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  1. Even if I already have played, beaten OoT about 10 times (all side missions included) I still want to get a 3DS and the Remake!

  2. Actually like Oot and MM as much because they are similar but feels more like a whole story togheter if you just put it in after you beat Oot.

    My second one is actuallly TP I liked it and it did a lot of interesting stuff, made Link feel better as a character. It also had new items, and a bunch more but it doesn`t really have too much new too put a finger on it.

    The third one is Wind waker combat is the best in series interesting that Link finally had a family but I would like too explore real Hyrule after I saw the world outside the castle.

    The series is awesome but I have a bunch more favorites.

    BTW I don`t have any bad experience with any Zelda game and the CDi ones isn`t really made by Nintendo but Philips got the license when they worked with Nintendo on the CDi.

  3. "Fake and Gay!" "Oh man you suck!" "Stop making your videos!" :unsure:

    It pisses me off! Why can`t they just stop!? :cry:

    What if we gave them them those "Scare viruses" (which is viruses that make scary pictures and sreaming noise appear each time you boot up your pc but then go away) that will make them go away from their PC`s and cry to their mommies (because most of them is like 8 years old :D).

    And their phones is simple....................................

  4. So I have brown hair and also very much (not long but much), but the problem is that is so thick! I really wan`t style my hair in new ways with wax (Id hair). Any tips, please you girls know stuff!

  5. My [sPACE] [C] [G] [Z] buttons don`t work so I don`t play games on my PC.