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  1. Rika Code » pheonix561

    just a poem I wrote the day I joined
    Fond my avi on google
  2. Rika Code » Kimmy

    well I was doing research on the nw zelda game on my PSP and fond this site next day I went on a real computer and joined
  3. pheonix561 » Rika Code

    also where did you get your avatar from?
  4. Cascade » Rika Code

    Wow, you have the same birthday as me! except you're 1 year older. Just felt like pointing that out :)
  5. pheonix561 » Rika Code

    howya doin! out of curiosity, whats that stuff in your about me box?
  6. Kimmy » Rika Code

    Hey, welcome!
    Just wondering, how did you find this site? We've been trying to get new members and it's a good thing for us to know.
  7. Xylobe » Rika Code

    Welcome to Hyrule.net!