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  1. Oh man, I just realized how much more I can make my chair comfortable by adding one of the extra pillows from my bed. Yes, this is good. I am in a good place to write.

    So about two hours ago (puppy, it's already been two hours) I took about 30mg of Vyvanse, aka an alternative to adderall. I am chill right now. Like very focused, but I am really feeling good. Happy, even, and I know that I have work to do. I thought I would blog it up so I could get into the writing mood before I get into doing my schoolwork. I am essentially LL in the Boston thread lol.

    But this is a different high than what I was expecting. While I've taken a large number of 5 hour energies in my life, they haven't given my the focus that I'm experiencing right now. 5 hour energy is a caffeine rush. This is like, alternative, executive thinking. I won't rant into it too much longer because I know how that gets irritating.

    It's the end of the semester for me, and I have two more days of class - tomorrow and Monday. It's nice because for once, I'm not particularly stressed (yet) about my finals. I have a short paper that I need to finish up for tomorrow and a large research project (almost like a weird annotated bibliography) due Monday night. I can definitely do it, you know? This whole week has been finishing up projects and whatever. I've been accomplishing things and relaxing and even working out. Yeah. Good vibes.

    This week I haven't been playing too much Roller Coaster Tycoon. Actually, I've been spending my evenings watching streams on Twitch, particularly Trihex, a Super Mario World 2 (Yoshi's Island) streamer. He is godlike at that game. Like takes times to warm up his fingers before he streams. It is unreal. I love that game too, so when he's completing it 100% in under three hours (yeah 100/100 on every single level and bonus levels) it kind of blows my mind, a lot. Great game though.

    Last night I played Skyward Sword after putting off Eldin Volcano for a few days. Maybe it's my dislike of the physical region (it is admittedly a little mazelike to me) but I forgot how short it was. Like, after you get into the actual Earth Temple, there's one main puzzle and you're at the boss. Such a contrast to the Sky Temple, which was a legitimately lengthy dungeon. I was pleased with how quickly I remembered what to do in the Eldin region so quickly. Of course, now I'm in Lanayru and I am dealing with the puppying quicksand, but it'll be okay when I get to the Temple of Time. I think that's what it is. I get my location lore mixed up between SS and TP, especially since I played TP last.

    Lastly, I am considering picking up Pokemon Heartgold. I never played generation 2 (save for a few feeble attempts on the puppying online emulator that puppyed up my really good Seasons file) and after watching another streamer, werster, try to do some speedruns of gold last night and the night before, I'm really excited to give it a try. Unfortunately, the cartridge I was going to use currently has a bunch of Cole's good pokemon and a 137 hour file that his roommate has. Like shit, I can't just throw that away. Like a level 100 metagross and some other shit in there. We tried to transfer the pokemon wirelessly to my firered game, but firered is a GBA game so that didn't work. Cole is considering Black or White 2 just so we can transfer it, plus Black/White are pretty good games. I enjoyed them, anyway. We'll see how X and Y come out too, eh?

    And then there's the question of buying SMG2. I'm still deciding on it. Like I know I will love it. I just am trying not to spend too much money on things that I don't need right now. Like I need a new watch because my broke a few weeks ago and I'm going nuts because I depend on that thing all the time, literally time. It's a $40 watch. About the same price as the game. Meh.

    So this summer is coming up soon, and I'm pretty excited. I will be getting in my gaming fill, as well as have time to train for triathlons like I have been and just be outside a lot. I'm also working some, as a tutor, and hopefully I'll get enough hours so I will be able to save a lot before I graduate next year. I'm ready for vacation, really. I'm burned out from school and next year with student teaching (I'm an education major) will be my most demanding year yet. So I might as well enjoy it while I can.

    Anyway, that's my update with a little personal touch to it. Can I just say I've never typed so fast in my life? This Vyvanse stuff is ridiculous.