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  1. Bigboss

    Anyone playing ocarina of time 3d.
    1. Chimetals

      ive got it, and have cleared everything but the desert and shadow temples :/ i got distracted, mostly.

    2. T1g

      yeah like a year ago

    3. Chase

      I 100% it. Why?

  2. Bigboss

    why am i back to members?
    1. pheonix561

      You either don't have enough posts or you haven't been around long enough. The criteria for being a veteran has changed.

    2. Bigboss


    3. Michael

      It actually hasn't, but for some reason forums was making people veteran when they shouldn't have been.

  3. Bigboss

    Ura zelda would have been sweet
  4. Bigboss

    Ocarina of time is the best zelda game.
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    2. Bigboss

      1at 3d zelda game

    3. Bigboss


  5. Bigboss

    i'm back.
    1. Teto

      Pick up a shovel we're going to work.

  6. Bigboss

    i changed my name
    1. Fantasy Panda Dreaming

      Ya u did qurl !!

  7. Bigboss

    who can make a sig for me
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    2. pheonix561

      Can I do one too

    3. Jareddude

      Me nxt bcase i spel like bigbos

    4. Bigboss

      sure pheonix

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. pheonix561

      You are not alone.

    3. Bigboss


    4. Cascade

      I don't see the resemblance ):

  8. Jareddude » Bigboss

    I miss you! T-T
  9. Markus » Bigboss

    big boss! HI! have you destroyed any shagohods lately?
    1. Bigboss

      yeah many

  10. Jareddude » Bigboss

    Hey my friend :)
  11. Mila » Bigboss

    You too? Why does everyone think I'm so awesome XD Thanks!
  12. #1zeldafan » Bigboss

    being awsome:D
  13. Bigboss » Mila

    you are awesome!
  14. Bigboss » yummymii

    happyyyyyy BIRTHDAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Young Link Addict » Bigboss

    Cool. I have no school today though. :( I hate that because I have to make it up. Worst part is it's because of snow.