1. InfernalDead

    RT @vickyBeanMr: When u walk into nats ? https://t.co/IX5Rsyho6S
  2. Matt64091

    RT @tehMorag: Upside Down Challenge on Unplayed !ruleset for challenge info http://t.co/nIsYlV9FdQ #tehUnplayed #MainMenu
  3. Cassandra

    I figured out how to sticky threads. It was lewd, but it got done.

  4. Cirt

    HBD to my fellow wolfie, Teto. though I thought your bday was on the 31st?

  5. Pizzza

    666 Hail Satan 666

  6. Chase

    Drinking rum before 9 am doesn't make you an alcoholic, it makes you a pirate.

  7. Michael

    Happy Birthday Cirt :D

    1. Cirt


  8. Brodongo

    Happy Birthday, Kenpari

  9. Michael

    Ravioli ravioli give me the formuoli

  10. Ganny

    you pit of vipers

  11. Brodongo

    Werewolf Day 5 has ended!

  12. Cassandra

    Enjoy my slew of threads to toast in.

  13. Cirt

    Hi. I posted for you guys. Sorry for the holdup.

    Also is there any way to get less posts per page? It's like really a lot for me to scroll through

    1. pheonix561

      its okay bb nbd ilu <3

      Also I have no idea how to change that so

  14. T1g

    Oh wait shit we have status updates again

  15. Brodongo

    Werewolf Day 5 has started!

  16. SilverAlchemic

    I'm glad these are back, I missed using them.

  17. Cassandra

    Please enjoy Persona XIII Platinum.

  18. Luneth Uchiha

    Crawling in my crawl, these crawls they will not crawl. Crawl is how I crawl.

  19. Brodongo

    Werewolf Night 4 has begun. Send in those night actions!

  20. LLmao ?✊?

    Happy birthday, Shadowknight

  21. Cirt

    Seeing all this for the first time on desktop and on mobile whaaaaaaat

  22. Brodongo

    Werewolf Update: Day 4 has started!

  23. Cascade

    Am I just blind or is there no more 'Preview Post' option in the post editor anymore? I miss being able to see what it'll actually look like when in-thread. Not really a big deal but just a bit ehhhhhh

    1. Michael

      There's no need for it as the editor is WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get).