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  1. Oh man, the other day I had two gravity bong hits of this really good stuff. After a minute, I passed out for like 30 minutes (and was floating in and out of consciousness), and when I woke up I was SUPER high. Loved every second of it.




    thank god this happened, /b/ is too much of a craphole, it deserves it.

  3. Assasination? What is this, the 60s? People get resentful of America when they meddle like that. We all know how well it went with Cuba...

    I don't know how much this whole issue matters to America. As small as South Korea's dick is, I don't think we can fit it in our mouth. We already have our mouth full with Israel.

  4. I haven't really been keeping up with national news for some time, but hasn't stuff like this been happening with Korea for awhile now?

    Yeah, like every other month. The only difference about this one is that it could actually provoke all out fighting between the Koreas. It's no longer a petty maritine border skirmish, this was all out artillery fire on south korean soil against civillian targets.

    Is China allied with North Korea or what? Whats the deal with their relations?

    China is in an open agreement with North Korea, but this dates back to the 50s. China has changed; it's not a the same puppytarded maoist regime anymore and it's not in their interests to help a dumpster like North Korea. The most they'll do if any actual fighting breaks out between the Koreas is call the U.S. and tell them they want part in the restructuring of Korea.

    At this point, it looks like things may cool down a little bit. The universal international response is that the Koreas need to chill out. Well, except Japan, they're saying we should invade North Korea, but who cares what they think.

    We still need to give it a few days to see what's going to happen, it could go either way right now.

  5. Wow, dude, this stuff is beautiful. I love Daily Humdrum and Questions, absolutely gorgeous.

  6. Instruments I own: US Blues electric guitar; S101 electric guitar (basically a strat knock-off); some random bass without a brand; Montana acoustic guitar (not sure on model number, and they're discontinued, so...); MIDI-Man USB Midi controller

    Nobody else here records their own music? I am sad.

    Here's an online collaboration / cover of The Riot Your Time by Scorpions, featuring PepperCoyote on vocals... I recorded all the guitars and programmed all the drums, he sang.


    Actually, yeah I do record my own stuff occasionally. I don't know if anyone here would actually like it, though. It's a little bit... trippy

    What I use: shitty midi keyboard, walmart bass, Shitty acoustic nylon-stringed guitar with rusty strings, awesome brand new acoustic steel-stringed guitar (That I haven't recorded with yet, but will). I also have a tambourine, an ocarina and just random shit that makes noise that I occasionally use. Also set up the drum machine and do vocals. Recorded with a Rock Band mic.

  7. GY!BE's always a good choice, as much as I despise Post-Rock.

    Fistful of Mercy is a supergroup formed this year by Ben Harper, Joseph Arthur (from The Lonely Astronauts) and Dhani Harrison (Son of the deceased Bealte, who sounds remarkably like his father). They sound pretty cool. They wrote this album in 3 days, I read.

  8. Have music from every continent?

    Need some Antarctica-core up in here.

    for scientists, they have pretty poor spelling and grammar

    "base guitar"

  9. Lady Gaga's just weird.

    These guys kick her ass.

    I love Lady Gaga HARD.

    OK Go is ok.

  10. Okay, don't hate me for liking My Chemical Romance (I think they're quite good once you get over their terrible fan base) but they just released a trailer for their new album coming out on November and it just sounds so gooood. It's so poppy and jumpy and happy, I love it. If you hated them before this might be an exciting turn of direction, I think.

  11. Yeah, whiskey isn't bad either, but it definitely goes down rough.

  12. Wine is awful in general <:

    So is champagne

    And beer

    Agree 100%

    Vodka and Tequila is my poison.

  13. Yeah, American beer tastes like piss and dirt in general. Back in the day I just couldn't bring myself to drink it, now I can drink it and sort of stand it, mind you I still think the stuff tastes horrible.

  14. I didn't like Congratulations at all

    :< I really digged the whole surf/folk/punk thing that album had going on. Much better than the generic psych that was on their first album, imo.

    Also DocHobo do you like Wolf Parade I think you would idk

    Just gave them a listen... I'm loving this.

  15. Oh comely

    I will be with you when you lose your breath

    Chasing the only

    Meaningful memory you thought you had left

    With some pretty bright and bubbly terrible scene

    That was doing her thing on your chest

    OH GOD <3 JEFF MANGUM One of the best lyricists of all time

    And one day in New York City, baby, a girl fell from the sky

    From the top of a burning apartment building fourteen stories high

    And when her spirit left her body, how it split the sun

    I know that she will live forever, all goes on and on

    And she goes, and now she knows that she'll never be afraid

    To watch the morning paper blow into a hole where no one can escape

    Also, beer taste like shit. :<

    It's an acquired taste, I'd say.

    Shino omg I hope he still remembers meeee


  16. Smoked for the first time a couple weeks ago. It wasn't bad. I guess I'd probably do it again.

    It gets better I'd say. First time I smoked, it was just eh. But after subsequent smokes in the following days it became much more enjoyable. HI MIN