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  1. Rika Code » Cascade

    I knew you would love it
  2. Cascade » Rika Code

    Just finished Kiki's Delivery Service, loved it, soooooo adorable and well done! <3 thought I would tell you :>
  3. Rika Code » Cascade

    LoL that is soo funny thank you <3
  4. Cascade » Rika Code

    lol I love this <33333333
  5. Marquis » Rika Code

    Ah. Your "Blindfold/Close Eyes" answer is correct.
  6. Cascade » Rika Code

    Awww thank you thank you thank you!!! it's lovely <3333 I will get yours ASAP, also not yet, but I'll watch it soonish!!! and
  7. Marquis » Rika Code

    I'm Sorry, but "A Cremation Urn" Is also incorrect. Try thinking something unrelated to death.
  8. Rika Code » Cascade

  9. Rika Code » Cascade

    btw have you watched kiki's delivery service yet?
  10. Rika Code » Cascade

    Ooooooh I can't wait
  11. Cascade » Rika Code

    I shall tell you nowwwwww, I drew you a kinda ok picture of aigis because I <3 youuuu, soooo I'll get to you as soon as possible. look forward to it!!! :>>>>>>>>
  12. Marquis » Rika Code

    Your answer "A Soul" Is incorrect.
    And your answer "It never comes" is close enough.
  13. Rika Code » Cascade

    And on that account you were 100% correct
  14. Cascade » Rika Code

    lololol thought you would find this funny :33333333
  15. Rika Code » Michael

    Hey can u fix theproblem with uploading pictures plz
  16. Linox » Rika Code

    Happy Birthday GoC!
  17. Cascade » Rika Code

    Happy Birthday my fellow January 5th birthday!!!! <3 you!
  18. Adr990 » Rika Code

    Thank you! :D
  19. Rika Code » Adr990

    happy birhday
  20. Rika Code » Arcane

    happy birthday
  21. Rika Code » Cascade

    Sorry my power was out
  22. Cascade » Rika Code

    where did you goooooooooo :<<< I miss you
  23. Cascade » Rika Code

    that video was adorable! <3 Minako and Mitsuru and Ken and everyone :>