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  1. Puck » Majora

    I suppose a course in architecture could be benificial if they want me to design dungeons. I find them to be a bit . . . Lacking in console Zelda's.
  2. Puck » Majora

    Thank you for your support. so, what do you want to be now?
  3. Puck » King Arthur

    Arthur, King of the British . . .
    Post something, and GET ON WITH IT!
  4. Puck » Alex Arbiter

    Thank you for befriending me. (:
  5. Puck » LoZnerdNO1

    Oh God I'm bored.
  6. Puck » Chase

    Seriously, what did I ever do to you?
  7. Puck » Near

    Soo, Skyward Sword, eh?
  8. Puck » Skyrider

    It is a better game than most people give credit for.
  9. Puck » zeldo

  10. Puck » Cascade

    I'm bored. But I'm trying to solve the mystery of Kyron's dissapearance :)
  11. Puck » toonlinkfangirl

    A twenty-one year old woman who plays videogames. If all women were like you I think the world would be a calmer place.
  12. Puck » Mila

    It's nice. Kinda reminds me of Skyward sword.
  13. Puck » Mila

    Why do you keep changing your icon? I don't mind, just curious. . .
  14. Puck » Djinn

    Kinda like being born on Christmas eve? I think I remember seeing a short on youtube about that . . .
  15. Puck » Grandmaster Phoenix

    Hey GP what'cha pissed at?
  16. Puck » Djinn

    Born on valentine's day? Cool!
  17. Puck » Jo-Bengt

    I didn't mean it as looking down on him, but if you truely care about a site and what it has to say you should stick to it, no matter what happens to it. Sorry if that was mis-read.
  18. Puck » SSJBfromYouTube

    Some of the best charecters and music from Nintendo came from these games in my opinion.
  19. Puck » retimud24

    Welcome; we have been expecting you.
  20. Puck

    Well, sorry to hear that.
  21. Puck » Young Link Addict

    So, you're leaving this forum forever . . . on a bet? That's pretty sad, actually.
  22. Puck

    My thoughts on Skyward sword can be summed up with this heman quote: By the power of Graysk- I mean Hyrule, I HAVE THE POWER!
  23. Puck

    True, he could be a jerk at times, but that's kinda what I liked about him. He was like Linebeck, or Eddy from Ed Edd n' Eddy; a Jerk with a heart of gold.