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  1. Bigboss » Rika Code

    goc what was your 1st zelda game
  2. Young Link Addict » Rika Code

    Meh it's not as bad as what my friend did to his sister. She learned about "chocolate snow." xD Yes. It's gross.
  3. Rika Code » Young Link Addict

    Oh that is one mean cousin
  4. Young Link Addict » Rika Code

    I don't even want to joke about that. Lets just say my cousin took advantage of a 4 year olds mind. >_<
  5. Rika Code » Young Link Addict

    LOL fried rice is yellow so you'll be eating yellow rice
  6. Young Link Addict » Rika Code

    I guess it is. Though it doesn't taste like it. Actually if it did taste like rice that would be cool. :D As long as it's Spanish fried rice. (I just had some and it's amazing.) Kind of ironic seeing as we're talking about it. xD
  7. Rika Code » Young Link Addict

    LOL snow is as white as rice
  8. Rika Code » Bigboss

    I'm just watching old cardcapter show with my baby sis
  9. Young Link Addict » Rika Code

    I see. I love snow, but there's just way too much. If I could I'd send some over there. That's how sick of it I am.
  10. Rika Code » Young Link Addict

    It like never snows in washington so count your blessings
  11. Young Link Addict » Rika Code

    Ok then. I'll have to look for some. To the store!
    No it's snowing and I'm going to be trapped in my house again so I can't. :(
  12. Rika Code » Young Link Addict

    then put teriakiye sauce on it
  13. Young Link Addict » Rika Code

    Yeah, but the topic said "do you love this game? or do you -gasp- hate it?" So I just said that I hate the game and gave reasons on why.
    Besides I don't like rice. xD
  14. Rika Code » Young Link Addict

    so if you going to diss it eat rice instead
  15. Rika Code » Teto

    Already behind me
  16. Teto » Rika Code

    Yeah, you are a nice person, I don't deny that. And Ivo was being a little stupid at that one time, sorry for taking it as how he was the whole time and attacking without hesitation. Everybody outside the forum I consulted agreed that he was being immature like that though btw. Again sorry and such. Hope we forget about it soon.
  17. Rika Code » Teto

    sry it took so long 4 me tosay something about your apology but don't worry I'd problibly defend you too if someone dissed you because that is just the type of person I am :)
  18. Rika Code » Chase

  19. Young Link Addict » Rika Code

    That was creative, but what? *Scratches head in curiosity.*
  20. Rika Code » Michael

    what type of bird is that it reminds me of the royal crest
  21. Rika Code » Young Link Addict

    play it once
    play it trice
    can't say anything nice
    Then eat some Rice :)