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  1. Mila

    BACK BITCHES!!! Not on forums though :/ PM me all my old buddies, I miss you all so much D: In case you peeps haven't heard, me and CO have been datin
  2. Mila » Arachne

    Hey buddy, I haven't spoken to you in years, but I won't be active on the forums, but please message me. I really miss you :( Youu were awesome and I still have the pics you sent me :D Hope you're well!
  3. Mila » Jareddude

    Not until Hyrule straightens itself out, which looks like it will take forever. I mean, I'll still reply to PM and comments, but forums, no. Seriously, I go to the forum I sent you D:
  4. Jareddude » Mila

    Wait, you're leaving forever??? :(
  5. Mila » Jareddude

    I guess, but I'm not coming back. You should join the forum I sent to you cause I'm there everyday
  6. Jareddude » Mila

    Feeling better?
  7. Kimmy » Mila

    Hey, have you noticed the new Mila, and is that you or someone else pretending to be you?
  8. Mila » Puck

    Thank you :)
  9. Puck » Mila

    It's nice. Kinda reminds me of Skyward sword.
  10. Mila » Puck

    I'm loping for a right feel. I found so many new midna pics I love it was hard to choose, but this'll do for now
  11. Puck » Mila

    Why do you keep changing your icon? I don't mind, just curious. . .
  12. Mila » Jareddude

    Username is dark_rose137 ;)
  13. Mila » Eka

    It's ok. I understand :3
  14. Mila » Jareddude

    Gah, I hate accidently leaving double posts. I see you have a skype, wanna chat sometime?
  15. Mila » Jareddude

    Jared I can't thank you enough for standing up for me and murdering anyone before they murder me. It means a lot. Thank you from the bottom of my heart :)
  16. Eka » Mila

    I'm very sorry for the terribly late reply on my part. =[ Sure, I'd love to be friends, fellow Firefly fan! =D
  17. Zelda Drottningu » Mila

    Totally :) >.<
  18. LoZnerdNO1 » Mila

    I know right? XD
  19. Mila » LoZnerdNO1

    Oh, well it still looks pretty cool
  20. LoZnerdNO1 » Mila

    Haha, It was just a joke... (the picture)
  21. Mila » LoZnerdNO1

    And yes I have noticed your pic. I thought it was just piercings at first :/
  22. Mila » LoZnerdNO1

    I will and I understand. I watch what I say so I don't get kicked off. I just don't like people bashing on my friends; it really upsets me.
  23. Mila » Zelda Drottningu

    Thanks anyway :) I think my sig don't need anymore junk unless I wanna get jumped :/ Yes, internet high five indeed. Friends?
  24. Zelda Drottningu » Mila

    Hmmm... I actually can't remember where I got that pic from :/ but you can take it if you want :) Also, I'd hi-five you for having similar intrests to me, but we kinda live on different continents :/ but meh. Fgurative hi-five!!!! >.<