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  1. Jareddude

    Hey guys. :)
  2. Jareddude

    1. pheonix561


    2. Teto


    3. SilverAlchemic


  3. Jareddude

    My birthday's in 2 days. :>
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    2. Arachne

      And mine is today. Happy birthday, guys.

    3. Otis McNutt

      So's Mine ;)

    4. Jareddude

      Happy Birthday everyone :3

  4. Jareddude

    I wish it was Christmas.
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    2. Teto

      The sooner they start the Christmas atmosphere in town the better. People shopping when it's dark with Christmas lights all around is the best.

    3. PrimaGaga

      Christmas is a not great holiday

    4. SilverAlchemic

      Simply having a wonderful Christmas time.

  5. Jareddude

    I'm secretly a lesbian.
    1. Felix Faust

      Me too

    2. PrimaGaga

      called it

  6. Jareddude

    Haven't updated this in forever.
  7. Jareddude

    Vice President. Awesome.
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      Jared Agnew

    3. Jareddude


    4. Princess Valhalla Hawkwind

      Thank God we can't joke with "Jared Palin."

  8. Jareddude

    This place is dying.
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    2. Ammonsa

      Yeah actually, nevermind. Continue being a cunt and ignoring people who just want to help you.

    3. Ammonsa

      No matter what we do, you act like this. One day you'll be nice and lovely and the great cascade we know and then you'll be a complete ass and ignore us for weeks. Everyone goes through rough stuff, everyone becomes nasty, even, but you CAN talk to us about it. Just leaving and treating us like shit doesn't make me want to help.

    4. Cascade

      Good because I don't need or want help, thanks.

  9. Jareddude

    1. Sahaqiel


  10. Jareddude

    Reaching out...but is there an answer?
    1. Jareddude

      There is. :>

  11. Jareddude

    Happy Birthday Pheo. :)
    1. pheonix561

      nope didnt happen

  12. Jareddude

    Hello... o.o
    1. Rika Code

      Ello :>

    2. Knuckle

      Hey :D

  13. Jareddude

    These bots literally make me lol
    1. Cirt

      yeah what is going on???? bansgiving amirite

  14. Jareddude

    Gee I wonder who Roc is
    1. Roc

      Problem some random lo-- oh wait.

  15. Jareddude

    Gee I wonder who Roc is
  16. Jareddude

  17. Jareddude

    Happy Birthday Saha :)
    1. Sahaqiel

      there are no birthdays where i come from

      only party days

  18. Jareddude

    GH-SS postpostpost in the AC RP :>
    1. Teto

      ACRP? more like CRAP

  19. Jareddude

    LinoxLinoxLinoxLinox Happy Birthday :)
  20. Jareddude

  21. Jareddude

    Happy Birthday Sideli :)
    1. Michael



    2. Jareddude

      Don't be ashamed, Tappy >:D