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  1. Me Saha and kaffles played it for a while actually. Then kaffles got bored and started CHEATING

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  2. The easiest comparison to make for RWBY is Harry Potter, where the story grows and matures with it's characters. And with that comparison, we are at the end of Book 4 where our first character death occurs. I feel bad for all the people and children who Cosplay them. 

  3. lots of japanese stuff in there so thats interesting. We all know how xenophobic america can be

  4. I agree on the Boku Dake and Dimension W assessments. I look forward to more of the former and am impartial to the latter. Also continuing Gundam, and Durarara X2's third part has started

  5. Sup bro, your name is Matt. You are one of The Privileged! You have a sinister agenda of going to college so you can get a good job and provide for yourself. Your future looks pretty bright and your parents love you very much. You've always done well in school and you're excited to go to college. You like to snowboard and play Call of Duty Black Ops 3.

  6. Among the ruins of an ancient forum, one man screams at the heavens about a cartoon show, posting funny gifs


    I am that man

  7. nah it made sense it was just a lot of shit happening really fast and at points i was like "oh well thats a thing too i guess"

    Also Cascade has officially started the second half of stardust crusaders.

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