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  1. I have Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT and almost ALL my games have recomded Geforce 8800 GT as recomended, but still Mirrors edge and other games run`s still fine at medium textures and graphics.

  2. Tryed, can you explain it another way?

    Found out that I already know how to do it but it`s just blurry, help?

  3. So I was going to download "Mass effect" from The pirate bay (don`t tell anyone) and then I got "Antimalware doctor" on my computer.

    Without even installing it, when I found out that the program is created by hackers to do fake virus and trojan alerts to scare you to buy the software but also scaming your credit card in that moment I almost got a heart attack.

    So I tryed to uninstall it but thou at didn`t work because they really wan`t to scam you, so I did it manually and deleted alot of files from the program and Malwarebytes did the rest of the work.

    I am so lucky.

  4. So i`m trying to watch

    video, but I don`t know how to cross my eyes because when I take my left eye on the right image my right eye does the same thing.

    Easier explained when I move my left/right eye both will move in the same direction.

    Can sombody explain this to me?

  5. So my was going to sleep over at my house from friday to saturday and he agreed to it, but then he said he was going to "Ål" with Peter when he asked him on wednesday.

    When I asked him last week and he agreed, I just want to bang his head in a wall and say "Do you remember now!".

    I`m so angry!

  6. Well you know, you can't use a black xbox360 controller on a white PC.

    What kind of answer is that?!

  7. Actually, Puck did a pretty good job just now, YLA.

    Zordiana is just a terrible name, though.

    It's a combination of "zord" and "iana". -iana pretty much just being a cliche suffix to a fantasy name, woooOOOooo, and "zord" being something "that sounds sci-fi" because it begins with the letter Z and isn't Zebra, and because it has the "or" sound in the middle of it. (Like Cyborg)

    Just seriously, too cliche.

    Like Luna.

    Soz Puck. :<

    If it makes you feel better, I cleaned up two of the errors you made in the above post.


    It feels like Nintendo just has gone lazy with name picking, just like my name picking in MMO`s XD!

  8. OMG Jared youtubers who actually makes good videos gets more views and subs than users of that website, and I bet you are one of the people who writes "Sub 4 sub" on every god damn channel.

  9. So I wan`t to play on my PC with a XBOX 360 controller but I have a wireless one, but I have built in bluetooth so do I still need to buy that 100$ adapter?

  10. The voice will also switch after what gender you choose just like in Halo 3.

  11. Is that true?

    If it is then it`s just AWESOME, what if it scanned your voice to match too!!! :D

  12. Yeah that`s true, but I love the helmet because my friend has played Halo 3 for years to get Recon.

    And I who got an Xbox 360 and Halo 3 last week now have recon at the relase date of Halo: Reach!! :)