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  1. http://newerleaf.tumblr.com/

    Someone should totally follow my new Tumblr about Animal Crossing. I found cool stuff so far C:

    I wanna know who this mysterious black guy is who keeps showing up in bad music videos.

    An obvious rip off of Friday. But I didn't find it to actually be that bad.

  2. Pheo, that is a glitch. You do it y resetting the Wii right when you click continue after dying, similar to jumping off (Or falling into quicksand) in Twilight Princess!

    And yes, Cirt. It is wonky. (I almost thought you were Cascade...fail)

  3. Here's an example

    What do you guys think of it? Have you used it at all? I have, it's really cool! I can get you to so many new places, and can sequence skip a lot like in this video. And you can do it right at the start of the game too, since all you have to do it jump off a cliff and die.

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  4. Wreck it Ralph was simply amazing. It was funny, serious at times, and had a huge plot twist. I definitely recommend it!!

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  5. I saw Wreck it Ralph (For free :P) and played Rayman Legends on the Wii U at Gamestop. I am happy.

  6. Sorry I disappeared AGAIN. Other forums mostly take up my time now. Plus...this place seems pretty dead. :P

  7. I remember back in sophomore year, I won a competition in Brawl. I was either Mario or Pikachu. I won $25. :>

    Freshman year, we played Melee. I didn't get very far though.

    God I love tournaments with people you barely know.

  8. Every time siamese cats are mentioned, I can only think of one frickin thing :<

    So racist :<

    The only part about TLatT I hated. :<

  9. When someone tells me "Good luck" or something, my reaction is to always say "You too", but then I play it off after. ^-^;