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  1. Well, it's good to hear from you again Jared, and I'm glad your life seems to be going pretty smoothly at the moment? Was wondering where you had vanished off too lately. (o:


    Thanks Cas! :) And yes, I had poofed. :3

    Hey Jared. Glad to see you back, we've missed you around here. Like saha, I see you on fb a lot too lol


    That's exciting that you're starting college soon! Don't get caught up in relationships your first year, would be my advice. There's a lot of new stuff going on and getting bogged down with that stuff isn't the best way to enjoy it all. Other than that, study hard, work hard, play harder. Being out of high school is fun but college is hard work.


    I'm glad to see you're a lot happier with life now and seem to be happy in your own skin. That's really great before you start branching out more next year.  But for now, enjoy the time you have in HS. It won't be the same after you graduate, especially if some of your friends are going to move away. Plus senior year is easy and laid back, so you got it. :>

    Nice to see you again as well, Cirt! :)

    And that actually makes sense. I'll follow that advice, thanks a lot! :D

    Just reading this makes me see how much I've grown through my high school years...gosh. And yes, I will miss high school a lot. So I'm trying to enjoy it to the best of my ability. A few of my friends and I plan on going to the same community college, which is a plus! And senior year isn't too hard, but I have to stay diligent in Math, since I need it to graduate. English too, but that's easy as pie!


    Send the app in by mail.


    And do it NOW, because you will lose some funds otherwise. 

    I will. But I don't know if I should send me grades too...

  2. I'm trying to apply for the college, I have everything set. I just don't know HOW to hand the application in, since it's physical. :/

    Now I need to do the FAFSA.

  3. Hey guys! It's been...wow Months since I've actually been here. So, I guess you guys should have a little update on how my life has been.


    So let's start with schoolsies! I'm a senior now, and less than 4 months until I graduate. I made friends with a few freshman, juniors and sophomores as well. We all hang out together and it's fuuuunnnn!! They show a good side in me that's absolutely amazing and I love it. We also play Brawl when I bring it over, and I usually beat them all. :P Well, sometimes. I usually use Pikachu, Link, and now Lucas.


    My grades are pretty good too. I passed all of my classes first semester with A's and 2 C-'s. So yay.

    I plan on going to a community college in the area for two years afterwards, and then transfer. Yay for screwing up my early high school years and paying for it now! \0/



    Now love stuff. Well, I liked this guy from my new little group. But then, my other friend liked him too. Apparently there were rumors about it or something, so he told both of us that he wasn't ready for a relationship at the moment.


    Anyways, I did make a self-vow. I made a vow to stay away from relationship stuff until college. Of course it'll be hard, but till worth it. All the guys in my school are jerks or just plain idiots. And I know I deserve better than that. :) Plus, it's bothering me that nothing ever works out with anyone. So this means less trouble and hurt for me.

    Me and an online friend might meet after my community college years (Since we're not that far from each other)...but that doesn't matter right now since it's so far away. Not to mention, that it might not happen.


    So I think that's it...enjoy...? :)

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  4. No. The 3DS is a new system entirely. This should be common knowledge by now.

  5. I am so bored. 


    On another note, I wish my Link Figma would come already.

  6. jared you're an adult now oh man you can

    puppy your english teacher now


    I'm kidding but really, happy birthday :>

    IF ONLY ;;

    And thanks gurl. :>



    Happy Birthday to you too!


    Happy birthday, Jared!

    Thanks. :DDD

  7. I rebought Animal Crossing Wild World and it's so fun again. :>

  8. Jared I am posting to confirm that you have watched the Animal Crossing movie?

    Yes I have.

    And okay Helter.