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  1. Rika Code

    Happy birthday Cas!
    1. LLmao ?✊?

      Is it your birthday, too?

    2. Cascade

      Thanks, birthday twin :> happy birthday to you as well!!! happy 21st, even! :o

  2. Rika Code

    Just when I thought I got most of the stressors in my life under control... looks like my older sister is not going to live long.
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    2. pheonix561

      God I hope so. Because I can't help but remember that time we all decided together as a community to tell her she was ugly so she would leave us alone.

    3. Rika Code

      Yeah, that was my younger sister, I am talking about my older sister.

    4. Jareddude

      I'm so sorry, Rika. I hope she can live long on that liquid-only diet. Poor thing... :(

  3. Rika Code

    Internally conflicted on whether to be excited over finally seeing the ending of my favorite manga after all these years or be sad that it is finally ending.
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    2. Knuckle

      Rika I am going to get you some oatmeal cookies sometime and they will be your favorite cookies.

    3. Rika Code


    4. Knuckle

      only if you want to, I mean :x

  4. Rika Code

    Yo everyone, how's has it been since I last logged on?
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    2. Rika Code

      I dunno, maybe about 12 hours? Anyway Pheo, how have you been doing?

    3. pheonix561

      I've been doing fine, I'm just cramming for my last exam at the moment. How about you? I haven't read all of these comments yet so I don't know if you've answered that question or not.

    4. Rika Code

      Well that is good to hear, I wish you good luck on your exam. I have been doing good.

  5. Rika Code

    Glad to see that there is more general appreciation for SMT here~
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    2. SilverAlchemic

      Apparently biting your nails is sadomasochistic


    3. Rika Code

      Hahaha, well playing some of the games can be considered masochistic.

  6. Rika Code

    So I was playing Raidou Kuzuhona vs. King Abandon and thought that T1G would love this game. It is a non-turnbased game where you play as a badass detective that sticks demons into these tiny tubes.
    1. Rika Code

      Elllloooo :>

  7. Rika Code

    Ello, how is everyone doing as of late? :>
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    2. Knuckle

    3. Chimetals


    4. Rika Code


  8. Rika Code

    Just finished it, but for some reason it messed up :<
    1. Rika Code

      Fixed it :>

  9. Rika Code

    Just wrote the first part of my Tips and Tricks to the persona series guide thing :>
    1. Ammonsa


    2. Knuckle

      Someone has been very busy :o

  10. Rika Code

    Happy birthday Chimey :>
    1. T1g

      psh any bozo can wish someone a happy birthday

      its hard working people like me that have to make sure it is a happy one

  11. Rika Code

    What is up with all this snake buisness?
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    2. 2356


    3. Knuckle


    4. Rika Code


  12. Rika Code

    Happy birthday Ganny :>
  13. Rika Code

    I am starting to wonder if I should be worried that everyone could accurately guess what I looked like :/
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    2. pheonix561


    3. Princess Valhalla Hawkwind

      Yeah i thought you'd be mousy looking but you weren't.

  14. Rika Code

    Sayu, when do you to go want back on h.net skype chat?
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    2. Knuckle


    3. Knuckle

      also I love you too Rika <3

    4. Rika Code


  15. Rika Code

    Dustin is on!!!
    1. Knuckle

      Rika, shoot him with your hunting rifle before he escapes! I want to mount him on the wall of my castle!

    2. Cascade

      See you next year Dustin.

    3. Michael

      What Cascade said.

  16. Rika Code

    People, DAY PHASE HAS STARTED, now stop being meanies and post stuff, you sign up so PLAY
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    2. Rika Code

      It is because it took awhile for everyone to give up on saha's game ever updating

    3. Chimetals

      secret ability: my death ends the game.

    4. Rika Code


  17. Rika Code

    On my older sis's laptop, so no skype till I get back home :<
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    2. Cascade

      rika don't deny you wouldn't squid both of them.

    3. Knuckle

      That Aki doesn't look very classy :(

    4. Knuckle

      Also I am all over that persona 4 Remake


  18. Rika Code

    Happy birthday Dustin :>
  19. Rika Code » AgentSnoop

    who are you and why is everybody talking about you?
  20. Rika Code

    Did H.net just installed something in my computer? :<
    1. Cascade

      What. No, it's a new feature of the forum, nothing has/is needing installed.

    2. Sahaqiel

      Why so middle aged generation gap, Rika?

  21. Rika Code

    Finally back from my hunting trip :3
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    2. Chimetals

      better question: how many did she leave ALIVE?


      a grand total of ZERO.

      and thats why we don't have dragons anymore. except that lame-ass komodo dragon...

    4. T1g

      did she get any dragon shouts

  22. Rika Code

    Why are you talking about this AgentSmoof fella, should I know about him, or was he before my time?
  23. Rika Code

    Just got Dark Souls for the ps3 :3
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    2. pheonix561

      Its for the 360 too, right? Man I hope its for the 360, too.

    3. Chase

      It's for the 360 too.

    4. pheonix561


  24. Rika Code

    How long do I have to be on stanby, saha?
    1. Rika Code


    2. Sahaqiel

      Tomorrow. After today, Wednesdays are no longer a "stress out forever" day. So I have a lot more time to handle.