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  1. I have a PS3 but I dont have so many PSN friends so if any body have a PSN account so we can be friends:joy:.

    PSN account:youarethebest14m

  2. Do anybody have a funny Garrys mod video to share?

    <object width="425" height="344"><param  





    By the way at the second one 13:08 is funny.:lol:

  3. Powder game just search it.

    PS.Make a small box then pause and take everything in it........ kaboom:wacko:

  4. Sorry for using bad language, but I was so angry because I found so many stupid posts from my account that I just changed my name into Postman and my name before was ZeldaHackerTri but thanks for forgiving me.

  5. Ok this topic is because some puppyers hacked my hyrule account because I writed my password one time to a friend in a mistake and he writed shit on topics so i hope you guys forgive me!


  6. This dude's right...why bother about that mask? I played it on emulator ( laptop) too....

    and I got it without's your disk..

    only thing that sucked on the emulator was that the game was soooo slow with the lens of truth...which I hate now for that!

    You have a point there but I think some people will actually have fun with using the mask in bosses and stuff.

  7. Here is my way to annoy Zelda.

    Navi:Link why are you puting me in a box?

    Link:Just wait!

    Zelda:Hey link!

    Link:Hi Zelda I have a gift for you!

    Zelda:I wonder what it is?

    Link:Here you go.

    Zelda:Your ......... fairy?

    Link: Here you go ........ succer!

    Navi:Hey listen! x900000000000000

  8. I like the idea of a zelda movie but a cartoon movie would be great but that what we expected with a tv series but that was bad it was the kiddie stuff and the voice casting was so its a bad risk so yeah lets hope for a good movie if they will make one.

  9. Its a glitch and its no way to escape but i now you guys already now that but dont just dont save and quit there and not when the bridge is teleported away dont save and quit then you maybe stucke at the wrong place. Notice:This only happens at some versions of the game becuse i was sending back to before the brigde was teleported away.

  10. Nintendo have some plans to make a new zelda game for wii but they say that after spirits tracks they will MAKE A NEW ZELDA GAME FOR THE WII but first they are talking about storyline and stuff like that and its being talk about a sequel lets hope for a better zelda sequel than MM and dont re-use the characters but it would be nice if you can go to the TP hyrule world and a new world with new characters and stuff and keeping the original TP soundtracks if they will put hyrule (just for fun in the game) and a new world.

  11. It would be nice with some classic weapons and some new weapons and some weapons only 1 time showed in the series but now im talking about the next zelda wii but the e3 demo spirits tracks have some new weapons but that was almost the same weapons dun dun dun

  12. Many of the scary things in TP gived me nightmares but when I am thinking about it everybody says that MM is the darkest zelda game but its TP darker or is MM darker???????????

  13. I know you will hate me for the title but Phillips and Nintendo have in the 90s a deal about making a cd console but that deal was broken but Nintendo gived out 4 Games for that console, like a Mario game and 3 Zelda games but that was bad games but anyways is many Zelda games you dont even heard about and some of them is very bad and if you say what game is bad or a thing in a Zelda game thats is thats bad ill be happy.