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Centuries Lucifer lead a revolt against God and tried to take over Heaven, After Lucifer's defeat God sent him and his fallen angels to hell. The Devil left hell to temp people and take their sinful souls when thet die. But even he didn't know how good he would become at being bad. Souls have escaped from hell and are wreaking Havoc all over Earth. In Seattle the devils son Sam Oliver works for him as a Reaper, capturing escaped souls and sending them back to hell. You like Sam are a child of Satan, and like your half brother he has tasked you with capturing these vile creatures.

Here's what you need to know

A Reaper has supernatural abilities that he/she can use to protect themselves. A vessel, an object created in the bowels of perdition by the iniquitous and the vile are the only objects that can capture souls, the vessel will change depending on the souls characteristics. When full the vessel must be dropped off at a portal to hell, which is any place that seems like hell (the D.M.V for example). Demons can also escape they might help or hurt yout depending on their alliance. The Devil can see all except when a person is standing in a circle (has something to do with corners).


Age: (20+)


Time working for Satan:( time scale, age 22=one year, 26=five years and so on.)

History: Characters background

Name: Devon Galliger

Age: 24

Occupation: Security Guard

Time working for Satan: 3 years History: Devon's been working for Satan for 3 years, three long, frightful years. On his 21st birthday he discovered that his mother was seduced by a charismatic, smooth talking guy whom she slept with. That man turned out to be the devil. When he came of age Devon joined in the family business. But Devon like all Reapers are being groomed for one thing, a contest of sorts to see who will lead the forces of evil to the Gates of Heaven.

Devon ran through the darkend alley, his footfalls echoing agianst the cavernous buildings. The soul, a shadow fiend had been dogging him for blocks, and it finally had him cornered. "Bad move kid!" it said in a snarling voice. "He thought you'd bring me back?" The soul asked as it materialised from the shadows cast on a nearby brick wall. "do you have any last words before i capture you?" Devon asked. "oh how qute, brave in the face of certain death!" The soul asked. Devon smiled as he took something out of his pocket. "What is that?" the Soul asked "A flashlight, it's gonna take more than that to pierce my darkness!" The soul because a shadow once again and lunged at him. Devon smiled as he switched on the vessel, a bright spotlight like beam emerged from the small flashlight and bathed the shadow. The shadow struggled but failed to escape and was sucked inside. "not bad kiddo, you're as good as your brother!" The Devil said appearing from nowhere. "brother? You mean you have more children?" "oops!" The Devil said playfully. "did I forget to mention that." "who is he?" Devon asked. "that's not important, what is is that vessel. Bring it to the portal and take some time off." "take some time off, your serious?" "yeah, you deserve it sport!" Devil said vanishing.

Devon walked up to the Post Office and walked inside. "next." the guy behind the counter said. "hey, Carl!' Davis said. "place the vessel on the mat!" "what's wrong no time for chats?" Devon asked. "what can you tell me about my "fathers" other kid?" Carl looked around. "not here, meet me around back in 10 minutes."

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Sam woke up and rolled over expecting to find Andi, his girlfriend instead he found a box, a box containing a vessel. "Oh great first thing!" Sam said to no one in particular. "well lets see what it is this time!" Sam opened the box and found a giant novelty fly swatter. "this is by far the weirdest vessel I've had yet, and that's saying something!" He walked into the kitchen and saw Sock and Ben his roommates eating breakfast. "you guys see Andi?" He asked. "yeah, she had to leave ms. new manager at the Work Bench!" Sock said. Sam sat the vessel box on the table. "oh a vessel, what is it Sam?" Ben asked. "it's a giant toy Fly swatter!" Sam said. "i wonder what it's for?" Ben asked. "Giant fly." Sock said "Not funny man!" Sam shot back. "No look, the TV." Sam, Sock and Ben turned their attention to the TV.

A reporter who looked like she highly regretted her lot in life begrudgingly held the microphone in front of the eyewitnesses face. If you could smell his through the tv you could see he reeked of burbon. "yeaah i ssssaw a big fly man it came out of the ssssky and carried off a cow!" The reporter faked a smile. "There you have it, a giant fly's to blame for the sudden cattle disappearances, back to you Hank."

Sam turned the Tv off. "oh my god we have got to find this soul!" Sock said angrily. "wow sock I don't think i've ever seen you so pumped to catch a soul...wait you just care about the cows!" Sam said. "Sam how dare you, I want to help my best friend, and yes maybe a delicious cow as well." "Guys." Ben said. "Were gonba be late!"

Devon walked around behind the post office and saw Carl standing in a circle of salt. "Nervous about, you know who Carl?" Devon asked. "Step inside, only then i'll tell you!" Devon stepped inside. "Theres some ramblings in the demon community, seems the devils got a new favorite kid' guy by the name of Sam Oliver, works at some kinda Hardware Store in Seattle Washington, called Work Bench." Devon smiled. "Thanks Carl, if anybody asks I'll deny talking to you." Devon slipped a bracelet over his wrist. A conceller charm, but how?" Carl asked. "He gave it to me, said I deserved privacy." "where you going for vacation?" Carl asked. "I'm thinking Seattle.

Sam, Sock and Ben tracked the Giant Fly to an abandoned farm on the edge of town. "Come out where ever you are, slimy creature!" Ben said. "guys found dead cows!" Sock said. Sam walked over and ducked as the giant fly buzzed him. "look out Sam!" Ben shouted. "get him Sammy!" Sock said. "Oh sure and how do you suggest that?" Sam shouted back. "Wait till he lands!" Ben said. Sam did just that, he slapped the thing and nothing happened. "What the heck?" Sam shouted. "What?" Ben asked. "Nothing happened!" "You have to get the eggs first!" a voice said from behind. Sam turned and saw Devon right behind him. "What eggs, we've been all over here, no eggs." Devon looked over at the cow bodies. "The fly didn't eat this meat, flys lay eggs in rotting things, so the babies have food to eat." Devon said. "Worth a try!" Sam placed the swatter on the nearest cow carcass. It trembled slightly before in melted into the swatter.

With the fly soul defeated, Sam Dean and Bert followed their unknown savior outside.

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