more about its themes and style than its gameplay. The ideas were creative, but I guess they just weren't my thing.

    But pausing time to kill things is always cool

  9. sexual deviant 

    You don't even TRY to hide it anymore.


    Anyway, welcome to the site! :D

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  10. My favorite all-time is definitely Panic! at the Disco, followed by Fall Out Boy. I also have fondness for Neon Trees, Mumford and Sons, and AWOLNation. There's a lot of scattered music I like, which I don't attack to a band, but a lot of those are by either Shinedown or Papa Roach, strangely. 

    oh! and Linkin Park. They're the band that I think has garbage music but still enjoy, for... whatever reason.