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  1. deleted234141

    @Kaffles not for those in Japan :P
  2. deleted234141 » peacexlovexbieber

    why the **** is this braindead cheerleader at this page and doesnt eve like zeld games and games and tis site is builded on zelda fans!!!!
  3. deleted234141 » Max

    He cant be mature if he tells that my arm looks like his p***s!
  4. deleted234141 » Max

    He is 14 found it out.
  5. deleted234141 » peacexlovexbieber

    We one stared you XD
    And you cant even spell dollar when you are saying "I got a dollar"
    Moahahahahahahahaha I am evil :P
  6. deleted234141 » JORGUE

    Welcome to,
    I hope you will enjoy being here :)
  7. deleted234141 » Ryu

    Avi reminds me of IT.
  8. deleted234141 » malonfromlonlon

    You havnen`t even posted something and is quiting, WOW so funny.
  9. deleted234141 » JORGUE

    He joined and left on the same day!?
  10. deleted234141 » Air

    Welcome, any questions about the forum e-mail me at
  11. deleted234141 » oroselineduranl

    Hi feel free to post on the forums.
  12. deleted234141 » PiePiePie

    Should I call you Pie?
  13. deleted234141

    You`re posts are cool.