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One day I'll work at Nintendo. You'll know when I do when Link meets a certain fairy . . .

  When I was about seven I was introduced to The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker by my older brother, who explained to me that the plot was about saving his little sister from a gian bird. Touched by the story, I began playing this "Zelda" of which he spoke and came to aprriciate my adventures with the kid in the green hat. It was the first real videogame I ever played (Animal Crossing doesn't count because it has no plot; still a good game though.) Charecters such as Tetra and Midna showed me what a woman could do if they didn't let anyone stop them, which will carry on in my life.

   Often as a child I was bullied and ostrasized for being different. I was overly creative and intellegent, but my social skills were limited. This coupled with childish teasing tore a gap between  me and my fellow students, and an inner war raged between me and my fellow students; hardly a fair fight. All I wanted was to be worth more than what they thought I was, so I came up with a plan: Use my creativity and my smarts to reach the top. At first I wanted to be a director, than a mangaka, but recently I've been pulled in a different direction: Videogames. Now my mission is to one day soon work at Nintendo, on the Zelda team hopefully, as a charecter and background designer. I also have a good idea for a Zelda game, one with more magic and fantasy in it. but I won't give too much away.

Beyond that all I can tell you is that I like wolves and I can't get Zelda Wii out of my head. I found this site while browsing the web for more news on the game and signed up on the spot. I like this place already, so expect to see me around.