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  1. Zinc added a post in a topic Zelda Hacks: GCN (Gamers Collective Network)   

    Huh, a topic about The GCN, I'm even signed up over there, the (now canceled) URA project lead me there, kind of sad that was canceled, I was looking forward to it.  
  2. Zinc added a post in a topic What's your current ringtone?   

    My ringtone is currently Shinshu Field (Shinshu Plains) from Okami, I shorten the song down to a suitable ringtone. I also, got other tones for other things on my phone, the roaming tone is Ryoshima Coast (Ryoshima Plains), missed call is the tone when you dig up a clover on the game (also known as Clover Demo on the soundtrack), voicemail is when you get a treasure on the game (also known as Treasure Acquisition on the soundtrack) and finally (I don't have texting on my phone, I prefer to not have it) my alarm is the fighting theme (Spirit Extermination). All expect missed and voicemail have been shorten down to a suitable length for a ringtone.
  3. Zinc added a post in a topic Post Your Desktop!   

    Here is a link of my desktop, the image in which I was going to post looked too big.
    My desktop.
  4. Zinc added a post in a topic What was the last thing you ate   

    Red curry and vegetable fried rice. 
  5. Zinc added a post in a topic Red Lobster   

    I have not been to Red Lobster, I've only been to a couple of seafood chains, Long John Silver's and Captain D's.