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  1. SilverAlchemic liked a post in a topic by Ganny in Memorable #Zelda moments/quotes   
    <Ganny> which one of us is the real kibblo
    <Kibblo> Let's say something only the real kibblo would know
    <Ganny> "Buster sword"
    <Double45> holy shit, that's kibblo
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  3. SilverAlchemic liked a post in a topic by Teto in Talk   
    I dare you not to
    You wouldn't anyway

    man I am so much better than everyone
    because I know Cascade wont lock Talk

    You can talk the lock
    But can you lock the Talk
  4. SilverAlchemic liked a post in a topic by 2356 in Talk   
    Facebook is good for poking. Watch out Cascade. YOUR VIRGINITY WILL BE MINE.
  5. SilverAlchemic liked a post in a topic by Ganny in Talk   
    you bet
    you bet
    All the old crowd you'd remember from there still hang out every day, you're always welcome to stop by
  6. Knuckle liked a post in a topic by SilverAlchemic in Talk   
    So what you're saying is, Hnet Discord is the next step?
  7. SilverAlchemic liked a post in a topic by Cascade in Talk   
    Good lord anyone else have those days when you check out that super dead forum you used to post on all the time years ago and cringe at how all your old posts are the most obnoxious twee teenager things ever created? Or is it just me?? I hate Past!Me, haha. Why did any of you like her, honestly.
    It's weird how barren this place is now, considering how gung-ho we all were back in like 2012/2013 about never letting this place die. This has been some nostalgia trip... feels like my time here happened decades ago rather than only a few years ago. I wonder how you guys are doing these days, even the users I wasn't close friends with (or close in the slightest, or even flat-out dislike) you all were pretty special and/or entertaining and will always be a part of my teenage years. IDK, I doubt anyone will see this post anyways. Is the IRC even active still? I'm too nervous to check hah.
  8. Knuckle liked a post in a topic by SilverAlchemic in WHAT'S GOING ON IN YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW? CATCH UP THREAD   
    I've been trying to program a robot since the last time I was here. I also got into theatrical acting, so I've been taking the class for it in school. I really love acting and improv, so it's great! I played through the Metal Gear Solid series, and boy howdy it probably changed my life, it was so good. 
    I have a 4.8 GPA and I'm still scared about getting into college. So my anxiety is pretty awful. I have a girlfriend.
    Not sure what else to say, but there's the update.
    Oh, shit, that sounds terrible. What disease is it, and is there anything you can do to treat it?
  9. SilverAlchemic liked a post in a topic by Knuckle in WHAT'S GOING ON IN YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW? CATCH UP THREAD   
    I got diagnosed with a debilitating brain disease a few months ago and haven't been able to do much since. Been doing well otherwise, just trying to find odd jobs to work.
  10. SilverAlchemic liked a post in a topic by Teto in WHAT'S GOING ON IN YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW? CATCH UP THREAD   
    You lot first. Catch up. How do you spend your days and how've you been getting on? Anybody dead?
  11. SilverAlchemic liked a post in a topic by Teto in Happy Birthday! (Birthday announcements)   
    Happy Birthday Jeeeeesus!
  12. SilverAlchemic liked a post in a topic by なべ in Memorable #Zelda moments/quotes   
    4:15:19 PM - Kibblo: Somebody's knocking on the door
    4:15:23 PM - Kibblo: Do I shiv them
    4:16:09 PM - Double45: probably not
    4:16:30 PM - Kibblo: Can't find the shiv knives anyway
    <Double45> holy shit, that's kibblo
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    This site will always be running.  Forever...
  14. SilverAlchemic liked a post in a topic by Otis McNutt in Talk   
    I'm finally going home!!!! I just got the ok from my Doctor. My discharge date is August 30th or 31st. 
  15. SilverAlchemic liked a post in a topic by Teto in Talk   
    Arc complete. Hello from the Void.
  16. SilverAlchemic liked a post in a topic by Cop in Talk   
    I can't believe this place is still around! Had a good time reading the serious discussions back in the day. My favourite memory was not being Teto, having forgotten his password, and then resorting to an alternative account called Cop. And it certainly isn't a recent memory, ie. happening right now.
  17. SilverAlchemic liked a post in a topic by Fierce Muffin in Memorable #Zelda moments/quotes   
    Alright, so this is long as puppy, but everyone wanted it to be immortalized, so here it is. Also, re-reading it, I feel like we were really mean to the girl (although she wasn't there, so it doesn't really matter), but just know that Sinky has since talked to her and generally been very nice to her regardless of her strange interests.
    [23:05:47] <_robynchan> to top it all off i went on this date and that's when all of this happened
    [23:05:51] <_robynchan> (the show didn't end up happening)
    [23:06:02] <_robynchan> (because i had no way to get there)
    [23:06:06] <_robynchan> and the girl was a puppying weirdo
    [23:06:23] <+Cello> what did she do
    [23:06:40] <_robynchan> she's into being like, a kid and stuff. like, my little pony, winx club?
    [23:06:44] <_robynchan> it's my fault
    [23:06:55] <_robynchan> because she saw i liked hello kitty, so she assumed i wanted to be a 7 yo girl
    [23:06:56] <+Cello> wow the fabled reverse loli
    [23:07:04] <_robynchan> ^
    [23:07:04] <_robynchan> lmao
    [23:07:08] <&Double45> wow
    [23:07:15] <&Double45> give me those digits :^)
    [23:07:18] <%Fierce_Muffin> What's wrong with kid stuff like MLP and Winx Club
    [23:07:21] <%Fierce_Muffin> At least MLP
    [23:07:25] <%Fierce_Muffin> 40 year old men love it
    [23:07:55] <+Cello> lol i just remembered that webm where the little girl is watching tv and it sounds like porn
    [23:07:59] <+Cello> but it's actually winx
    [23:08:11] <%Fierce_Muffin> That was silly
    [23:08:18] <%Fierce_Muffin> Literally sexual moans
    [23:10:30] <_robynchan> well it goes further
    [23:10:33] <_robynchan> she uses pacifiers
    [23:10:38] <_robynchan> baby bottles, and sippy cups
    [23:10:42] <&Double45> oh
    [23:10:43] <&Double45> ohh
    [23:10:44] <%Fierce_Muffin> Oh
    [23:10:44] <+Cello> uh
    [23:10:47] <%Fierce_Muffin> Ohhhhhhhhh...............
    [23:10:48] <+Cello> that's
    [23:10:52] <%Fierce_Muffin> Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.................................................................
    [23:10:56] <%Fierce_Muffin> d-diapers?
    [23:10:58] <_robynchan> then my dad did that shit
    [23:11:04] <_robynchan> and then after it was over-with, she was like
    [23:11:04] <+Cello> you had to go ask that
    [23:11:10] <_robynchan> "i have a serious question"
    [23:11:14] <_robynchan> and i was like "shoot, what's up?"
    [23:11:17] <_robynchan> she's like
    [23:11:23] <%Fierce_Muffin> "Do you have a diaper fetish?"
    [23:11:24] <_robynchan> "i'm not really looking for a boyfriend."
    [23:11:29] <_robynchan> "i'm looking for something more like
    [23:11:34] <&Double45> a babysitter
    [23:11:35] <_robynchan> a *daddy*."
    [23:11:38] <&Double45> DAMMIT
    [23:11:41] <+Cello> what
    [23:11:41] <&Double45> that was my first guess
    [23:11:44] <_robynchan> so close, double
    [23:11:46] <_robynchan> so close
    [23:11:47] <&Double45> i puppyed it
    [23:11:56] <+Cello> this real??????????????????
    [23:11:57] <&Double45> but seriously
    [23:12:02] <&Double45> give me those digits :^)
    [23:12:04] <%Fierce_Muffin> Sinky, this is truly amazing
    [23:12:10] <_robynchan> no it's puppying odd
    [23:12:12] <&Double45> this is like a tv episode
    [23:12:14] <_robynchan> why does my dating life suck
    [23:12:15] <&Double45> plot
    [23:12:22] <_robynchan> i already know what she's like, i've read about.. her kind before
    [23:12:30] <%Fierce_Muffin> You don't want a daughter?
    [23:12:37] <+Cello> she's not weird she's puppying bizarre
    [23:12:45] <_robynchan>
    [23:12:55] <_robynchan> she even calls herself a "little"
    [23:12:59] <&Double45> you must be 18+
    [23:13:03] <&Double45> uh oh
    [23:13:11] <_robynchan> prepare yourself
    [23:13:15] <&Double45> oh jeez
    [23:13:23] <_robynchan> she actually was going to invite me to her place and i was semi-down and then she told me she's basically 4
    [23:13:24] <%Fierce_Muffin> "This is a place for Littles and Caregivers to get a bit more personal."
    [23:13:26] <_robynchan> and i was down
    [23:13:30] <_robynchan> to get the puppy out
    [23:13:52] <%Fierce_Muffin> "Hi there, my name is Mysty! I'm a 20 year old trans girl who switches between being a CG and being a little. I have a lovely fiancée who is also a switch (who may or may not be introducing herself in the near future). I've been in the CGL community for a while now (I've lost count of how long it's been), and I only found out about this subreddit, which is exciting! It's nice to meet you all!"
    [23:14:07] <_robynchan>
    [23:14:11] <_robynchan> that could have been me, dude
    [23:14:14] <_robynchan> scary thought
    [23:14:17] <%Fierce_Muffin> You can't just SWITCH between being a baby and being an adult
    [23:14:28] <_robynchan> LOL
    [23:14:38] <&Double45> i feel like i need to clear my history
    [23:14:43] <%Fierce_Muffin> lol
    [23:14:45] <_robynchan> i think cello's comment will stick with me forever
    [23:14:49] <_robynchan> "the fabled reverse loli"
    [23:14:51] <_robynchan> i'm dying
    [23:14:58] <%Fierce_Muffin> legal 3D loli
    [23:15:08] <+Cello> i feel like i need to give myself a concussion to forget this exists
    [23:15:17] <&Double45> was she cute though
    [23:15:20] <_robynchan> uh
    [23:15:20] <%Fierce_Muffin> Yeah
    [23:15:22] <%Fierce_Muffin> Was she cute
    [23:15:22] <_robynchan> uh
    [23:15:24] <_robynchan> like
    [23:15:27] <_robynchan> it's kind of hard to tell
    [23:15:29] <%Fierce_Muffin> Cute enough to change her diaper
    [23:15:32] <_robynchan> she kind of.... *looked* 4
    [23:15:33] <&Double45> lol
    [23:15:34] <_robynchan> like
    [23:15:36] <+Cello> uh
    [23:15:37] <&Double45> oh jeez
    [23:15:39] <%Fierce_Muffin> Would you wipe her butt clean
    [23:15:40] <_robynchan> it's almost like she somehow made herself look like a child
    [23:15:46] <+Cello> are you sure you weren't dating an actual 4 year old
    [23:15:49] <_robynchan> ^
    [23:15:49] <%Fierce_Muffin> ^^^^
    [23:15:52] <&Double45> ha
    [23:15:53] <%Fierce_Muffin> Sinky
    [23:15:55] <%Fierce_Muffin> Are you a...
    [23:15:57] <%Fierce_Muffin> pedophile...
    [23:16:02] <_robynchan> she's 21
    [23:16:08] <%Fierce_Muffin> Are you sure
    [23:16:09] <+Cello> "we all are, right??? lol" Fierce-Muffin
    [23:16:13] <_robynchan> ^
    [23:16:14] <+Cello> "uh"
    [23:16:19] <&Double45> "uh"
    [23:16:24] <%Fierce_Muffin> I literally typed "You're among friends, don't worry"
    [23:16:30] <%Fierce_Muffin> But then it felt too real
    [23:16:40] <+Cello> yeah i don't wanna get arrested
    [23:16:48] <_robynchan> hahhahaha
    [23:16:51] <&Double45> that reminds me of this girl who was in my high school and community college
    [23:16:52] <%Fierce_Muffin> Yeah, I don't want to sell anyone out
    [23:17:00] <&Double45> she looked like a middle schooler
    [23:17:06] <_robynchan> this isn't the same at all though
    [23:17:10] <&Double45> and one time she was walking down the hall in the community college
    [23:17:17] <&Double45> and people around me were whispering about her
    [23:17:22] <_robynchan> here
    [23:17:24] <&Double45> and they thought she might be someone's little sister
    [23:17:30] <&Double45> but she was like 20
    [23:17:31] <%Fierce_Muffin> dude
    [23:17:39] <%Fierce_Muffin> That's just like anime
    [23:17:51] <_robynchan> it's probably not even a true story
    [23:17:52] <%Fierce_Muffin> and then she showed up in your class
    [23:17:54] <_robynchan> it's probably from an anime
    [23:18:00] <&Double45> well she was in my class
    [23:18:11] <%Fierce_Muffin> And she's like "I'll be your science teacher for the next semester"
    [23:18:14] <_robynchan> lmao
    [23:18:15] <&Double45> lol
    [23:18:24] <%Fierce_Muffin> And then everyone's like NANIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII??!?!?!?!
    [23:18:32] <&Double45> and then the OP plays
    [23:18:34] <%Fierce_Muffin> All the guys start hitting on her
    [23:18:38] <+Cello> EHHHHHHHH???
    [23:18:39] <%Fierce_Muffin> All the girls are jealous and upset
    [23:18:41] <_robynchan> she messaged me
    [23:18:54] <%Fierce_Muffin> "Change my diaper"
    [23:18:54] <_robynchan> "do you wanna' see me again tomorrow?"
    [23:18:56] <_robynchan> holy shit
    [23:18:59] <_robynchan> i swear to puppy
    [23:19:02] <+Cello> run
    [23:19:02] <_robynchan> "was i a good widdle?"
    [23:19:05] <_robynchan> i can't
    [23:19:06] <_robynchan> guys
    [23:19:06] <+Cello> run
    [23:19:09] <_robynchan> i think this is a setup
    [23:19:11] <%Fierce_Muffin> "Daddy... don't leave me..."
    [23:19:11] <&Double45> oh jeez
    [23:19:13] <+Cello> run
    [23:19:34] <_robynchan> like i don't get it
    [23:19:34] <_robynchan> maybe
    [23:19:41] <_robynchan> this is why girls don't like me when they find out i like hello kitty
    [23:19:52] <&Double45> "Oh...he likes....widdles"
    [23:19:57] <_robynchan> lmao
    [23:19:57] <_robynchan> stop
    [23:19:58] <%Fierce_Muffin> lol
    [23:20:09] <%Fierce_Muffin> Do "Littles" and "Caregivers" have sex though
    [23:20:18] <%Fierce_Muffin> Wouldn't that be weird
    [23:20:19] <+Cello> jesus
    [23:20:19] <_robynchan> wow
    [23:20:20] <+Cello> that's illegal
    [23:20:26] <_robynchan> my step brother heard what happened between me and my dad
    [23:20:29] <_robynchan> and he donated 5$ to my friend
    [23:20:34] <%Fierce_Muffin> Nice
    [23:20:34] <&Double45> that reddit is 18+...
    [23:20:52] <+Cello> what if the caregivers are actually toddlers
    [23:21:19] <&Double45> is this a fetish thing though
    [23:21:29] <+Cello> this is definitely a fetish thing
    [23:21:34] <%Fierce_Muffin> What else
    [23:21:36] <_robynchan> double
    [23:21:38] <_robynchan> are you joking
    [23:21:42] <+Cello> you feel gross just thinking about it
    [23:21:45] <&Double45> i guess not
    [23:21:46] <_robynchan>
    [23:21:49] <_robynchan> get your read on
    [23:21:58] <&Double45> i don't know if i want to lcik this
    [23:21:59] <&Double45> click
    [23:22:04] <_robynchan> lick
    [23:22:08] <%Fierce_Muffin> <&Double45> i don't know if i want to lick this
    [23:22:08] <_robynchan> "i don't know if i want to lick this"
    [23:22:10] <_robynchan> lmao
    [23:22:11] <&Double45> please
    [23:22:13] <_robynchan> muff ayyyy
    [23:22:17] <+Ganny> now I have to scroll up and read the whole chat...
    [23:22:22] <&Double45> oh jeez
    [23:22:25] <_robynchan> you snooze you lose
    [23:23:02] <%Fierce_Muffin> Trending now: Suicide wank, Butt Pepsi
    [23:23:03] <+Cello> drink booze or you'll ..... moose
    [23:23:08] <&Double45> butt pepsi..
    [23:23:10] <_robynchan> nice cello
    [23:23:24] <_robynchan> i could really go for some not-water right now
    [23:23:32] <&Double45> get some Crystal Pepsi
    [23:23:34] <_robynchan> my 17 year old step brother
    [23:23:39] <_robynchan> just dropped some hard knowledge on me
    [23:24:00] <_robynchan> "dad's only upset because he's so reserved about how he spends his money. he tends to think that his way of spending is the right way, all other ways are wrong or stupid."
    [23:24:03] <_robynchan> damn, kid
    [23:24:37] <%Fierce_Muffin> Yeah
    [23:24:40] <%Fierce_Muffin> Old men suck
    [23:24:52] <_robynchan> yeah
    [23:24:57] <_robynchan> my step brother wanted "a set of rings from an anime"
    [23:24:59] <_robynchan> whatever that means
    [23:25:07] <%Fierce_Muffin> Probably a set of rings
    [23:25:10] <%Fierce_Muffin> From an anime
    [23:25:16] <_robynchan> and my dad said no, and he said "well no, i'll give you the money to buy it. i just don't have a credit card" and my dad was like "no, it's a waste."
    [23:27:23] <+Cello> it's 12:30 and no signs of the sister
    [23:27:28] <_robynchan> cello
    [23:27:30] <_robynchan> you have a sister?
    [23:27:30] <+Cello> i'm about to pass out on the keyboard
    [23:27:49] <_robynchan> i'll stay up and wait for her
    [23:27:49] <+Cello> i have 5 sisters
    [23:27:52] <_robynchan> what the puppy
    [23:28:11] <+Cello> two little ones and three older ones and they always sexually harass me
    [23:28:23] <%Fierce_Muffin> Wait, what
    [23:28:24] <&Double45> jesus
    [23:28:27] <%Fierce_Muffin> You have five sisters?
    [23:28:32] <+Ganny> are you the little or the caretaker?
    [23:28:36] <%Fierce_Muffin> lol
    [23:28:38] <+Ganny> caregiver
    [23:28:38] <+Cello> lol
    [23:28:39] <+Ganny> HECK
    [23:28:41] <&Double45> lol
    [23:28:44] <+Ganny> lol
    [23:28:44] <+Cello> i'm memeing
    [23:28:56] <+Cello> i have one (1) sister
    [23:29:04] <%Fierce_Muffin> And one (1) brother
    [23:29:08] <+Cello> two
    [23:29:11] <+Cello> well, one
    [23:29:15] <&Double45> two then
    [23:29:17] <+Cello> a brother and a STEP brother
    [23:29:18] * Sahaqiel pets dear cello
    [23:29:24] <%Fierce_Muffin> And one (1) + one (1) = two (2) brothers
    [23:29:31] <+Cello> yeah but
    [23:29:33] <&Double45> they're just two brothers
    [23:29:34] <+Cello> it's more like 1.25
    [23:29:38] <+Cello> 1.10
    [23:29:38] <%Fierce_Muffin> Wow
    [23:29:43] <%Fierce_Muffin> Saying he doesn't matter...
    [23:29:48] <%Fierce_Muffin> You HATE him?
    [23:29:56] <+Cello> yeah lol
    [23:29:58] <_robynchan> lmao
    [23:30:05] <Marisa> This entire conversation
    [23:30:11] <+Cello> just kidding we just never even see each other
    [23:30:11] <&Double45> oh yeah
    [23:30:29] <&Double45> this reminds me of that girlfriend nabe had once that was into spongebob
    [23:30:34] <_robynchan> ^
    [23:30:35] <_robynchan> what
    [23:30:39] <+Ganny> Yesterday my daddy took me to Build-A-Bear and got me a Princess Luna and let me dress her up! Then he took me to the naughty store to get some toys for play time Best. Day. Ever! ❤
    [23:30:42] <+Ganny> I'm going to literally vomit
    [23:30:46] <_robynchan> ganny
    [23:30:48] <_robynchan> what the puppy
    [23:30:48] <Marisa> I am dying
    [23:30:55] <&Double45> please
    [23:31:03] <%Fierce_Muffin> It reminds me more of Shaq's friend
    [23:31:05] <+Cello> onegai
    [23:31:08] <%Fierce_Muffin> That wears the diaper
    [23:31:12] <_robynchan> ^
    [23:31:12] <_robynchan> what
    [23:31:13] <&Double45> oh
    [23:31:14] <+Cello> dude, saha did go to diaper drug raves
    [23:31:29] <&Double45> Saha you ever meet a little
    [23:31:32] <&Double45> met
    [23:31:40] <Marisa> Saha changed her
    [23:31:46] <+Cello> her diapers???
    [23:31:52] <Marisa> Yes
    [23:31:55] <&Double45> do you think a caregiver is always close to their little
    [23:31:55] <%Fierce_Muffin> It was for her boyfriend though
    [23:31:56] <+Ganny> "Heeelp I'm a new whittle"
    [23:31:57] <+Ganny> noun
    [23:31:57] <+Ganny> 7.
    [23:31:57] <+Ganny> British Dialect. a knife, especially a large one, as a carving knife or a butcher knife.
    [23:32:00] <+Ganny> oh no
    [23:32:02] <%Fierce_Muffin> No, wait
    [23:32:05] <%Fierce_Muffin> Actually
    [23:32:10] <%Fierce_Muffin> I think she had to wear them
    [23:32:11] <_robynchan> lmao ganny
    [23:32:13] <%Fierce_Muffin> Because of body problems
    [23:32:17] <Sahaqiel> I never changed anyone's diaper
    [23:32:20] <_robynchan> saha
    [23:32:24] <_robynchan> you changed diapers?
    [23:32:24] <%Fierce_Muffin> Oh
    [23:32:25] <Sahaqiel> nabe just likes to slander people wantonly `w'
    [23:32:27] <%Fierce_Muffin> That's what he meant
    [23:32:29] <%Fierce_Muffin> I'm dumb
    [23:33:10] <_robynchan> saha
    [23:33:13] <_robynchan> what do you know about littles
    [23:33:17] <Sahaqiel> littles?
    [23:33:26] <_robynchan>
    [23:33:27] <_robynchan> ahahhaahhaahah
    [23:33:32] <_robynchan> i'm done
    [23:34:15] <&Double45> these people
    [23:34:19] <%Fierce_Muffin> Shaq, Sinky recently tried to get with a girl
    [23:34:26] <%Fierce_Muffin> Then she revealed she's a "little"
    [23:34:28] <_robynchan> no
    [23:34:30] <_robynchan> i went on a date
    [23:34:39] <+Ganny>
    [23:34:39] <+Ganny> heck
    [23:34:40] <%Fierce_Muffin> That is LITERALLY
    [23:34:42] <%Fierce_Muffin> THE DEFINITION
    [23:34:48] <%Fierce_Muffin> OF "tried to get with a girl"
    [23:34:50] <%Fierce_Muffin> PLEASE
    [23:34:52] <_robynchan> but
    [23:34:57] <_robynchan> guys
    [23:35:02] <_robynchan> i forgot to mention one of the best parts
    [23:35:04] <&Double45> oh jeez
    [23:35:07] <_robynchan> she's going to law school
    [23:35:07] <+Ganny> ohhhh no
    [23:35:10] <&Double45> WOW
    [23:35:11] <%Fierce_Muffin> Littles are people that act like children and Caregivers are people that take care of them
    [23:35:16] <_robynchan> i forgot about that part
    [23:35:20] <+Ganny> so she must know that what she's doing is ILLEGAL
    [23:35:20] <_robynchan> she's in mcgill as a law student
    [23:35:22] <_robynchan> and she's actually
    [23:35:25] <_robynchan> really puppying smart
    [23:35:27] <_robynchan> that's the weird thing
    [23:35:36] <&Double45> My Lawyer Is Actually a Reverse Loli and Wants Me to Be Her Dad?!
    [23:35:40] <_robynchan> ^
    [23:35:44] <_robynchan> Maury
    [23:35:46] <%Fierce_Muffin> LN
    [23:35:49] <%Fierce_Muffin> But nice try
    [23:35:57] <%Fierce_Muffin> puppying non-Japanese loser
    [23:35:58] <+Cello> that would actually be hot in anime
    [23:36:05] <+Ganny> [–]mysticalwitch 2 points 1 day ago
    [23:36:05] <+Ganny> I got him from Build a Bear! He's super soft and so good to snuggle at night!!!
    [23:36:05] <+Ganny> permalinkparent
    [23:36:05] <+Ganny> [–]princessmadz 2 points 1 day ago
    [23:36:06] <+Ganny> Oh yeah! I went to a BAB earlier this week and saw the pika but everything is so much moneys >.<
    [23:36:07] <+Ganny> permalinkparent
    [23:36:13] <+Cello> lol
    [23:36:14] <+Ganny> wow nabe, I didn't know you were a little
    [23:36:16] <&Double45> a BAB
    [23:36:18] <_robynchan> LOL
    [23:36:19] <_robynchan> GANNY
    [23:36:21] <%Fierce_Muffin> There's actually an anime almost like that
    [23:36:36] <%Fierce_Muffin> This 17-year-old girl hits her head at the beginning of the story
    [23:36:43] <%Fierce_Muffin> And basically turns into a 4-year-old
    [23:36:44] <Sahaqiel> [22:36:14] <+Ganny> Oh yeah! I went to a B*B earlier this week and saw the pika but everything is so much moneys >.<
    [23:36:45] <Sahaqiel> fixed
    [23:36:51] <Sahaqiel> you can't trigger nabe like that ganny
    [23:37:47] <&Double45> Lawyer by day, daughter by night
    [23:37:50] <&Double45> she leads a double life
    [23:38:16] <Marisa> The best thing was actually calling it an anime
    [23:38:27] <+Ganny> I wonder if she told her actual dad that she's looking for a daddy
    [23:38:34] <%Fierce_Muffin> lol
    [23:38:35] <+Ganny> would he feel like... she's replacing him? but in a weird way?
    [23:38:38] <_robynchan> she lives on her own in this puppying nice ass place
    [23:38:43] <_robynchan> because her mom was ashamed that she's a "little"
    [23:38:48] <%Fierce_Muffin> What if she asked her dad to be her daddy
    [23:38:53] <_robynchan> so she kicked her out, but she supports her financially
    [23:38:54] <+Ganny> gross
    [23:39:04] <+Cello> that's like twice as illegal
    [23:39:04] <_robynchan> well
    [23:39:04] <Marisa> Everyone is on form with their jokes on this topic
    [23:39:07] <&Double45> wow
    [23:39:12] <+Ganny> "hey dad, would you be my daddy?"
    [23:39:12] <_robynchan> i don't know if the actual apartment itself is nice
    [23:39:16] <+Cello> lol
    [23:39:17] <+Ganny> "That's puppying gross, kid"
    [23:39:20] <_robynchan> it's probably covered in glitter and shit but the building is insane
    [23:39:36] <&Double45> dude you think she sleeps in a crib
    [23:39:42] <%Fierce_Muffin> dude
    [23:39:47] <&Double45> do
    [23:39:48] <+Ganny> It's covered in shit because she can't find a DADDY TO CHANGE HER
    [23:39:50] <%Fierce_Muffin> Do they sell adult-sized cribs???
    [23:39:57] <_robynchan> dude
    [23:39:59] <%Fierce_Muffin> They have adult-sized diapers
    [23:40:27] <_robynchan> i told her i was on and off with smoking recently, and she said "yucky smokes! blechy!" and i was like "sure"
    [23:40:32] <_robynchan> it was so bad 'cause we were in public
    [23:40:36] <_robynchan> and she walks like... a child
    [23:40:37] <_robynchan> i can't even
    [23:40:38] <_robynchan> explain it
    [23:40:44] <&Double45> did she try to hold your hand
    [23:40:56] <_robynchan> no
    [23:40:57] <%Fierce_Muffin> lewd
    [23:41:02] <+Ganny> Thunderstorm today, i got scared. Bananna King cuddled me (
    [23:41:04] <Sahaqiel> also lol
    [23:41:07] <+Ganny> Wow muffin, didn't know you were a CG
    [23:41:13] <%Fierce_Muffin> I mean
    [23:41:14] <Marisa> Dead
    [23:41:15] <Sahaqiel> does she look like a kid
    [23:41:16] <%Fierce_Muffin> What else would I be
    [23:41:20] <Sahaqiel> is she one of those fabled lolis
    [23:41:23] <+Ganny> Actually I guess I did know...
    [23:41:34] <%Fierce_Muffin> Sinky said she does actually look like a kid
    [23:42:28] <+Ganny> "I gots a new doggie and a pink sparkwy teethbwush!!!!" someone propel me into space
    [23:42:34] <&Double45> lol
    [23:42:49] <&Double45> this is just wrong
    [23:42:52] <_robynchan> like
    [23:42:54] <_robynchan> how do i explain it
    [23:43:11] <_robynchan> she had like, freckly cheeks, and her hair was like straight black nothing done to it.... like.. it looked like the hair of a little girl
    [23:43:26] <_robynchan> and she kept forcing her eyes to be all wide
    [23:43:33] <+Cello> uh
    [23:43:37] <&Double45> oh jeez
    [23:43:42] <_robynchan> i'm making her sound like a crack addict
    [23:43:42] <_robynchan> but
    [23:43:45] <+Cello> like................ with her hands?
    [23:43:48] <_robynchan> she just thought she was 5
    [23:44:01] <+Ganny> imagine her in the courtroom
    [23:44:05] <+Ganny> "The Defense takes a nap"
    [23:44:08] <_robynchan> lol
    [23:44:09] <_robynchan> ganny
    [23:44:13] <%Fierce_Muffin> No, like when you open your eyes in surprise
    [23:44:18] <%Fierce_Muffin> @Cell
    [23:44:20] <_robynchan> thanks, muff
    [23:44:24] <&Double45> the defense needs her bwankey
    [23:44:36] <+Ganny> She brought some clockwork oranges around with her to keep them open
    [23:44:36] <_robynchan> oh man
    [23:44:37] <_robynchan> then
    [23:44:38] <%Fierce_Muffin> Ahaha, Double
    [23:44:39] <%Fierce_Muffin> Please
    [23:44:42] <Marisa> The defense rests*
    [23:44:43] <_robynchan> there was the question game
    [23:44:47] <_robynchan> she asked me questions
    [23:44:50] <&Double45> the
    [23:44:52] <&Double45> the question game
    [23:44:56] <+Ganny> <Marisa> The defense rests*
    [23:44:56] <+Ganny> <Ganny> "The Defense takes a nap"
    [23:44:57] <_robynchan> like my favorite color, favorite band, it was normal
    [23:44:58] <_robynchan> and then it was like
    [23:45:02] <+Ganny> what I was going for
    [23:45:14] <Marisa> Too subtle
    [23:45:26] <+Ganny> shut up and get me my binky
    [23:45:26] <_robynchan> "IMPORTANT QUESTION! DA NA NAA!!! do you... like........ dot dot dot.. (she puppying said dot dot dot) ....
    [23:45:30] <_robynchan> and then she threw her puppying hands in the air
    [23:45:32] <_robynchan> and said
    [23:45:36] <&Double45> this is anime
    [23:45:36] <_robynchan> "COLOR!?"
    [23:45:37] <&Double45> this is literally anime
    [23:45:40] <+Cello> uh
    [23:45:41] <+Ganny> SHE puppyING SAID
    [23:45:42] <+Ganny> DOT DOT DOT
    [23:46:04] <%Fierce_Muffin> As in the verb color
    [23:46:11] <%Fierce_Muffin> Like coloring in a drawing
    [23:46:13] <%Fierce_Muffin> ?
    [23:46:16] <+Ganny> of course
    [23:46:23] <+Ganny> what else could it be you fraud
    [23:46:26] <%Fierce_Muffin> This sounds LITERALLY like anime
    [23:46:29] <&Double45> it does
    [23:46:29] <_robynchan> drawing
    [23:46:31] <&Double45> it so does
    [23:46:33] <+Ganny> It's EXACTLY how your littles act
    [23:46:38] <%Fierce_Muffin> I can imagine an adorable little banana asking this
    [23:46:48] <Sahaqiel> [22:45:44] <_robynchan> "COLOR!?"
    [23:46:57] <Sahaqiel> betty: NO. this is DISGUSTING
    [23:47:03] <_robynchan> who's betty
    [23:47:04] <Sahaqiel> betty: i am REVOLTED
    [23:47:05] <%Fierce_Muffin> Truly, anime has never seemed so degenerate until now
    [23:47:05] <_robynchan> or
    [23:47:06] <_robynchan> muff
    [23:47:06] <Sahaqiel> (my gf)
    [23:47:06] <_robynchan> is it
    [23:47:08] <+Ganny> betty is saha's little
    [23:47:09] <_robynchan> whose betty?
    [23:47:11] <&Double45> lol
    [23:47:14] <+Cello> they act all cute, but just wait until she pretends she can't control her sphincter and then asks you to clean up afterwards
    [23:47:17] <Marisa> Betty knows what's up
    [23:47:17] <+Ganny> or is she the CG...
    [23:47:17] <&Double45> Saha is Betty's caregiver
    [23:47:30] <%Fierce_Muffin> lol
    [23:47:34] <%Fierce_Muffin> Shaq really is a Little
    [23:47:36] <%Fierce_Muffin> 'w`
    [23:47:39] <%Fierce_Muffin> `w'
    [23:47:42] <%Fierce_Muffin> bab
    [23:47:42] <&Double45> oh yeah, Better is the caregiver for sure
    [23:47:43] <Sahaqiel> `w'
    [23:47:43] <%Fierce_Muffin> baba
    [23:47:44] <Sahaqiel> 'w`
    [23:47:45] <&Double45> Betty
    [23:47:47] <_robynchan> better
    [23:47:48] <&Double45> not better
    [23:47:51] <_robynchan> betty is the better CG
    [23:47:52] <Sahaqiel> this story is quite a trip tho i must say
    [23:48:00] <Marisa> Saha is a CG, for all we know... made in Photoshop
    [23:48:02] <Sahaqiel> sinky why did you not turn her into the police because she's a lost child
    [23:48:05] <Sahaqiel> i'm sure she'd be into it
    [23:48:15] <_robynchan> i wanted to get out of there, dude
    [23:48:21] <%Fierce_Muffin> Run
    [23:48:30] <_robynchan> so it's done
    [23:48:33] <%Fierce_Muffin>
    [23:48:34] <&Double45> i don't know what i would do in that situation
    [23:48:38] <&Double45> it just sounds too weird
    [23:48:40] <_robynchan> i was like "i don't think i can really hang with you again, it's just not my thing. sorry."
    [23:48:42] <Marisa> But how did you respond to the widdle
    [23:48:43] <_robynchan> she goes
    [23:48:54] <_robynchan> "well you shouldn't mention that you like hello kitty, then"
    [23:48:55] <_robynchan> like
    [23:48:56] <_robynchan> is she right?
    [23:49:03] <Sahaqiel> LOL
    [23:49:09] <&Double45> she rekt you
    [23:49:14] <+Cello> she's......................................................................................................................................................................................
    [23:49:18] <Marisa> Only babies like Sanrio
    [23:49:25] <%Fierce_Muffin>
    [23:49:36] <%Fierce_Muffin> Wow
    [23:49:39] <+Cello> Wow
    [23:49:40] <%Fierce_Muffin> You got absolutely annihilated
    [23:49:49] <_robynchan> like i have no response to that
    [23:50:05] <_robynchan> any time a girl finds out i like hello kitty, they ask me why i didn't mention it earlier on 'cause it's the kind of thing they'd like to know
    [23:50:06] <%Fierce_Muffin> That's so hilarious
    [23:50:08] <%Fierce_Muffin> Oh my goodness
    [23:50:09] <_robynchan> now i feel guilty for liking hello kitty
    [23:50:12] <Sahaqiel> lol...
    [23:50:12] <_robynchan> does this mean deep down i'm a little
    [23:50:15] <&Double45> what if she has a giant hello kitty plush
    [23:50:16] <+Cello> i mean
    [23:50:24] <Marisa> widdle
    [23:50:28] <+Ganny> widdle
    [23:50:28] <%Fierce_Muffin> I bet she doesn't even like Hello Kitty
    [23:50:31] <_robynchan> i feel like
    [23:50:37] <_robynchan> nabe's just reciting all of this to meg
    [23:50:44] <%Fierce_Muffin> Sinky, you're a real person
    [23:50:54] <Marisa> She's asleep while I am dying
    [23:50:57] <_robynchan> lmao
    [23:50:58] <%Fierce_Muffin> Don't give up on Hello Kitty just because of this fake loli cumslut
    [23:51:01] <Sahaqiel> i'm reciting all this to betty
    [23:51:01] <_robynchan> ^
    [23:51:02] <_robynchan> damn
    [23:51:05] <Marisa> poopslut
    [23:51:08] <%Fierce_Muffin> true
    [23:51:08] <_robynchan> i don't even know betty
    [23:51:09] <Sahaqiel> after tucking her in and giving her a binky
    [23:51:10] <%Fierce_Muffin> TRUE
    [23:51:11] <_robynchan> at least i know meg
    [23:51:15] <+Ganny> poopie girlf
    [23:51:15] <_robynchan> ahahahaha
    [23:51:16] <_robynchan> saha
    [23:51:16] <_robynchan> lmao
    [23:51:21] <%Fierce_Muffin> Put the binky in her butt
    [23:51:24] <&Double45> jesus
    [23:51:24] <_robynchan> what's a binky
    [23:51:26] <_robynchan> wait
    [23:51:30] <_robynchan> not what i meant to say
    [23:51:30] <_robynchan> lmao
    [23:51:38] <Sahaqiel> <%Fierce_Muffin> Don't give up on Hello Kitty just because of this fake loli cumslut
    [23:51:39] <+Ganny> a binky is a pacifier
    [23:51:40] <Sahaqiel> but mufn, she's a real loli
    [23:51:46] <Marisa> You are the binky
    [23:51:47] <_robynchan> ganny i know i didn't mean t osay it haha
    [23:51:53] <Sahaqiel> you just don't want to admit a real loli would be the most bizarre and undesirable thing ever
    [23:52:01] <+Ganny> you'll need to know this once you start  your new life with your weird daughter
    [23:52:07] <%Fierce_Muffin> What
    [23:52:09] <%Fierce_Muffin> Shaq
    [23:52:13] <%Fierce_Muffin> Did you just say...
    [23:52:18] <%Fierce_Muffin> Daughters are undesirable?
    [23:52:23] <%Fierce_Muffin> Fathers everywhere
    [23:52:27] <Marisa> He's not wrong
    [23:52:27] <_robynchan> cello's got sisters
    [23:52:29] <%Fierce_Muffin> Just filled with rage, without knowing why
    [23:52:30] <_robynchan> 5, to be exact
    [23:52:45] <%Fierce_Muffin> Moms, too
    [23:53:01] <_robynchan> alright well
    [23:53:07] <_robynchan> i'm glad my dating life was this amusing to you guys lmao
    [23:53:07] <%Fierce_Muffin> An adult fake loli would be undesirable though
    [23:53:09] <_robynchan> i'm gonna' watch sabrina
    [23:53:11] <_robynchan> and NOT go to bed
    [23:53:11] <%Fierce_Muffin> It only works in anime
    [23:53:26] <&Double45> yeah, you go sinky, a little wouldn't stay up
    [23:53:33] <_robynchan> jesus christ
    [23:53:36] <_robynchan> i shouldn't have said anything
    [23:53:39] <%Fierce_Muffin> Wait
    [23:53:42] <%Fierce_Muffin> Can...
    [23:53:43] <+Cello> you said a little too much
    [23:53:44] <%Fierce_Muffin> Can you, like
    [23:53:46] <%Fierce_Muffin> Little x Little?
    [23:53:50] <_robynchan> cello lmao
    [23:53:52] <+Cello> jeuss
    [23:53:53] <%Fierce_Muffin> Or Caregiver x Caregiver?
    [23:53:55] <+Cello> jews
    [23:54:01] <&Double45> i don't think thats how the dynamic works
    [23:54:01] <_robynchan> this is like when i told robyn i was obsessed with the lead singer of regal lily until i found out she was 17
    [23:54:05] <%Fierce_Muffin> I know
    [23:54:06] <+Ganny> Isn't caregiver x caregiver just two normal people
    [23:54:06] <%Fierce_Muffin> But
    [23:54:10] <_robynchan> and now every time i talk about a girl, robyn makes a joke about her probably being underage
    [23:54:11] <%Fierce_Muffin> If you can have guy on guy
    [23:54:15] <&Double45> do littles always do the recruiting
    [23:54:18] <%Fierce_Muffin> You gotta have Little x Little
    [23:54:24] <_robynchan> so if i have a date any time soon
    [23:54:25] <%Fierce_Muffin> It'd be like shota x loli
    [23:54:26] <%Fierce_Muffin> You know?
    [23:54:26] <_robynchan> and i talk about it
    [23:54:35] <_robynchan> i assume you'll all never let me hear the end of it
    [23:54:36] <Marisa> This was hard to find on mobile, so I'll post it even though it's not relevant anymore
    [23:54:40] <Marisa>
    [23:54:40] <&Double45> you told robyn
    [23:54:57] <%Fierce_Muffin> Sinky
    [23:55:02] <_robynchan> told robyn what
    [23:55:03] <+Cello> jesus
    [23:55:04] <+Ganny> It probably makes more sense for the littles to seek bigs, because I feel like it's weirder going around and saying "hey, I really want to take care of an adult child"
    [23:55:04] <%Fierce_Muffin> We're not even making fun of you for it...
    [23:55:08] <_robynchan> oh no, muff haha
    [23:55:10] <_robynchan> i'm not upset
    [23:55:12] <_robynchan> i find this hilarious
    [23:55:13] <%Fierce_Muffin> The GIRL is the hilarious part
    [23:55:18] <_robynchan> i'm actually laughing out loud
    [23:55:20] <&Double45> i mean you told robyn about the little
    [23:55:21] <_robynchan> at pretty much every joke
    [23:55:24] <_robynchan> this actually cheered me up a lot
    [23:55:26] <_robynchan> no double
    [23:55:29] <&Double45> oh
    [23:55:32] <_robynchan> i told her about me loving the lead singer of regal lily
    [23:55:35] <_robynchan> but i found out she was 17
    [23:55:38] <_robynchan> so i was like "ahhh shit"
    [23:55:59] <_robynchan> but no trust me this is hilarious
    [23:56:04] <_robynchan> i'm definitely gonna' remember this chat
    [23:56:13] <&Double45> <+Ganny> It probably makes more sense for the littles to seek bigs, because I feel like it's weirder going around and saying "hey, I really want to take care of an adult child"
    [23:56:14] <&Double45> true
    [23:56:21] <+Ganny> <_robynchan> but no trust me this is hilarious
    [23:56:23] <+Ganny> TRUST ME
    [23:56:26] <+Ganny> THIS IS HILARIOUS
    [23:56:26] <_robynchan> lmao
    [23:56:28] <&Double45> HA
    [23:56:29] <Marisa> heh
    [23:56:29] <_robynchan> ganny why
    [23:56:32] <&Double45> he said it
    [23:56:36] <_robynchan> lmao
    [23:56:41] <+Cello> can you send your little to school
    [23:56:50] <&Double45> law school
    [23:56:53] <%Fierce_Muffin> That's actually illegal
    [23:56:55] <Sahaqiel> this little tho
    [23:56:55] <_robynchan> she's a law student, dude
    [23:57:02] <&Double45> wait
    [23:57:03] <&Double45> wait
    [23:57:03] <Sahaqiel> like she probably has to maintain a normal person composure at school
    [23:57:04] <&Double45> does she drive
    [23:57:11] <_robynchan> she rides a bike
    [23:57:14] <&Double45> ha
    [23:57:15] <_robynchan> it's got puppying
    [23:57:17] <_robynchan> tassles and shit
    [23:57:19] <&Double45> oh
    [23:57:20] <_robynchan> or whatever they're called
    [23:57:21] <&Double45> ohhh
    [23:57:23] <&Double45> i'm so glad i asked
    [23:57:25] <Marisa> Training wheels?
    [23:57:26] <+Cello> joses
    [23:57:28] <_robynchan> no
    [23:57:34] <%Fierce_Muffin> lol
    [23:57:35] <&Double45> tassles go on the handle bars
    [23:57:35] <+Ganny> It better have training wheels
    [23:57:49] <%Fierce_Muffin> "It's got puppying tassles and shit or whatever they're called" "training wheels?"
    [23:57:49] <Sahaqiel> and out on her own she's like tiME TO UNLEASH THE BEAST
    [23:58:00] <Marisa> Text her and say she should put them on
    [23:58:09] <Sahaqiel> I wonder if she's so deep into her roleplay that she doesn't flinch at all when someone rejects her
    [23:58:11] <_robynchan> lmao saha
    [23:58:12] <+Cello> put the tassles on?
    [23:58:12] <%Fierce_Muffin> Little girls don't wear tassles
    [23:58:45] <+Cello> >your reverse loli will never wear nipple tassles
    [23:58:46] <%Fierce_Muffin> I wonder if she watches anime for ideas and stuff
    [23:58:54] <Sahaqiel> Me: OK Betty it's not as bad as we thought, the bike doesn't have training wheels. That makes it OK.
    [23:58:54] <Sahaqiel> Betty: No... no it doesn't
    [23:58:55] <_robynchan> she loves anime, yeah
    [23:59:02] <_robynchan> haha betty
    [23:59:04] <_robynchan> wait
    [23:59:05] <+Ganny> If you break up with your little do you have to pay child support?
    [23:59:05] <_robynchan> she's not even here
    [23:59:10] <_robynchan> ganny
    [23:59:11] <Marisa> Betty is such a catch
    [23:59:11] <_robynchan> i can't
    [23:59:14] <%Fierce_Muffin> Ahahaha, Ganny
    [23:59:15] <%Fierce_Muffin> Please
    [23:59:19] <_robynchan> omg
    [23:59:20] <&Double45> lol
    [23:59:27] <&Double45> this is hilarious
    [23:59:29] <Marisa> Ganny, puppy... warn me next time
    [23:59:31] <_robynchan> i'm puppying dying
    [23:59:36] <_robynchan> omg
    [00:00:03] <%Fierce_Muffin> If you get two caregivers together and a little, do they play mommy and daddy?
    [00:00:31] <+Ganny> hahah right and they argue and get into a ton of fights, and then sleep at different times, right?
    [00:00:40] <+Ganny> haha and you feel like it's your fault, right?
    [00:00:49] <Sahaqiel> dear jesus
    [00:00:50] <%Fierce_Muffin> Do the two caregivers do the sex
    [00:00:54] <%Fierce_Muffin> What about a threesome though
    [00:01:00] <&Double45> with the little?
    [00:01:02] <Sahaqiel> i'm sure there are two caregiver x little polys out there
    [00:01:03] <&Double45> jesus..
    [00:01:04] <%Fierce_Muffin> Imagine the possibilities
    [00:01:07] <Sahaqiel> and they like, roleplay sexual abuse
    [00:01:11] <Marisa> "Daddy's seeing other people, little widdle"
    [00:01:13] <%Fierce_Muffin> That's lewd
    [00:01:27] <&Double45> I'm taking the little with me when we divorce
    [00:01:35] <+Ganny> Is there a caregiver thing but like, instead of being a parent you're an uncle or something
    [00:01:40] <+Ganny> so you have a more passing interest in your little
    [00:01:40] <%Fierce_Muffin> I'm taking my cocksleeve with me when we divorce
    [00:01:44] <&Double45> jesus
    [00:01:47] <Marisa> Widdle is going to be in my autocorrect forever now
    [00:01:52] <Sahaqiel> heh
    [00:01:53] <Sahaqiel> good
    [00:02:16] <Sahaqiel> i'm glad sinky's taking the heat off me simply having a diaper fetish friend
    [00:02:20] <Sahaqiel> this is a good day
    [00:02:22] <+Ganny>
    [00:02:30] <+Ganny> I have to stop
    [00:02:32] <%Fierce_Muffin> You've still got a diaper fetish friend
    [00:02:42] <Sahaqiel> we're not even very good friends
    [00:02:46] <+Ganny> wow
    [00:02:49] <+Ganny> rejecting your own daughter
    [00:02:49] <Sahaqiel> we're on the line between acquaintance and close acquaintance
    [00:02:49] <%Fierce_Muffin> You still talked about her
    [00:03:00] <Marisa> You still changed her
    [00:03:00] <%Fierce_Muffin> You still hung out with her
    [00:03:03] <%Fierce_Muffin> You still chan
    [00:03:06] <%Fierce_Muffin> DAMNIT, NABE
    [00:03:11] <Marisa> Gomen
    [00:03:11] <Sahaqiel> I changed her for the better
    [00:03:12] <&Double45> lol
    [00:03:16] <Sahaqiel> now she's a full-on little
    [00:03:17] <Sahaqiel> moved to canada
    [00:03:19] <Marisa> Dying
    [00:03:24] <+Ganny> and before the cuck crows thrice, you will deny her three times
    [00:03:27] <Sahaqiel> rode a bike to get there
    [00:03:42] <%Fierce_Muffin> Rode a bike to get there just to change her diaper
    [00:03:46] <Marisa> No training wheels on it
    [00:03:54] <Sahaqiel> she arrived to sinky's house
    [00:03:58] <%Fierce_Muffin> He uses training wheels, actually
    [00:04:03] <Sahaqiel> "i've got a very dirty diaper after all that moving"
    [00:04:04] <%Fierce_Muffin> Sometimes shaq switches between cg and little
    [00:04:05] <&Double45> you really should have asked her if she wears diapers sinky
    [00:04:14] <Marisa> Skateboard training wheels?
    [00:04:17] <Sahaqiel> lol
    [00:04:24] <+Ganny> If you think about it actually, being a caregiver would be really convenient
    [00:04:44] <+Ganny> you never need to worry about what to get your little for birthdays and anniversaries, just some dumb kid stuff
    [00:05:05] <+Ganny> I got you a coloring book and a sippy cup
    [00:05:12] <%Fierce_Muffin> DO YOU
    [00:05:14] <%Fierce_Muffin> UH
    [00:05:17] <%Fierce_Muffin> DOT DOT DOT
    [00:05:19] <%Fierce_Muffin> COLOR????
    [00:05:32] <Sahaqiel> [23:04:52] <+Ganny> you never need to worry about what to get your little for birthdays and anniversaries, just some dumb kid stuff
    [00:05:39] <Sahaqiel> a combination binky+buttplug
    [00:05:47] <&Double45> jesus
    [00:05:49] <%Fierce_Muffin> Do they sell those though
    [00:05:52] <Sahaqiel> idk
    [00:05:54] <Sahaqiel> let ganny check
    [00:05:55] <&Double45> i hope not
    [00:05:59] <Marisa> dot dot dot.............
    [00:06:11] <%Fierce_Muffin> A binky in the mouth and a binky in the butt
    [00:06:14] <&Double45> man soneone saying dot dot dot out loud
    [00:06:18] <&Double45> and throwing their hands up
    [00:06:20] <Sahaqiel> i don't know why you guys give me so much heat when nabe made a cello diaper channel and said he was a sexy widdew baby
    [00:06:21] <&Double45> the mental image is too good
    [00:06:25] <%Fierce_Muffin> Imagine the switch
    [00:06:46] <%Fierce_Muffin> Imagining it in 2D is adorable
    [00:06:46] <+Cello> i don't remember that fortunately
    [00:06:50] <%Fierce_Muffin> But 3D would just be wrong
    [00:06:55] <+Ganny> heck heck heck dot dot dot HECK
    [00:06:59] <Marisa> This girl does not switch, be assured
    [00:07:01] <+Ganny> This is so ordinary until you know
    [00:07:04] <&Double45> ganny is this from that reddit
    [00:07:07] <&Double45> i'm not even going to click
    [00:07:08] <+Ganny> yes
    [00:07:10] <+Ganny> yes it is
    [00:07:33] <&Double45> i just can't
    [00:07:43] <%Fierce_Muffin> I thought this was you, Ganny
    [00:08:18] <_robynchan> uh
    [00:08:20] <_robynchan> what was that video
    [00:08:25] <%Fierce_Muffin> lol
    [00:09:25] <&Double45> jesus though
    [00:10:47] <_robynchan> this is too much
    [00:11:35] <+Ganny> This person is asking for punishment ideas their DADDY can use on them
    [00:11:42] <+Ganny> And people are suggesting things that are actual chores
    [00:11:52] <+Ganny> like,, they just
    [00:12:02] <+Ganny> "-Early bedtime -Make a recording (perhaps of a script that he writes) of what you did wrong, why you are sorry, and ways you will correct your mistake. -Dessert restrictions. Alternatively, if you enjoy a specific snack daily ( or even alcohol) it could be a restriction on any of those as well. -Write a letter about why you misbehaved."
    [00:12:20] <+Ganny> "If I get too lazy for study/chores, I give up my video games for a few days."
    [00:12:21] <&Double45> no more alcohol for you
    [00:12:24] <&Double45> Daddy you're so mean
    [00:12:27] <+Ganny> haha
    [00:12:51] <Marisa> Clean up your Legos early
    [00:13:47] <+Ganny>
    [00:14:08] <Marisa> nsfw
    [00:14:16] <%Fierce_Muffin> lol Double
    [00:14:25] <&Double45> i keep clicking this shit
    [00:14:40] <+Ganny> "Does anyone else celebrate Father's Day with their daddy?"
    [00:14:41] <+Ganny> uh
    [00:14:47] <&Double45> oh jeez
    [00:14:58] <%Fierce_Muffin> That's just wrong
    [00:15:00] <+Ganny> "I bought my daddy a present and made him breakfast in bed! He has a son from a previous relationship so it wasn't all about his cg role."
    [00:15:00] <&Double45> imagine the caregiver
    [00:15:04] <&Double45> they spend time with their dad
    [00:15:05] <&Double45> then
    [00:15:09] <&Double45> they go be a dad to a little
    [00:15:11] <+Ganny> When your daddy's ACTUAL child gets in the way of your relationship
    [00:15:12] <_robynchan> mac n chz
    [00:15:14] <&Double45> for father's day
    [00:15:31] <&Double45> made him breakfast in bed
    [00:15:34] <&Double45> oh
    [00:15:38] <&Double45> oh jeez
    [00:15:43] <+Ganny> What if someone's little is their real dad
    [00:15:48] <Marisa> Stepsiblings are always a harder relationship
    [00:15:49] <+Ganny> What's the dynamic like there?
    [00:15:55] <%Fierce_Muffin> That'd be banana
    [00:16:07] <+Ganny> Who's the dad?
    [00:16:22] <%Fierce_Muffin> "He has a son from a previous relationship"
    [00:16:28] <&Double45> it's too much
    [00:16:31] <%Fierce_Muffin> I read this as "he was a son in a previous life"
    [00:16:34] <&Double45> oh
    [00:16:38] <Marisa> I am going to avoid mentioning Sinky's dad at this juncture
    [00:16:42] <+Cello> my wife's son
    [00:16:49] <&Double45> wow
    [00:16:49] <%Fierce_Muffin> lol
    [00:16:50] <&Double45> you just did
    [00:17:01] <_robynchan> nice one, nabe
    [00:17:17] <_robynchan> uh
    [00:17:17] <_robynchan> and it's
    [00:17:19] <_robynchan> "sinkys"
    [00:17:20] <_robynchan> right, muff
    [00:17:22] <Marisa> Low-hanging fruit
    [00:20:04] <+Ganny> "An erotic story I wrote for me and Daddy~"
    [00:20:09] <+Ganny> "I look up and say, "Where are we going Daddy?"
    [00:20:09] <+Ganny> "To the shower, little girl. I want to wash my daughter all squeaky clean," you reply."
    [00:20:14] <+Ganny> I'm done I'm done I'm done
    [00:20:14] <&Double45> no
    [00:20:15] <&Double45> no
    [00:20:17] <+Ganny> I'm all done now
    [00:20:20] <+Cello> yameroooooo
    [00:20:24] <Marisa> I have to go change my diaper after that
    [00:20:28] <%Fierce_Muffin> lol
    [00:20:29] <&Double45> lol
    [00:20:31] <+Ganny> lol
    [00:20:36] <Marisa> lol
    [00:20:38] <%Fierce_Muffin> lol
    [00:20:40] <&Double45> lol
    [00:20:43] <+Cello> wow
    [00:20:46] <%Fierce_Muffin> wow
    [00:20:48] <&Double45> wow
    [00:20:51] <+Ganny> wow
    [00:20:51] <Marisa> wowee
    [00:21:08] <_robynchan> wow
    [00:21:08] <+Cello> it's like we're littles ^u^
    [00:21:15] <+Ganny>
    [00:21:16] <_robynchan> this is too much for me
    [00:21:26] <&Double45> Ganny
    [00:21:27] <&Double45> you can't
    [00:21:28] <+Ganny> It took me an entire year to work out what ddlg stands for, and then I cringed
    [00:21:30] <&Double45> you can't post these things
    [00:21:32] <%Fierce_Muffin> It's almost sad
    [00:21:36] <%Fierce_Muffin> But it's too funny
    [00:21:38] <+Ganny> I can't STOP, I think you mean
    [00:21:47] <&Double45> i regret clicking this one especially
    [00:22:26] <+Ganny> I wish I could be this excited every time I buy a new pacifier
    [00:22:34] <+Ganny> but instead it's just another chore in my boring adult life
    [00:22:34] <%Fierce_Muffin> lol
    [00:22:38] <&Double45> lol
    [00:22:44] <Marisa> lol
    [00:22:46] <+Ganny> lol
    [00:22:54] <Marisa> pop
    [00:22:57] <&Double45> poop
    [00:23:00] <+Ganny> pooop
    [00:23:00] <+Cello> pooop
    [00:23:06] <Marisa> Pomp
    [00:23:12] <&Double45> change diaper
    [00:23:50] <&Double45> ok everyone keep talking
    [00:24:17] <+Ganny>
    [00:24:19] <+Ganny> SEE?
    [00:24:21] <+Ganny> IT'S SO EASY
    [00:24:32] <&Double45> do i want to click this
    [00:24:40] <%Fierce_Muffin> >Candle
    [00:24:42] <%Fierce_Muffin> Uh...
    [00:24:47] <&Double45> sinky are you already a daddy
    [00:24:48] <%Fierce_Muffin> Uh............?
    [00:24:53] <%Fierce_Muffin> Candle...
    [00:25:01] <+Ganny> What is an infant going to do with a candle
    [00:25:07] <%Fierce_Muffin> Please don't burn your little with hot wax
    [00:25:13] <Marisa> She really posted that picture quickly
    [00:25:27] <Marisa> She only left the date not too long ago
    [00:25:37] <+Ganny> So they call pacifiers "pacis"
    [00:25:47] <+Ganny> and every time I read it I think it's some kind of Latin medical term
    [00:25:51] <Marisa> No, I'm out
    [00:25:58] <Marisa> That's the straw
    [00:26:04] <Marisa> Pacis
    [00:26:11] <+Ganny> wait
    [00:26:17] <+Ganny> No that's literally genitive for peace, isn't it
    [00:26:27] <Marisa> I've reached the peak of my life, right here tonight dot dot dot this is it
    [00:26:40] <&Double45> this is too much man
    [00:26:43] <&Double45> i won't forget this
    [00:26:49] <_robynchan> lmao
    [00:27:09] <+Ganny> when god and all the angels come down to earth to judge us, what will they think of this
    [00:27:37] <+Ganny> "you........ sexually identify as a baby?"
    [00:29:10] <_robynchan> tfw you try and spoil yourself by drinking some milk, and the milk you drink is spoiled
    [00:29:13] <_robynchan> why is my life a puppying joke
    [00:29:32] <&Double45> you sound like a god damn little
    [00:29:42] <&Double45> spoiling yourself by drinking milk
    [00:29:48] <Marisa> Double, dying
    [00:29:54] <_robynchan> lmao
    [00:29:59] <_robynchan> it's because i normally can't drink milk
    [00:30:01] <_robynchan> daddy gets mad
    [00:30:01] <_robynchan> no
    [00:30:02] <_robynchan> no
    [00:30:09] <Marisa> Yes
    [00:30:16] <%Fierce_Muffin> [00:27:37] <+Ganny> "you........ sexually identify as a baby?"
    [00:30:17] <Marisa> You've caught the bug
    [00:30:18] <_robynchan> i'm lactose intolerant
    [00:30:19] <%Fierce_Muffin> Why am I actually dead
    [00:30:42] <_robynchan> the worst part about all of this
    [00:30:46] <_robynchan> this entire evening
    [00:30:54] <_robynchan> was she had like, massive breasts
    [00:30:54] <&Double45> once you go little, you don't go back
    [00:30:57] <_robynchan> it ruined the whole thing
    [00:30:59] <%Fierce_Muffin> Dude
    [00:31:02] <%Fierce_Muffin> Oppai loli
    [00:31:08] <_robynchan> i don't think i can ever look at a pair of huge jugs ever again
    [00:31:12] <_robynchan> without remembering what happened
    [00:31:22] <+Ganny>
    [00:31:23] <+Ganny> is this her?
    [00:31:28] <Marisa> But she should be the CG, then...
    [00:31:29] <&Double45> unlittle
    [00:31:32] <&Double45> i can't
    [00:31:36] <%Fierce_Muffin> >No pics
    [00:31:40] <_robynchan> "when i'm being little"
    [00:31:42] <_robynchan> wait
    [00:31:46] <_robynchan> this is like a slip in slip out thing
    [00:31:55] <_robynchan> i thought it was like an everlasting feeling
    [00:31:55] <+Ganny> You mean she can change size on command?
    [00:31:58] <_robynchan> LOL
    [00:31:59] <%Fierce_Muffin> You can't be the little girl all the time
    [00:32:04] <_robynchan> ganny
    [00:32:08] <_robynchan> how do you do it
    [00:32:17] <%Fierce_Muffin> He's connected to Google
    [00:32:18] <Marisa> Quick, Sinky, text her back
    [00:32:26] <Marisa> She can turn it off
    [00:32:33] <_robynchan> lmao
    [00:32:39] <_robynchan> that girl btw
    [00:32:39] <&Double45> ganny gets funnier as the day goes on
    [00:32:44] <_robynchan> "superficialpuppyer"
    [00:33:07] <_robynchan> i wonder if she's like
    [00:33:08] <+Ganny> "I just read this. Some littles can change back. I think we can get you cured. Call me back when you're done with your warm milk"
    [00:33:11] <_robynchan> "little" during her classes
    [00:33:15] <_robynchan> she goes to mcgill..
    [00:33:19] <&Double45> ganny does it say that
    [00:33:23] <+Ganny> no
    [00:33:25] <&Double45> lol
    [00:33:34] <&Double45> dumb question
    [00:33:34] <+Ganny> This is sinky's text to the babby
    [00:33:44] <_robynchan> lmao
    [00:33:50] <Sahaqiel> i'm trying to copypaste this to a friend
    [00:33:54] <_robynchan> why
    [00:33:54] <Sahaqiel> there's so much material
    [00:33:58] <_robynchan> don't, saha lmao
    [00:33:59] <_robynchan> please
    [00:34:04] <&Double45> like muffin said
    [00:34:04] <Sahaqiel> she's an IRL friend
    [00:34:09] <&Double45> it's not you we're laughing at
    [00:34:10] <&Double45> it's her
    [00:34:12] <_robynchan> no no
    [00:34:14] <_robynchan> i know
    [00:34:16] <_robynchan> it's just embarrassing lmao
    [00:34:21] <_robynchan> i don't actually mind
    [00:34:22] <_robynchan> tell anyone
    [00:34:24] <_robynchan> i told you guys
    [00:34:24] <Sahaqiel> 'w`
    [00:34:40] <Marisa> It's just another ex to tell stories about
    [00:34:51] <_robynchan> nabe
    [00:34:53] <_robynchan> what the puppy is with your name
    [00:35:04] <+Ganny> Shh, this is his "little" name
    [00:35:07] <_robynchan> LOL
    [00:35:09] <+Ganny> You're getting him out of his groove
    [00:35:10] <Marisa> I'm a girl tonight
    [00:35:16] <_robynchan> ganny
    [00:35:20] <&Double45> lol
    [00:35:21] <_robynchan> on a roll tonight
    [00:35:22] <_robynchan> puppy
    [00:35:31] <_robynchan> this is a good ganny night i tell you what
    [00:35:36] <+Ganny> I speak only the truth
    [00:35:45] <_robynchan> nabe
    [00:35:48] <_robynchan> are you gonna' tell meg about this or
    [00:35:52] <&Double45> i wonder if any littles work at google
    [00:35:58] <_robynchan> lmao
    [00:36:01] <Marisa> She definitely already knows
    [00:36:05] <_robynchan> how?
    [00:36:06] <+Ganny> I should try and find some
    [00:36:14] <%Fierce_Muffin> lol Double
    [00:36:22] <Marisa> She was awake when I first started laughing
    [00:36:24] <_robynchan> oh
    [00:36:26] <%Fierce_Muffin> You should wear some Hello Kitty shoes to work, Ganny
    [00:36:29] <+Ganny>
    [00:36:40] <&Double45> dino
    [00:36:42] <&Double45> nuggies
    [00:36:44] <_robynchan> "sweet potato littles"
    [00:36:44] <&Double45> ok that's enough
    [00:36:47] <_robynchan> did anyone see that
    [00:36:47] <&Double45> press the x button ganny
    [00:36:48] <_robynchan> or is it just me
    [00:36:49] <&Double45> press it
    [00:36:52] <&Double45> just get out of there
    [00:36:54] <%Fierce_Muffin> Dino nuggies
    [00:36:59] <_robynchan> spinach littles
    [00:36:59] <+Ganny> What's wrong, ronald? craving my mcnuggies?
    [00:37:04] <_robynchan> omg
    [00:37:08] <&Double45> man
    [00:37:11] <&Double45> this is made from littles
    [00:37:12] <Marisa> What happens when they protest in Little Italy, though?
    [00:37:15] <&Double45> they're eating themselves
    [00:37:16] <_robynchan> neighbor bashed on the wall
    [00:37:20] <_robynchan> i'm laughing too loud
    [00:37:29] <_robynchan> puppy
    [00:37:59] <%Fierce_Muffin> >tfw you laugh too loud that a caregiver bangs on the wall to keep it down so you don't wake up their little
    [00:38:07] <&Double45> lol
    [00:38:11] <&Double45> i am dying
    [00:38:15] <Marisa> Give us back owa word, Itawy
    [00:38:38] <Marisa> audible dot dot dot
    [00:39:29] <+Ganny> "): I didn't drink enough water so now Daddy is disappointed in me."
    [00:39:39] <&Double45> you have to drink all the water
    [00:39:43] <+Ganny> I think there's a very clear space here for a specially-tailored weight loss regimen
    [00:40:00] <+Ganny> OH NO I DIDN'T JOG TODAY
    [00:40:01] <&Double45> man
    [00:40:04] <&Double45> i remember the other day
    [00:40:04] <+Ganny> DADDY'S GONNA BE PIIIISSED
    [00:40:08] <&Double45> when sinky said
    [00:40:13] <&Double45> what the puppy is a littlespace
    [00:40:19] <Marisa> What happens when they don't finish their broccoli?
    [00:40:20] <+Ganny> WAIT
    [00:40:24] <+Ganny> DID HE SAY THAT?
    [00:40:27] <&Double45> yeah
    [00:40:27] <+Ganny> I remember now
    [00:40:31] <+Ganny> You made a good joke
    [00:40:34] <+Ganny> little did we know
    [00:40:36] <%Fierce_Muffin> Dude
    [00:40:37] <&Double45> yeah
    [00:40:38] <Marisa> heh
    [00:40:57] <_robynchan> haha yeah
    [00:41:03] <_robynchan> i mentioned that i've "read about their kind"
    [00:41:22] <&Double45> i'm kind of glad you didn't expand on that thought then
    [00:41:27] <&Double45> because it wouldn't have been as hilarious today
    [00:41:50] <+Ganny> "Hey evwrybody... Meet my new cousin, "Pearl".. She's 14 weeks old now."
    [00:41:56] <+Ganny> It's pictures of a dog, thank GOD
    [00:42:00] <_robynchan> LOL
    [00:42:05] <&Double45> lol
    [00:42:16] <%Fierce_Muffin> Wh-What
    [00:42:47] <+Ganny> "Anyone identify more as a middle than a little?"
    [00:42:49] <+Ganny> ??????????????????????????
    [00:42:56] <+Ganny> ???????????????????
    [00:42:59] <&Double45> a
    [00:43:00] <&Double45> a middle
    [00:43:06] <&Double45> a middle..
    [00:43:46] <_robynchan> what's a middle
    [00:43:51] <+Ganny>
    [00:43:52] <+Ganny> oh my
    [00:43:56] <%Fierce_Muffin> What IS a middle
    [00:43:57] <&Double45> oh god
    [00:43:59] <+Ganny>      GOD
    [00:44:00] <&Double45> there's layers
    [00:44:00] <%Fierce_Muffin> Oh, no
    [00:44:05] <+Ganny> OH MY GOD
    [00:44:11] <%Fierce_Muffin> WE KEEP DESCENDING DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE
    [00:44:24] <_robynchan> there's boobs
    [00:44:24] <&Double45> "A subreddit for Middle/Lolita or Daddy/Sir/Dom who enjoys age ROLEPLAYING."
    [00:44:26] <&Double45> excuse me
    [00:44:39] <_robynchan> you've never heard of age play? i've heard of that before
    [00:44:42] <_robynchan> this dude i know is into it
    [00:44:45] <_robynchan> so i stopped hanging out with him
    [00:44:48] <&Double45> dude
    [00:44:50] <&Double45> introduce him
    [00:44:52] <&Double45> to the girl
    [00:44:56] <_robynchan> omg.
    [00:45:38] <+Ganny>
    [00:45:48] <&Double45> b-b-b-b-b
    [00:45:55] <&Double45> bitaboveaveragespace
    [00:46:03] <&Double45> oh
    [00:46:04] <&Double45> it's fake
    [00:46:06] <&Double45> thank god
    [00:46:06] <+Ganny> hehe
    [00:46:10] <&Double45> you had me worried
    [00:46:38] <&Double45> also there were literally boobs on that middlespace one
    [00:46:49] <_robynchan> i need a cigarette
    [00:46:50] <%Fierce_Muffin> Literally boobs
    [00:46:58] <+Ganny> "Does being a middle require you to be an ageplayer?"
    [00:47:01] <+Ganny> Isn't that the definition??
    [00:47:15] <Marisa> It's the intersection between the real little commitment and the jokers
    [00:47:29] <+Ganny> "There are some of each type. Personally, my middle age of 15 is about as old as I've ever felt, and I'm 26. I'm not age playing, that's just my personality."
    [00:47:34] <+Ganny> I'm not age playing
    [00:48:34] <+Ganny> Everyone's saying no but then I don't get it
    [00:48:45] <+Ganny> if you're 26 years old and you literally pretend you're 15
    [00:48:47] <+Ganny> isn't that.......
    [00:49:02] <Marisa> They're not pretending... they were born 15
    [00:49:06] <+Ganny> woah
    [00:49:09] <+Ganny> that's a big baby
    [00:49:13] <+Ganny> That is one big little
    [00:49:30] <Marisa> My chest hurts from the mirth
    [00:49:49] <+Ganny> "New Hello Kitty outfit! Got a new onesie and outfit for my dolly too if you wanna see?"
    [00:49:55] <+Ganny> Sinky, is this you?
    [00:50:16] <Marisa> That's the second little on the side
    [00:50:26] <Marisa> The sidle
    [00:50:52] <+Ganny> All I can imagine is some adult baby getting so excited to meet a new caregiver who's into hello kitty like her
    [00:50:53] <%Fierce_Muffin> Please
    [00:50:59] <&Double45> ok i'm done
    [00:51:05] <+Ganny> and she thinks they'll talk about big/little stuff and coloring
    [00:51:20] <+Ganny> but she gets there and regular Sinky rolls up on a skateboard
    [00:51:20] <_robynchan> lmao ganny
    [00:51:20] <%Fierce_Muffin> Imagine how cute that'd be in 2D though
    [00:52:07] <+Ganny> Regular ol' sinky rolls up on a skateboard smoking a cigarette. "Hey, you like Sonic?"
    [00:52:27] <Marisa> She loves Sonic, though
    [00:52:32] <_robynchan> "i was feeling quite little" ->
    [00:52:36] <&Double45> my big likes shitty games, what do I do
    [00:52:39] <+Ganny> "Yeah, he's pretty matthew good"
    [00:52:43] <+Ganny> and sinky found his dream girl
    [00:52:52] <_robynchan> it's over
    [00:53:00] <_robynchan> i feel like i'm the biggest joke in this chat hahaaha
    [00:53:05] <Marisa> Don't put Sonic on your profile if you don't want the little attention
    [00:53:14] <_robynchan> lmao
    [00:53:14] <&Double45> well
    [00:53:16] <&Double45> you're not a little
    [00:53:18] <&Double45> that's for sure
    [00:53:23] <_robynchan> how do you know
    [00:53:26] <_robynchan> ~^_______^~
    [00:53:29] <&Double45> wow
    [00:53:32] <+Ganny> woah
    [00:53:36] <+Ganny> he morphed before our very eyes
    [00:53:38] <_robynchan> lmao
    [00:53:43] <%Fierce_Muffin> >That's the reason Sinky doesn't want to get with her
    [00:53:44] <&Double45> is brian your daddy
    [00:53:48] <Marisa> What a dynamic switch
    [00:53:51] <_robynchan> double
    [00:53:54] <_robynchan> i gotta ' call brian omg
    [00:53:55] <%Fierce_Muffin> Ahahaha
    [00:53:56] <_robynchan> i haven't told him
    [00:53:59] <+Whorey> He is part of the collective now.
    [00:54:06] <_robynchan> ^
    [00:54:10] <&Double45> oh jeez
    [00:54:14] <&Double45> telling it to a real life friend
    [00:54:18] <Marisa> He probably should be the first one to know about his CG duties
    [00:55:15] <+Ganny> "I don't think my boss would do that (We're coworkers, so obviously there's nothing there that will develop sexually.) but Ive never had a platonic relationship with a daddy before?"
    [00:55:18] <+Ganny> You have a literal father
    [00:55:28] <Marisa> Ahahaha
    [00:55:32] <%Fierce_Muffin> lol
    [00:55:40] <%Fierce_Muffin> That's awful
    [00:55:46] <&Double45> jesus
    [00:55:49] <Marisa> It wasn't platonic, it would seem
    [00:57:08] <+Ganny> "Does anyone else feel like they just annoy people when they try to be cute, include daddy/mommy?"
    [00:57:10] <+Ganny> "Yes, especially since we have a baby if our own... I feel the same constantly"
    [00:57:16] <+Ganny> tfw you can't tell if it's a real baby
    [00:57:28] <&Double45> please
    [00:57:34] <Marisa> please
    [00:57:37] <+Ganny> please
    [00:57:38] <_robynchan> that was too good
    [00:57:50] <Marisa> I'm out
    [00:57:54] <&Double45> yeah
    [00:57:54] <_robynchan> so yeah, i told him i'd tell him tomorrow
    [00:57:58] * Marisa has left #zelda
    [01:00:56] <+Ganny> "So today is a month since Daddy proposed and I'm just now able to show off the pretty ring! Ignore the healing burn on my hand lol"
    [01:00:59] <+Ganny> did... he get you candles too?
    [01:01:04] <&Double45> ganny
    [01:01:17] <&Double45> press the X
    [01:01:18] <&Double45> please
    [01:01:26] <+Ganny> I'm trying to find the oldest little
    [01:01:33] <&Double45> they're 40
    [01:01:38] <+Ganny> If you're like 40 are you still allowed to do this
    [01:01:44] <+Ganny> Are you allowed to do this in the first place
    [01:01:51] <+Ganny> I have so many unanswered questions
    [01:02:02] <&Double45> it's probably allowed
    [01:02:06] <&Double45> but frowned upon
    [01:02:14] <&Double45> they're degenerates after all
    [01:02:18] <+Ganny> lol
    [01:03:46] <+Ganny> Okay I'm done I'm done I'm closing the tab
    [01:03:49] <+Ganny> Goodbye tab
    [01:03:55] <%Fierce_Muffin> good
    [01:04:00] <&Double45> nice
    [01:04:12] <+Ganny> you have to understand you can't just link me something like that
    [01:05:24] <+Ganny> Now I'm standing up and walking around in my normal life and nothing feels real
    [01:05:48] <+Ganny> Is my neighbor a little? Is my boss a little?
    [01:05:51] <+Ganny> It can happen to anyone
    [01:05:52] <&Double45> lol
    [01:06:28] <%Fierce_Muffin> lol
    [01:45:16] * _robynchan has left #Zelda
    [01:39:27] <Sahaqiel> i told one of my aforementioned loli friends about this convo
    [01:44:32] <Sahaqiel> her: I can be.. kinda littlish sometimes... I've never been as extreme as that girl tho....
    [01:44:32] <Sahaqiel> me: a little little
    [01:45:27] <+Ganny> Never been as extreme as her
    [01:45:41] <+Ganny> She really sets the bar for littles
    [01:45:53] <+Ganny> god, nabe would have loved that joke
    [01:46:13] <+Ganny> nabe always appreciates the vague and roundabout semi-jokes
    [01:46:26] <+Ganny> It's too bad he's no longer with us...
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    Holy moly... this site is still up and running.  
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    Less is more
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    this dude is one
  22. SilverAlchemic liked a post in a topic by Shadowknight in New Zelda   
    That would definitely be interesting! I expect it will at least have something akin to the owl statues in Majora's Mask, which allow you to move quickly between regions once you learn a certain song. I'm hoping for a better musical instrument than we got in Skyward Sword, though I don't feel like that's asking very much. I'm surprisingly excited about this game, and I love it. Like, I remember getting pumped up for Twilight Princess at the same time as the "Revolution" console. When they released the first trailer, I spent the whole day on the phone with my friends talking about how awesome it looked. I may not have done quite that with the new one, but I definitely texted everybody who would care and raved about it enough to annoy my wife. 
    I never bought a Wii U, but I'm already tempted to buy the new console even if this is the only game I get for it. 
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    I'm sure there will be warping, or some faster mode of transportation. I'm still holding on to a little thing Aonuma said after the Zelda DLC in MK8, saying he wanted to see the Master Cycle in the new Zelda
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    I'm super excited for it. The only thing is, the world is too big. I don't mind a large world to explore, but if it takes 30 minutes on horseback then that's a bit much. It's also very Elder Scrolls like and a bit Dark Soulish, neither of which I'm a huge fan of. Though, I'm hoping the best out of this because it does look amazing.
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    I can't even grasp how people could possibly complain about this. This trailer we were given is literally one of the best trailers I've ever seen. The game... Even since Skyward Sword I've been bitching and moaning for a Zelda game that does exactly what Breath of the Wilds is doing now. It's exactly what I wanted down to a T, and I can't wait for the new adventures that await me.