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  1. Yes, it's totally something gay. No, seriously! 


    I think you guys will be happy for me and that person. I'm not sure what else I can say right now though lol

  2. I can't say anything cause my buddy doesn't want me to say anything until it happens!! But less than a month left. So woo. :)

  3. Just a month left. I wish I could tell you guys what it was. :P

  4. then why bring it up, Jared?

    CAUSE I CAN. And I will reveal it eventually. Or I could now if I had the other person's permission! I will ask.

  5. Mario Kart 8 is amazing. I got New Super Mario Bros U for free as well!


    I wish it was the middle of July. Then something will occur that I'm not wiling to say right now. :P

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  6. My two (Or three, I guess) are both Skyward Sword Zelda's and ALBW Zelda. They hit the nail on the head with her ALBW design, I believe. It was so elegant yet simple. Sort of like a mix between OoT and WW's Zelda in a way.

  7. ^ this


    Also my family's getting our new puppy in about 14 hours! I'm super excited omg. Shall I post pictures when I we get her?

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  8. Man, you know what I always think about? This old Majora's Mask Role Play I did on this site years ago. THAT was fun. I miss it a LOT.

  9. Gave up? Why?


    Mannnn, it's way harder than it looks. You should look into it.


    Pretty good! Not a whole lot has happened, though. How about you?


    Not much. Just ending my first year of college. My life has changed a lot, I guess. :P

  10. I spend my days on a Zelda Classic forum, called PureZC. I also dabbed a bit into OoT rom hacking....but I kinda gave up.