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  1. I don`t know haven`t played the series.


  2. Fixed it so it is easier to read, fixed some of the words.

    Her name is Karla Crystal,

    she is around 17 years of age but looks much younger and acts much more mature.

    She is a very brave but she does suffer from nyctophobia,

    which she is rather ashamed of due to her age.

    She is not very quick on her feet of physicaly strong but she has extremly high endurance and willpower,

    which makes up for those weaknesses.

    Her big brown eyes can be one of her greatest weapons in terms of manipulation,

    for though they may give her an appearance of innocence and weakness,

    she can show exactly what she can give one of the THE most scary evil eyes ever to the most careing and kind eyes. you may have only experence from your mom (she can also fake any emotion without any hint that she is untrue to that emotion making her very decieving).

    She may be one of the most motherly people you could meet other then well your own mother that is.

    Even to the most evil person she would care for him/her as if it was her own child,

    reprimanding them for thier bad deeds and making sure they get punished until they learn their lesson.

    To her classmates she may look like she is being a snitch or teacher's pet,

    but in reality she is caring for their future and trying to help them as much as she can,

    but they don't see it that way causing her to be constantly bullied.

    To her friends she can always be relied on even in the toughest situations and when they are feeling down or depressed she always know how to get a smile on their face (even if getting that smile requires her to be publicly humiliated she would do it). She also on of the biggest worriers you could know (though you may never know how much she worries because she will never tell anyone her worries) but she never worries about herself,

    she worries about others constantly.

    She never complains about anything in her life because she doesn't want to be a burdan on anyone.

    This leads to bouts of depression but the only way to see her depression is when she is in deep thought for she doesn't notice her expression and shows her true feelings through her expression (which is usually a very sad expression),

    but if you were to ask her what is wrong she would quickly get out of her deep thought and reply with a smile

    "nothing is wrong that is just what I look like when I am thinking of _______ (enter random confusing philosophy thing here) and it boggles my mind so much that I can't stop thinking about it.

    So I guess that is just my philosophy face". one of the reasons she doesn't want to worry people is that as a child she suffered from sever athsma and was in the hospitible constintly,

    and always worrying her parents (her athsma has gotten much better now so much so that she rarely has a attack and when she does it usually will go away after a hour or so).

    She has a rather high sense of justice and alot of courasity, she idolized superheros not for thier super powers but for how much they try to save people even if there is only the tiniest chance to help them. This attribute has rub off on her making her want to do anything to protect anyone from harm.

    Why even if she had to sell her soul to the devil to save someone elses she would.

    She is very intelligent but if she doesn't know a whole lot about a topic she will act like she knows nothing about it,

    which is usually stuff that teens are into like music and stuff (this makes her appear as if she knows nothing of the outside world). If you ask her wether the glass is half full or empty she would reply that it is both for that it is not one or the other,

    for neither of the halfsying and yang.

    If she senses something is wrong she will investigate it if it is something that may harm people (like a odd smell at the headquarters of a medical felicity because she knows that they don't actually make the medicine at the headquarters).

    She is a very good judge of character, and can tell that someone is good-hearted by just looking into thier eyes for a brief second.

    Her hair used to be dirty blond but she really hated that color because it always looked well dirty so she died it black,

    with a single red highlight and had it cut to her shoulders but she usually forgets to get it re-died so her dirty blond hair would frequently appear in her roots.

    She doesn't go out much so her skin is uber pale.

    She is very creative and can be calm under pressure (unless she is in the pitch black area) usually coming up with a plan within ten minutes.


  3. I hope this will be discovered by a publisher then I can buy it in stores!

  4. It sucks to build stuff on mulitplayer because, after 10 seconds someone deletes your stuff!

  5. I have always goed cross eyed like they go down to the side but when I took them to the side I could do it right.


  6. Me and my friends are calling Alexander for Alex which is a girl name.