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  1. Hehehe... thanks for the warm welcome! I'll definitely try to stay active, though I'm not exactly a "sociable" person. XD I always stick to the RP forums of sites more than anything else. :3

    And Stormsworder, if you make that ToS RP, let me know. Immediately. :D

  2. ((Mew. This is actually based of the video game Tales of Symphonia. Well, "loosely" based now. ;D Meh doesn't mind it being revamped! *Just wants to RP* XD Here be my slightly edited profile, then. :3))

    Name: Caella Steelwind

    Age: 21

    Race: Half-Elf

    History: Since her parents (both of them half-elves) were confined to working in Sybak's Research Laboratory, it was only natural for Caella to join them as she grew up. Still, as much as she loved pouring through tomes that were double her size, the humble and silent life of a researcher was not for her. When her kind was finally released from their mandatory occupation, she left the Laboratory as fast as she could, setting off for a life of adventure.

    Personality: Surprisingly bubbly and cheerful, Caella looks at everything optimistically and with almost a childish naivety. She eagerly rushes into situations with seeming little concern for her well-being, though thanks to her research, she retains knowledge of many of the monsters and places in the world. The only problem is that she has yet to meet even a fraction of them in person.

    Appearance: Wearing her bright electric-blue hair styled in short layers that just touch her shoulders, Caella is constantly blowing her bangs out of her turquoise-colored eyes. Standing at a less-than intimidating height of five feet (exactly), she is almost abnormally thin, and would constantly be mistaken for a child (since she most certainly does not act her age), if not for her chest. Since she is a half-elf, her ears are slightly more pointed than the average individual and adorned with two intricate silver hoops and dangling turquoise earrings in each of her ears. She prefers to wear a simple dark grey tunic over a pair of black breeches and black boots.

    Job: Former Researcher, now travelling mercenary-mage

    Element Specialty: Lightning

    Weapon/Skill type: (Staffs/ Rods) Battle Staff and magic

    Final Attack: Indignation: whenever Caella is in mortal danger, she uses this attack, which essentially summons a massive bolt of lightning-elemental damage. After using this, Caella crumples to the ground, unable to move, yet retaining consciousness.

    Side: Good/ Neutral, since she'll fight for whoever has the most cash ;D

    Pet: N/A

    Extra: She already has an Exsphere

  3. I guess I just wanted to introduce myself to I've known about this site for a little while, through my various friends, and eventually thought, "why don't I join? I like Zelda. I like forums. I like RPing. This place has all of 'em." :D

    I'm an anime and manga freak, I love the sport of field hockey to the death, I play the upright bass (though I can play an electric...), I love classical, rock, and metal [music], and I'm known to be random. Whether that's good or bad is up to you to decide. I love J-RPGs. I'm a fangirl and completely somewhat insane. I like messing around with skins, forums, and HTML in what little spare time I have. Did I miss anything?

    To be more specific in terms of anime/ manga, I'm a huge fan of (in no particular order): Tsubasa Reservior Chronicles, CCS, FMA, DN Angel, Death Note, Inuyasha, Fairy Tail, Naruto (somewhat), Immortal Rain, +Anima, Rurouni Kenshin, Trigun, xxxHolic, Tokyo Babylon, Ouran High School Host Club, Skip Beat!, Tokyo Mew Mew, Pokemon, Yugi-oh, .hack//SIGN, and a ton of others that I cant remember at the moment. I loooooove the Final Fanasy Series, as well as Kingdom Hearts, TALES OF SYMPHONIA, Pokemon, SSBB, Fire Emblem, Baten Kaitos, .hack//Infection series, The World Ends With You, and the Legend of Zelda (of course).

    I can haz a puppeh name'ed Kodiak. Fearz him. ;D

  4. Super Identity: Miss Magnet ((Since both Kristen and I are terrible with names XD))

    Secret Identity: Kristen Powers

    Age: 21

    Powers: Ability to generate and manipulate magnetic fields

    Weaknesses: She has little control over this power and tries to avoid being near electronic devices or objects that rely on magnetic fields, like compasses, so she gets lost even more than she did before. Kristen also sticks to using plastic objects, including plastic silverware and plates, just to be safe.

    History: Having already decided to pursue a career in Physics, Kristen Powers was a dedicated and hard-working college student determined to make her way in the world as a top scientist. For one of her projects, she decided to go all out and sought to create a special kind of electromagnet "borrowing" a newly-discovered and still untested metal that her professor had acquired from one of his less-than-legal sources. Kristen performed a few experiments and learned that prolonged exposure to the radioactive and highly magnetic metal could prove disastrous to one's physical health. Months after suffering from acute radiation poisoning, she discovered that she could generate electromagnetic fields, occasionally disrupting the flow of household appliances and making things disastrous whenever she neared a refrigerator. When she figured out how to control this ability to a lesser extent, she learned that she could manipulate magnetic metals (and alloys containing such metals) as well, though it took a great amount of effort.

  5. ((Removed the profile because it took up quite a bit of room and I would have deleted this post altogether except I cannot seem to find said button... Hmmm...))

  6. *Whistles innocently*

    Name: Nathaniel

    Age: 17

    Appears: 21

    Race: Human

    Personality: One of those "go with the flow" kind of guys, Nathaniel has a positive outlook on life. He rarely worries over things and is the kind of guy that loves a good party.

    Appearance: Of average weight and height, Nathaniel is a little bit on the slim side. He wears his black hair spiked, often leading to his friends jokingly calling him "porcupine head" and a few of the spikes often fall into his bright blue eyes.

    History: A self-declared "King of Metal", Nathaniel is the singer and lead guitarist of his own (currently unnamed) band that he formed a four years ago with his friends. He intends to go to college and major in music, though, along with secretly playing the cello, he will never tell that to his band mates.

    Name: Catalina "Kikki" de la Cruz

    Age: 19

    Appears: 19

    Race: Vampire

    Personality: Hot-headed and always looking for a fight, Kikki speaks with her fists (and occasionally the knife she has stashed in her pocket) rather than words. The only people she will willingly speak to are Nathaniel, P.K., and Jace--her band mates. She refuses to even address her parents or her younger brother.

    Appearance: Constantly dying her naturally black hair into whatever color suits her fancy, Kikki sticks out in a crowd, if only because of her hair and eyes; she is of average height and build. Right now, her shoulder-length locks are dyed the color of "amethyst when the sun shines through it on a raw spring morning," but a month ago, it was a bright, blood-colored red. Her eyes are a pale, colorless blue, nearly white. No one is entirely sure of her natural eye color; she is never seen without her contacts. Due to her Spanish heritage, her skin is a golden caramel color.

    History: For the past nineteen years, Kikki had been your "average" girl, aside from her personality issues. She had less-than average grades and no interest in any kind of physical activity, but made up for it with her musical talent. She excels at the bass guitar and she even plays the "Classic", her slang term for the upright bass. No one thinks to make fun of her hobby, however, because Kikki is infamous for being the toughest girl "this side of L.A." She had gotten into more fights than anyone can count and that's just on school property. Then, everything changed when one fight went unexpectedly wrong. It was after one of their band's gigs at one of the more rowdy establishments in the downtown part of the city, over some trivial issue. It started out as a shouting match (with the occasional rough shove), until it turned into an all-out brawl between her and the two "posers" that tried to force her to do something unpleasant. One of them pulled out a knife and at that time, she didn't carry one on her person, but despite their persuasion she refused. It was then that she was left for the dead, nearly drained of all her blood and with two bite marks on her neck, clearly left for the dead. It was less than an hour later that another vampire found her, changing her out of a twisted sense of pity. It's been a little over a month since that night and she's still struggling to face her "wild" side, though she can easily mask it up with an intense bout of threatening and/ or violence on her part, as well as hiding it from her parents. Isn't it lucky that she lives next to one of L.A's less popular ice skating rinks?

  7. OOC: Too late to join? :3 This RP is like paradise...

    Name: Tristana "Tris" Hunter

    Age: 16

    Special Skill: Archery (long bow and re-curve)

    Literary Companion: Artemis Fowl II

    History: Tris, who had recently moved to Fayatville, was wandering along the maze of streets, getting herself hopelessly lost, when lo and behold, she found herself face-to-face with the one and only Long John Silver of Treasure Island infamy. It was only when she spotted and "bribed" a Bulter-less Artemis Fowl to help her out of the predicament that she realized her new hometown was running amok with characters from her favorite (and not so favorite) stories.