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  1. Arachne added a post in a topic Breath of the Wild   

    I've been playing it on the Wii U over the past several weeks, and I love it. (some spoilers to follow).
    Story-wise it feels a little more sparse, but it may be more because they tell the story more indirectly. This reminds me more of the Metroid series, where the story is told more indirectly through the setting, atmosphere, and lore you have to actively look for. The only part that was really guided was the tutorial section with the old man (nice callback btw).
    If anything I find the main quest more engaging when I don't have to complete things in a given order. After the tutorial section you're free to go wherever you like, up to and including going to fight Ganon. What kept me from marching straight to Hyrule castle and stabbing Ganon in the face was not that the storyline wouldn't let me; I didn't have the skills or equipment to do so. 
    I haven't noticed any issues with the graphics or anything. The only technical issue is the occasional lag when fighting too many Moblins. I'm conflicted on the weapon system. The upside to the weapon breakage is it encourages the player to try out different weapons and keep a variety on hand, so I'm somewhat okay with it. I'd be more okay if the game had a more robust storage system. Having more storage would allow the player to store more of the rare and powerful weapons, as well as spare potions and food items. As it stands they take up all your inventory space until you have to waste them on weaker enemies or sell them. You can buy a house and store/display weapons and shields, but only a few.
    The music is subtle and beautiful. It made sense for more bombastic overworld themes when you weren't spending 90% of the game exploring it. You still hear familiar themes, but they're scattered around. The soundtrack does up the ante during certain battles and segments, such as Hyrule Castle.
    Overall I'm really happy with it. They took a risk changing the formula, and it paid off.
  2. Arachne added a post in a topic Boss Keys: A Youtube Series by Mark Brown   

    I've just been watching this series recently. It's very analytical  and I love it.
  3. Arachne added a post in a topic WHAT'S GOING ON IN YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW? CATCH UP THREAD   

    Been away from Hnet for awhile. It's good to see some familiar faces.
    I'm mostly doing pretty well, except I'm still not good at socializing or making plans with friends. Combined with my unusual work schedule (work Friday to Tuesday) it's a little isolating. I've been working a lot, selling insurance.
    I got back into playing the oboe a few years ago. Mostly in the local community band, which plays a lot of popular music, but other project pop up as well. I'll be playing parts from Vivaldi's Gloria in a couple weeks, which is pretty scary for me but also exciting.
    I've also been playing a lot of Breath of the Wild and various games on my 3DS.
  4. Arachne added a post in a topic New Zelda   

    I'm looking forward to it. My only concern, like YLA, is whether these vast areas will have enough to do in them, which was one of my complaints with Twilight Princess. If there is enough to do it should satisfy my wanderlust tendencies in games.
  5. Arachne added a post in a topic Why do people hate Link's companions so much?   

    Makes sense. Companion characters can get annoying if they're saddled with a lot of exposition and nagging about the objective.
    The one most people think about is Navi .Probably because, in an open-world game, she keeps reminding you of your objective. It made sense for Navi to fill this role so the player wouldn't forget where to go next for the main story - this probably happened a lot to players. Nowadays most games accomplish this with a quest list or an optional help feature, such as having to ask them specifically for help on the next step.
    I liked Fi as a character, but the continuous exposition got old after awhile.
    Maybe the reason Midna doesn't have this problem is that she plays a bigger part in the main story, and she's given ample time to show her personality and character development.