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  1. Mila » Rika Code

    Ah, I see. I don't know, my butt just hurts T-T
  2. Rika Code » Mila

    but all we have is beer T_T
    how come you are in pain
  3. Mila » Rika Code

    Then get a drink XD I'm good but in pain T-T
  4. Rika Code » Mila

    great and thirsty
  5. Mila » Rika Code

    Haha! Howw are you?
  6. Rika Code » Mila

    I know
    well mybe except Magikarp
  7. Mila » Rika Code

    LOL any water creature is awesome IMO
  8. Rika Code » Mila

    As should everyone
  9. Guest » Rika Code

    What should I know, Goddess of Creativity-dono? :3
  10. Mila » Rika Code

    Hey! Zoras do rock, I agree.
  11. Rika Code » Chase

    well it is not a actual school club because it only has 5 members (most of which I introduced to the game) but we consider it a fanclub
  12. Chase » Rika Code

    You're school has a fanclub for the game? Bad ass.
  13. Rika Code » Chase

    Yeah I can't wait when I told my school's TWEWY fanclub they all almost fainted
  14. Chase » Rika Code

    Yeah it definitely sounds like there will be a sequel! And for the Wii, no less. Awesome.
  15. Rika Code » Chase

    I do alot of research on games
  16. Chase » Rika Code

    WHAT. Where did you find this information?
  17. Rika Code » Chase

    I just found out they are making a sequel to TWEWY *squels*
  18. atlasmist radiofreak » Rika Code

    swagger is a pokemon move that sharply increases attackpower but makes you confused!
  19. Rika Code » Chase

    I know right
  20. Chase » Rika Code

    Hahahaha that's awesome.