1. Sahaqiel

    New custom Heart sprite and a slight modification to the Rupee sprite.
    1. Teto

      I can't remember how exactly they were before but these look nice, and I feel like they look more true to the games.

    2. Sahaqiel

      That's kinda' funny, because the old ones were from Minish Cap, and the new ones are pseudo-original ones I made.



  2. pheonix561

    NEW BERSERK IS OUT AND ITS GORGEOUS AS EVER http://www.mangahere.co/manga/berserk/c335/
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    2. Sahaqiel

      one day, I will read berserk

      but nah

    3. Necropolis

      Its great, but once you do... You have to wait

    4. Sayubie

      I am so tired of Griffith and his face now, though. Let's go back to Gats

  3. Iargely Iegendry

    Would it be better to switch the Zelda stuff and the casual discussion spots back? So Zelda stuff is on top
    1. pheonix561

      Yeah casual discussion stuff should be at the bottom of the forum

  4. Sahaqiel

    How would everyone feel about making the custom title requirement 10,000 posts?
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    2. Sahaqiel

      haha no...

    3. T1g

      5k would be good

    4. Sahaqiel

      we don't even place any importance in them

  5. PrimaGaga

    wha? I only have 2 rupees? puppy better get to work!
  6. Sahaqiel

    Neat new aesthetic additions to the forum, courtesy of Tappy.
  7. SilverAlchemic

    So I saw Pacific Rim.
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    2. Iargely Iegendry

      Can you be more pacific?

    3. SilverAlchemic


    4. pheonix561


  8. Michael

    Fan Content, Fan Fiction and Recent Forum activity now show on the homepage (after the first post).
    1. Sahaqiel


  9. PrimaGaga

    gonna pre-order this for sure. Looks like the best game in the franchise so far!
    1. PrimaGaga

  10. Michael

    Well sorry folks, looks like the shop isn't back after all... Forums were not accepting it so I've had to remove it permanently.
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    2. PrimaGaga

      we appreciate the work you do.

    3. pheonix561

      SHUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS thanks anyways man. You are the best.

    4. Sahaqiel

      yes much appreciation dawg

  11. Iargely Iegendry

    You know what other thing has a terrible and notoriously stupid fandom?
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    2. pheonix561


    3. Sahaqiel

      nearly... every... fanbase...

    4. Sayubie

      What about 10 comments ago?

  12. Iargely Iegendry

    You know what other thing had a terrible and notoriously stupid fandom?
    1. Iargely Iegendry

      It's Zelda

  13. Michael

    I've re-enabled rupees as well as the shop.
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    2. pheonix561

      Hylian Shield maybe?

    3. pheonix561

      Also: I just bought a treasure sphere and I was sent an error message. I spent the ruppees but I never got the sphere.

    4. Michael

      ya there's something weird going on

  14. pheonix561

    I used to think homestuck was great but now all I can see is TRASH
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    2. Cascade

      wasn't really directed at you but ok

    3. Sahaqiel

      Anyone here... has the same right...

    4. pheonix561

      I officially regret making this status update

  15. Sahaqiel

    Pips (hearts) are now left-aligned and 10 per row, thanks to Tappy. I also made a more sensible difficulty curve.
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    2. pheonix561

      And also is apparently gone which I only just noticed WHERE THE HELL IS MY MASTER SWORD

    3. Sahaqiel

      Lost in the Great Data Loss of 2013.

    4. Michael

      Actually anything stored in the database wasn't lost, it was just the forum and main site's wordpress install that were lost. The database which retains all that info is still there, just not the files.

  16. Sahaqiel

    I am now a licensed driver
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    2. pheonix561


    3. Sahaqiel


      Also Knuckle, I typically use public transport because I get it for free, or I bike places. Environmentally friendly and economic and whatever.

    4. Sahaqiel

      My tester said I go a little too fast, that I neglected to give a guy the right-of-way (which I completed his sentence for, because I knew) and that I stopped a smidge over stop lines. Said since I'm so young others would blame me more in an accident so I should be more careful. Otherwise he said I was good to go with a little more practice.

    1. pheonix561


    2. pheonix561

      I love you but why

  17. Cirt

    http://greatlanguagegame.com/ This is fun. My top score is 750
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    2. Sayubie

      So, this guy doesn't really like going out of town but one time he and his family went out and they had a picnic and they stayed over night in Laguna.

    3. Sayubie

      "nagshopping-shopping" is really funny when I look at it.

    4. PrimaGaga

      just sounds like gibberish to me. #'Merican

  18. Ryu

    Still lurking... Occasionally.
    1. pheonix561


    2. Ryu

      Ehh... Maybe.

  19. SilverAlchemic

    Going to see Much Ado About Nothing on Friday. I'm so excited. :D
    1. Necropolis

      Its pretty funny. Its interesting to look at shakespeares comedies, and compare them to Romatic comedies today. Not much has changed in 500 years

    2. SilverAlchemic

      Story was great. Players overacted. Design was minimalist, and I thought that worked well for the play.

    3. SilverAlchemic

      But, I mean, it was a high school production.

  20. Necropolis

    Belleville bros, http://www.publicbroadcasting.net/kwmu/events.eventsmain?action=showEvent&eventID=1490293 The shakespeare festival this year is doing Henry IV and V. If you're not familiar with them, they're really cool. If you've only read or watched Hamlet or Romeo and Juliet you gotta check this out.
    1. Necropolis

      Also its free

      All events in forest park are, apparently

    2. Agent Zako

      Me and Necro are prolly going to check it out together. If anyone else in the area's interested it can be a party :3

  21. Iargely Iegendry

    Harvard was going to host a Satanic Mass for some religious study group/class. The Harvard president recently condemned it as "flagrantly disrespectful and inflammatory". The president's name is Drew Faust.
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    2. Iargely Iegendry

      The point is that the president's name is Faust.

    3. pheonix561

      its okay bb i got the joke

    4. Chase

      That really is hilarious, when you think about it.

  22. なべ

    You're wonderful, never change.
    1. Teto

      Might as well kill us now and keep us in a cupboard if you want us to stay the same. "Pure and perfect, just as I always wanted you. Goodnight my children" - Javert, 2016


      how am I supposed to do my laundry if I caN'T CHANGE?

    1. pheonix561

      that link goes to nothing

    2. Iargely Iegendry

      Maybe because it's the mobile only link. Idk.