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  1. PrimaGaga added a topic in Video Games   

    Nintendo Network ID
    Similar to the 3DS friend code thread, post your Nintendo Network ID, and tell us which system(s) you have it on~
    Forum Name: NNID (Systems)
    Phanta (Me): ForeverSpooky (Wii U and 3DS)
    Silver Moon: SilverAlchemic (Wii U)
    Eka: Coraleka (Wii U and 3DS)
    T1g: That1guy106 (Wii U)
    Cascade: Junkobears (Wii U and 3DS)
    Double45: npittman25 (Wii U and 3DS)
    LL: LargelyLegendary (Wii U)
    Luneth Uchiha: ProCloud_Fair (Wii U)
    Aethix: Aethix (Wii U)
    Chase: FreefallSuperman (Wii U)
    Tappy: gametap (Wii U)
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  2. PrimaGaga added a blog entry in Phanta's Blog   

    Pre-Internet Era Gaming, NOW! (a FEZ discussion)
    So FEZ is a game that's gotten a lot of controversy due to it's creator, Phil Fish. But we arent gonna talk about that. Instead, lets look at the game he's created.

    FEZ is a platforming game about a 2D being discovering that he lives in a 3D world. It's simple enough, collect 32 hyper-cubes (and an extra 32 anti-cubes) to restore order to his universe and keep it from imploding.... or something. The story is more of a charming prompt. Not too important, but satisfying non the less. The game play is also very simple. You always see the world in 2D, but as you rotate your perspective, the world rotates with it. Platforms that were unreachable from one view becoming easy stepping stones in the next. There is probably a metaphor in that as well, haha.

    But here is where the game gets really interesting, for me at least. It doesnt hold your hand. The game is very easy to play, but super difficult to master. Not because the game gets harder, but rather because it gets "deeper." Youll come across a room and have no idea what secrets it holds, you may find some weird scribbles on the wall. but what does it mean? Well, all the "codes" in the game can be found within the game. Ill give it away, there is a room that acts as a Rosetta stone, but even realizing that it is indeed a Rosetta is a puzzle in itself. Even without learning the new language, the game has so many secrets, its honestly amazing! Truly a work of art in its own right.

    And the game encourages you to figure it all out yourself! sure, there will be a few times when youll just HAVE to google it, but the game doesnt require you to at all. Its really a throw back to the golden age of gaming when there was no internet. You'd play a game, get stuck, and then ask your friend for advice. This game is complete homage to that. Im literally watching my friend play as I type this and he just asked me for paper and pen so he could figure out this puzzle.

    This game is not only beautiful, with it's minimalist pixel graphics and hauntingly ambient soundtrack, but its such a challenge! My first play session lasted 2 hours, but genuinely felt like 15 mins. I cant recommend this game enough! Please, despite all the controversy surrounding it's creator, look into this game for yourself. You owe yourself that much ;-)
  3. PrimaGaga added a comment on a blog entry More problems   

    You literally said in your post that it might be difficult to read the whole post in one sitting. But I've read most of it now and it's very clear to me that, yes, you DO look down on other people. As LL just stated, you see everyone as "mindless zombies" with no ambitions of their own. Just cogs in the creative machine of some "higher" person, which you seem to consider yourself as. Like, nobody is just gonna hand you a grant and let you make your dream video game without proving yourself first. Basically, what I'm trying to say is, all of your problems appear to stem from your self loathing and how you think you're better than everyone else. You'll never admit it, but you do. And you probably won't even take this post serious because you look down on me. But that's your fault and not mine. I'm trying to give you some honest-to-god tough love, take it or leave it.
  4. PrimaGaga added a comment on a blog entry Wow, that's Amazing!   

    Yeah, it's almost like a sense of pride when you see your favorite characters on the big screen.
  5. PrimaGaga added a blog entry in Phanta's Blog   

    Wow, that's Amazing!
    So i saw Amazing Spider-Man 2 tonight. This entry is going to be about me, not the movie, but I must caution you for spoilers up ahead. Don't care or have already seen the movie? Then lets jump in!

    So there is a scene fairly early into the movie when Electro (Jamie Foxx) first discovers his new powers. He stumbles into Time Square where he eventually confronts Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield). Now Electro is how you say.... bat shit insane. He's obsessed with Spider-Man and is a man of great paranoia and nearly crippling depression. A man occasionally I find myself like. So basically, Spider-Man and Electro are in Time Square with police and civilians at the sides. Spider-Man, being the hero that he is, tries to calm Electro down to talk about his problems, and help him with his new powers. The police have backed away and things are working out. But suddenly, a sniper (squat teamer?) shots at Electro and freaks him out. Spider-Man reacts accordingly. The civilian crowd, now watching from the side-lines, starts cheering. "Get that freak, Spidey!" stuff like that. That's it. Electro full on freaks out and as he does i am reminded of past panic attacks that I've had myself.

    Okay so the scene was probably really cheesy to anyone who cant relate, but to me? It was definitely the most accurate representation of a panic attack i've ever witnessed. At least how I experience them. Electro's heart starts racing, filling him with rage and angst. Voices start chiming in, saying stuff like "They betrayed me" "they think your'e worthless" "they need to pay" etc. all while playing to the beat of the music. It's like a song, actually, a song i knew all too well.

    When i freak out like this, as I have recently on new year's eve. My heart starts racing. I start thinking these awful thoughts and they come at intervals that match my heart beat. Its really like my body is singing evil intentions to me. Looking back on it, it's actually quite fascinating, but in the moment its absolutely terrifying. Where Electro and I are similar end here, obviously, because he can shoot electricity at people and i just ran into the employee restroom and broke down crying. But yeah, Im sure I was the only one in the theater crying at that scene. Not full on tears but you know, a little jerk in the heart, a drop of water in the eye.

    The moral of the story is, despite not being a perfect movie, the Amazing Spider-Man 2 was really fun! I recommend it.
    PS- I actually cry at almost every Marvel Flick i see in theaters. When the Avengers all lined up for the final battle. When Cap fought the Winter Soldier. puppy even when Tony summoned all of his Iron Man suits. It just gets me right here!
  6. PrimaGaga added a comment on a blog entry More problems   

    I couldn't read past the part where you talked shit about your only friend. I mean we all talk shit about our loved ones, but damn that was a little too intense. "Omg he deals weed and had a crazy gf and got his GED what a loser" you know what? Good for him! He got his GED, and dealing pot is great money!! He doesn't sound happy but maybe because his self esteem is based on people talking shit about him on the internet. Some friend you are. I'll go back and read the rest in the morning when my stomach had settled. Good reddens.
  7. PrimaGaga added a comment on a blog entry 5/24/2013 - Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review   

    Great review of one of my favorite games ever! Makes me wanna replay the first one, if only my disk wasn't scratched. 
  8. PrimaGaga added a blog entry in Phanta's Blog   

    A Whimsical Adventure, Part 1.5: The Revision
    It happened again today. The vision. As I was lying in bed, waking from a warm slumber, it came to me. A premonition of sorts, or maybe just a fantasy- I suppose only time will tell me that. But either way, it happened once more. A vision of a great warrior.
    He carried this big ass sword made out of crystals or diamonds or something, and it’s guard was all clusterpuppyy. He wore a cloak that was black but super bright... like black light i guess. His ears were pointed and his eyes were black, which looked totally awesome. Long, cobalt hair ran down his pale blue face. Like a true warrior he was nasty strong. A body that could withstand bullets and arms that can crush skulls. But despite his ferocious and violent behavior, I knew he was kind. A hero, of sorts.
    But today was different. It happened again, the vision of him, but this vision was drastically different from any other vision I had previously had. For one, it happened after I woke up, in the morning, while the rest occurred at night before I fell asleep. But even more disturbing was what the vision foretold. Instead of a victorious fight ending in the hero’s victory, he was slain.
    Every time he fought, it was with someone new. And every time he fought, he won. But not this time. This time he fought a warrior even bigger than him. The enemy wore red armor made of the finest metals, and had a head encompassed in flames. He carried a massive black axe with a crimson eye encrusted in the blade. This guy was seriously evil.
    In my vision, the two warriors fought in a burning forest. It was probably burning cause of the bad guy’s head. I mean, lets be honest you don’t just run around with a fire head without burning a few trees in the process. Anyways, they fought for what seemed like hours before the bad guy raised his finger to the sky. I could see on the hero’s face that shit was about to hit the fan. The villain shot a red laser into the sky only for it to crash down on the hero seconds later. Huge explosion occurred, like wow man you had to see it. Once the dust settled, I saw that the hero was no more. Instead, a huge hole was in his place. I saw down the hole, and all i could see were clouds. The hero was gone....
  9. PrimaGaga added a blog entry in Phanta's Blog   

    A Whimsical Adventure, Part 1: The First Part
    I've been talking to this guy for a few weeks. We meet online but he lives pretty close. We are gonna meet this Saturday. It'll be his birthday and his friends are throwing him a party. I'm super nervous. Not only does he havta like me, but so do his friends. Nobody wants to date someone when their friends hate him. But I also hope i like him. I mean you can only know somebody so well from text messages....

    Hmm, this is a pretty lame first part. Oh well, I hope you'll all continue to read this as more entries are entered.