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  1. My roommate told me today that she wants to switch rooms.

    My roommates last year were my friends but they didn't want to room with me again this year.

    nobody wants me as a roommate pfffffff.

    I'm not even that bad. If my stuff is messy, I keep it confined to my own area. I stay out of her stuff, and I usually don't borrow anything.

    I do sleep like 14 hours a day though, maybe that's why....pfff...

    and we don't really have much in common.

    I hope nobody else moves in so I can have the whole room to myself.

  2. I'm on season 4 DONT SPOIL STUFF GAIS

    but yeah. doctorrr whooooo. sometimes I'm like legitimately terrified while watching even if there isn't anything jumpy. Especially the mummy and the angels episodes.


    other times it's just silly.

  3. pheo and his upper middle class problems

    I literally spend 2 hours sitting here alone in my dorm room playing solitaire


  4. My biggest problem at the moment is that my girlfriend is not citing the lack of being near her boyfriend as a college woe.

    oh also my girlfriend is away at college /cry ;-; it's only been like four days I miss her so much

    I sorry allen ; ^ ; I miss you tooooooooo!!!!! </3

    biggest college woe

  5. It's pathetic how little I have to do now that I'm on campus. ffffuuuuuu

    I'm rooming with a girl I don't know and she's got a completely different friend group. She's gone most of the time so I have the room to myself, but I'm so lonely. .___. I've literally only had 3-4 hours of social contact today.

    Last year I had two roommates that I was really bro bro with, and I was going to room with one of them again but she transfered schools.

    we used to do everything together mannnnn.

    Hey guys, lemme hear your college/school woes as well.


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  6. Uh.... what an esoteric statement. How DO you take to laser tag? Seriously or like you are supposed to, you know for fun?

    Run around like a crazy bear screaming "GAY BAR GAY BAR GAY BAR GAYYYYYY BAAAARRRRR"

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  7. So uh. I feel like posting in the forums more. But there aren't any topics I'm interested in really.

    /forever lurker

  8. Those are awesome LL, Kaffles. And you too, Chase. :3

    I wanted to fit a "DAYUM, GURL" when I saw LL, but then I saw Sayuri and it didn't fit.

    ...Or is it Kaffles. Grahhh idk :3

    huh what

  9. So, LL said he posted in the forums somewhere that he was visiting georgia. But, I can't figure out where that is pfff. SO.





    (^ this one was actually posed, but I don't think we exaggerated enough) LOOK AT THIS INCREDIBLY INTERESTING THING OFF CAMERA.

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