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    I currently hold no opinion on this...
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    I'm totes gonna be watchin'
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    You gotta' be like

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    Talk about a square jaw.
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    Kind of a weird place to bring up rape jokes imo, but I'll partake.
    So, I don't think rape jokes are funny. Not when they're maliciously directed; no matter how ignorant you are, wishing it upon someone with the intent to hurt is heinous and disgusting. I'm pretty empathetic if I may say so, but I don't think that ignorance is an excuse. It's never been an acceptable excuse to just say "I didn't know". I've never seen someone get over something that upset them instantly by just being told that the person who hurt them "just didn't know". And when you think about it from that person's perspective, they probably lack empathy too-- and they're making a heinous joke. So I do think that person is in the wrong, for multiple reasons. If you're old enough to know what rape really is, from a basic definition, you should know not to take it lightly, which is why those people need to be corrected. You don't just let that person slide, you tell him or her the magnitude of what they're saying so they have a better idea of why they shouldn't.
    I'll give you an example of something similar though. I was once in the daycare services of the YMCA. I was like 7 or 8. I hung out with a girl who was older than me and we'd play video games together on her Playstation. One day while playing Spyro, one of the characters made a snarky comment at us, and my friend called her a "whore". I literally did not know what that word meant. I did not know it was tied to sexuality or that it was even something you called humans. From context, all I knew was that it was an insult. During the next visit at the YMCA, I was having a name-calling contest with one of the girls that I played with, and we were just being kids and there was no malicious intent, but I ended up calling her a whore. Like, a kid my age. She gasped because she knew what it meant, and later I was told on and put in time-out. I kept telling them I literally did not know what the word meant at all, and I kept asking what it meant, but the adults made a really huge deal out of it and started treating me with indifference and hostility. One day I accidentally got run into a bench on a field trip, and I had a baseball-sized bruise on my leg, and I was crying on the ground, but one of the supervisor ladies just said, "Oh, get up, you ungrateful brat." This is an example of an actual ignorant kid being treated in the wrong way; I did not have a proper definition of what I was saying, and people literally would just not tell me what I said. I later asked my mom and she straight up told me. So I felt bad, and I didn't call other kids whores anymore.
    People who are old enough and have a proper understanding of the words they're using shouldn't use words like that to hurt people. If they're really just jokes in between friends and don't involve putting people who aren't in on the joke into a bad situation, then fine, but otherwise, that's when it starts breaking into definitively awful territory, in my opinion. Occasionally I'll see people who are ignorant and pampered and want to show people how "hardcore" they are. It reminds me of a person pheo was talking to in Skype. It was shortly after the theater shooting. He said something like, "Hey guys. I have a joke: the people went to the theater to see Batman, but they only saw a few clips." And people laughed and called him terrible, but he was like "Yeah, I'm terrible, but I just don't give a fuck."
    People like that really should be chastised. It's just disgusting, and really shows just how spoiled and ignorant they are.
    And I'll let you know, Dustin. My mom was raped by a now-convicted and imprisoned felon, and that's why I have a little brother. He'd raped about 9 to 11 women before my mom, and she was in an abusive relationship with him for a year or two. I watched him drag her across the floor by her hair and I'd been punched by him when he was drunk and told him I accidentally spilled his iced tea. Rape is a violent act that is carried out by violent people, and the fear and helplessness associated with it is something I can only imagine, and if you can imagine it, maybe you can understand why it's so serious too.
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    So I thought instead of doing that sketch I'd just scan and upload all of that 24 hour comic day I did last week, by which I mean I was gonna do that first and then do the sketch but this took forever to scan and now it's 10:40 at night and I'm tired and I'll sketch tomorrow. But anyways yeah here's a 24 hour comic done by yours truly, dated 2/15/13


    This was a ton of fun to do, though.
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    small sample of wut ive been doing ALL night

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    In case you never attended 6th grade, here is how you play:

    Here are the options!

    M A S H

    Pheo LL Saha Chimetals Chase Cascade Cirt Arachne Teto Phanny Kids:
    3 boys, 2 girls Conjoined girls Triplet boys 10 girls No kids, just lots of cats Transportation:
    Bus Pogo Stick Jetpack Razor Scooter Actual Jet Location:
    Scotland Saint Louis Ohio The Moon North Korea Job:
    President of the United States of America Pro Blogger Semi-Pro Wrestler Pokemon Master Cafeteria Lady
    My results-

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    You'll definitely need to binge drink to get on MY level of drunkeness
    also lol, speaking of pressuring people to drink, I offered to pay my teetotaler friend like, £10 if he drunk the entirety of a glass of erm, I don't actually remember probs a cocktail or something. He drunk half of it and I still paid him the £10. so I guess if the teetotalers of the forum wanna con me outta my money sometime in the future you can do that lol. I'm a really stupid drunk. ):
    also smoking weed is way more enjoyable than drinking I agree. one of my pals showed me a place to buy it cheap here. it makes the occasional hang-out nights we have a bit more stupid and fun I guess. :x
  10. Cascade liked a post in a topic by Cirt in College Woes   
    I'm a slow drinker, and because I let it settle, I always get extremely sleepy when I drink. So it's been a while since I have busted out my rum, and my friends tell me I need to basically binge drink if I want to be on their level of drunkenness. I mean, drink to a reasonable level, no one actually likes blacking out lol.
    I'm also the type of person that likes to be productive in the mornings, whether it's doing homework or cleaning, so waking up after a night of drinking kind of inhibits that and makes me want to sleep all morning. Then I feel lazy all day. 
    I'd rather smoke weed anyway, just have a hard time of finding someone to buy it from.
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    Ok thoughts about this weeks new episodes I watched:
    Psycho-Pass 18: Not a whole lot happened, but things are building up and it will be interesting to see how this all wraps up.
    Robotics;Notes 18: THAT ending man, this show just gets better and better as each episode passes, can't wait for next weeks.
    A shame my favorite 2 currently airing anime only have 4 episodes left after today.
  12. Cascade liked a post in a topic by pheonix561 in Girl makes Real Life Video Game for her Boyfriend   
    I found an album of seventeen images for this on imgur, which you can view in full here. I'd post all of them in this thread, but 17 is larger than the image limit, so I'll just post the first few as a teaser and you can read the rest.

    I'll say this, though, it's adorable as fuck:

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    and for that we are all thankful. can't keep feeding that whole "king pheo" delusion you know? 
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    working on graphics atm, super WIP

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    Oh man, you got it!
    EDIT- Hey guys if I get 4 more followers then I’ll post the actual image earlier than planned. I'm gonna try to post a critter at least every other day (but gonna strive for everyday)
    Also thinking of doing a "Mystery Monday" where i post a silhouette (like above) on Mondays and reveal the images on Fridays.
  16. Cascade liked a post in a topic by PrimaGaga in Skyler's Art Fart   
    In addition to my Battle Critters Project with my friend, i have this idea for a small game call "The Forest of Hnet".
    It's about a boy who finds himself in a forest where he meets various members of the Hnet community. The each ask him to complete some kind of task (for example, Cascade might ask him to find and bring her a bun bun). Other than the small quests, the game have no real objective. Just a little practice thing, really. But yeah i've been practicing pixel art tonight. Mother 3 is a big inspiration to my "style."
    currently working on Cascade
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    what even happened to this post
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    Ah, hey guys; good to see you! ;3; I've been doing well! I'm in First Year University now, majoring in History / unsure-what-to-do-with-my-life-but-I'm-getting-there. Currently on Reading Week so that's pretty nice. Besides thaaat, mm... still watching anime and all that jazz. Got a WiiU for Christmas so I'm really excited for Wind Waker, the new Xenosaga game etc. Oh, I got Hyrule Historia in the mail the other day! So that's what my free time's been dedicated to lately.
    I don't really know why I took a long leave from here tbh, but its nice to come back and see that you guys are still here. :'3 P. sure the only person I've seen from here lately has been Teto/Sideli, but only because they're on Tumblr which also sadly consumed my life. ^^;
    The click-to-like-post option here is pretty nifty though! Got a little out of sorts when I saw the red notifications up top at first, pfft. 
    How've you all been, though?
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    Generous Idealist

  20. Cascade liked a post in a topic by Dark_One in PersonalDNA   
    I don't really feel like the inventor part fits me very well, and I'm pretty sure it's the exact same as last time
    I'm an Advocating Inventor

  21. Cascade liked a post in a topic by なべ in PersonalDNA   
    Respectful Analyst

  22. Cascade liked a post in a topic by Chimetals in PersonalDNA   
    i know ive taken this before, i could swear i was something really cool sounding.
    Considerate Realist

  23. Cascade liked a post in a topic by Sahaqiel in PersonalDNA   
    So I can't remember if there was a thread for this, but I'm pretty sure we've all seen Cirt and Cascade's signatures, and Silver made a post about his own awhile back and search didn't come up with any threads, so here's another personality test thing for all of us to show off to each other.
    Please keep proper formatting and paste all the traits; I'm not sure if you can just link to the personality type in question. Paste it into Notepad first and try to format them on your own; the forum tries to imitate the formatting in a really awful fashion, I find.
    Mine is:
    Benevolent Experiencer

    I'm sometimes shocked at how well these seem to fit. The ones that are really specific and not like, mystical sounding. These are things that I often adhere to.
    So yeah, let's compare and talk about the results.

  24. Sahaqiel liked a post in a topic by Cascade in PersonalDNA   
    If only I actually had any artistic talents to go along with all these claims!!!
    The benevolent characteristics definitely describe you well I'd say. more so than my previous results did for me. "- Considering many different perspectives is something at which you excel, and you appreciate that quality in others." definitely stands out in my mind about you, to be honest. I dunno. It's hard to explain :x Same with the experiencer characteristics. You've always struck me as that type, someone who would prefer new experiences everyday instead of a same-old routine. rambles. I AGREE WITH YOUR RESULTS ALRIGHT ;;
  25. Cascade liked a post in a topic by Sahaqiel in PersonalDNA   
    Didn't know you were so artsy-inclined, though I know you pay attention to your fashion sense. And jeez, I think the tightly-knit part goes for a lot of our forum. Don't contribute to clique-iness!! I think the silent-observation and slow judging thing really suit you though. I think it's kind of weird, scary, but reassuring how accurate these can be.
    Also, I searched and looked through everyone's topic history; as far as I know there isn't a thread yet.