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  1. That's hot.


    Also. I still have your Lucario plushie next to my bed. He has a Pikachu friend now, too. :)

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  2. Yeah. I've been attached for a long time, and I think it's finally time for me to move on.

  3. Alright, I need to admit something. I've been afraid of coming here ever since Brian never came in August. He got a flat on the way here, and we were both really upset. Then things got rocky between us and yeah. So now we're just normal friends. I was too afraid to come and face everything I built up, only to have it crumble. But it happens I guess, right? Not a big deal. I'll try not to do that again though. That was immature of me!


    I'm still kind of sad we never got together and had our date and such. I wonder what it all could have been. But that's in the past for now!


    ...It's taken months for me to have the courage to come back and post this.

  4. Me and Pheo worked out you were going to be meeting Crocodile like a month ago Jared, lol. He's the closest member to you both physically and you seemed to always be talking to/about him whenever you appeared. I hope youse have a good meet-up though. (o: Don't worry about being nervous, once youse start talking and doing whatever, they'll disappear. 


    Oh, and make sure you actually know where you are going to meet. Don't be like me and Teto where we like spent like, an hour trying to find out where the other person was in Dundee the day we met lol. We kept getting lost. It didn't help we had just moved there, though, so maybe you won't have that issue. But you should be sure anyways!!! :V


    I also bought ZombiU and New Super Mario Bros. U today. The two most diametrically opposed games ever. Mario will be the same old fun, but ZombiU actually kind of looks neat! Even if it is survival horror... I'll play it at 2am with the lights off for the best experience. Surprisingly did not get ID'd for ZombiU like I always do when buying 18+ stuff at CEX. They had such a crap selection though... but at least they HAD a selection. HMV and GAME didn't even have any games! wtf guys? HMV I can understand, but, the ONE game shop in town? no games? Stirling is so bad for games lol...


    We have a place where we are meeting up already. We have a plan for the whole day already, pretty much. ALSO WE ARE NOT HAVING SEX WITH DO YOU GUYS KEEP SAYING THAT, SHIT

  5. You said this earlier but I thought crocodile was straight. We are talking about the eyebrow guy right?


    Omg just wait now can we drop this

  6. You guys suck


    Pretty sure Pheo's a mind reader or some shit. Like, how the puppy? And anyway, I didn't think it was a big deal. I dunno why I MADE it a big deal. But yeah. It's out now ._.

  7. Knuckle, you're the second person to mention it's their birthday on the 1st. XD

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  8. i came on this site to see if Jared announced his announcement yet. wut a disappointment, 


    But it's gonna be August 1st, on Friday! We're gonna post the pictures though. :)

  9. Wow, Cirt. That sounds crazy. I'm glad things are looking up for you though! I'm happy for you. :)

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  10. I'm sorry to hear. I hope he makes it through okay. Stay positive :)


    I got an interview at Staples on Friday. Woot.

  11. Fine, I'll reveal something else. It's someone on this site.

  12. Nooo he's not my boyfriend lol. Well, yet. Yeah, I know I shouldn't have "hyped" it up so much. I guess I couldn't contain myself.

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