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  1. Arachne added a post in a topic New Zelda   

    I'm looking forward to it. My only concern, like YLA, is whether these vast areas will have enough to do in them, which was one of my complaints with Twilight Princess. If there is enough to do it should satisfy my wanderlust tendencies in games.
  2. Arachne added a post in a topic Why do people hate Link's companions so much?   

    Makes sense. Companion characters can get annoying if they're saddled with a lot of exposition and nagging about the objective.
    The one most people think about is Navi .Probably because, in an open-world game, she keeps reminding you of your objective. It made sense for Navi to fill this role so the player wouldn't forget where to go next for the main story - this probably happened a lot to players. Nowadays most games accomplish this with a quest list or an optional help feature, such as having to ask them specifically for help on the next step.
    I liked Fi as a character, but the continuous exposition got old after awhile.
    Maybe the reason Midna doesn't have this problem is that she plays a bigger part in the main story, and she's given ample time to show her personality and character development.