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  1. Rika Code » Cascade

  2. Rika Code » Puck

    No need to thank me
    I just wish more people were nicer
  3. Rika Code » Cascade

    I could tell teddie arpart from any Alice you tell .just by looking in his eyes..
  4. Rika Code » Jareddude

    the different forms of teddie
  5. Cascade » Rika Code

    Glad you knew it was Teddie :>
  6. Rika Code » Cascade

    Woah changing usernames so suddenly!
    Like the pic of crossdressing teddie though
  7. Rika Code » Majora

    Yeah I got it on 9/2/10
    but I think I am missing a book and it might be third in the series
  8. Majora » Rika Code

    I have good news, i think you know
    it... Ghostgirl: Lovesick!!!! XD
  9. Neku » Rika Code

    Ahh, well, it could be a totally different cast of characters, of course.
    Or it could not actually happen. You know, 'cos it's all rumours and whatnot at the moment. D:
  10. Rika Code » Neku

    They might but I highly doubdt it unless Neku dies in a different city while Joshua/God was visiting
  11. Neku » Rika Code

    They are? If it involves Neku or Joshua (preferably both. Together.) I will squeal like the insane fantard I am.
  12. Rika Code » Neku

    Did you know they are currently making TWEWY 2 for the wii
  13. Rika Code » Kaffles

    your new avi is cute I am glad you are no longer a lurker
  14. Rika Code » Neku

    it so zetta is
  15. Rika Code » Majora

    Yeah I cannot wait either I hope they will have it in my school libary
  16. Neku » Rika Code

    Indeed-y, TWEWY is amazing. Zetta win.
  17. Majora » Rika Code

    Yes, "ghostgirl:el regreso" (Ghorstgirl: the return) i have already read the first chapter.. I hope that i can buy it soon...
  18. Rika Code » Neku

    I love TWEWY and am such a Pie-face fan
  19. Rika Code » Majora

    OMG OMG that is like one of the best books ever I seriously couldn't put it down after I opened it up read it all in one day did you know there is a sequel
  20. Majora » Rika Code

    Hi! I'm 17 too, and I like Ghostgirl too!!
  21. Majora » Rika Code

    Hi! I'm 17 too and i read Ghostirl too!
  22. Rika Code » Majora

    ello how are you new user
  23. Rika Code » Cascade

    So how is P3