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~Liberation of Hyrule~

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The Liberation of Hyrule~

A Gerudo who was very loyal indeed to Ganondorf chanced upon an ancient power. Granting her abilities no other Gerudo had. She rose to Queen, defying all Gerudo laws stating only Males could rule. Allying herself with the Bokoblins, and other dark creatures once under the rule of Ganondorf, she lead an attack on Hyrule Castle. She brainwashed the surviving soldiers and threw the King in the deepest cell, along with his loyal Sheikah body guards. Citizens fled to other towns, some trying to escape Hyrule entirely. Only to be hunted down and destroyed. The other civilized races of Hyrule were forced to be slaves, with the odd few being brainwashed and forced to serve the Gerudo.

The Deku were forced practically into extinction, being beaten severely and burned just for a laugh. The Gorons rebeled too much, so they were eventually locked behind unbreakable bars. The Zora's were forced to build dams and bridges for her soldiers, then later being forced into their hot, dry cells. While the female Zora's disappeared into Hyrule Castle and never came back out.

Kakariko Village was under constant guard, with at least a hundred soldiers stationed there at all times. Zora's domain was bombed, buried, and vanished forever. While Goron City was used for the Goron's cells, having such hard, thick walls. Dodongo's cavern was mined daily by the few Gorons who hadn't rebelled.

Kokiri Forest was the ONLY place that hadn't been touched by the evil of the Gerudo Queen. Those who had stumbled in there searching for a way out of Hyrule were greeted by the Kokiri. They were escorted into the deeper parts of the forest, where they could live in peace without any worry. How? Simple. With thousands of Kokiri soldiers, Hylian rebels, and Bulbin legions, it was hard for the Gerudo Queen's forces to break through. Especially with Zelda and her General directing the defenses.

Zelda had teleported out of the castle when it was attacked, taking with her her most trusted body guard, Impa, and the General of her armies, nicknamed 'Claw' by his soldiers. She found Link, and they fled to Kokiri Forest, where they stationed the military base for the rebelion.

Soon afterwards Hylians by the dozens wandered in, looking for a way to escape. They were asked if they wanted to fight back, those that said yes were sent to speak with Zelda.

Link's recently discovered shadow, Milo, as well as his three friends, Ryu, Kat, and Lee. Were some of the first to join, as Milo had insisted on following Link and Zelda into the forest on that fateful day.

Then later, the Bulbins came by the hundreds. Lead by King Bulbin, riding on his faithful steed King Bulbo. After a quick word with Link, his armies began helping with construction.

Seven years have passed, Link has disappeared, the Military base grew into a full city, the rebel army tripled in size, and the Gerudo Queen is losing her patience.

Everything had been going just as planned, Ganondorf had granted her his power, and she had used it to great effect. Doing just as he asked, she took over Hyrule Castle, but the little brat and the General disappeared. She conquered most of Hyrule, enslaving the races and eliminating all rebelions, all but one... "The brat is behind it, I know it!" She screeched, time and time again as she paced in front of HER throne. They had come close, too close to losing. Then, as if by chance, they found The Hero of Time himself, lying unconscious on Hyrule Field. They'd captured him, and secured an iron grip on Kakariko, where a majority of civilians lived, seeing as her armies dominated Hyrule Market.

Time and time again they'd assaulted the Forest, using fire, using outragously massive armies, using stealth. And they were fought back each time. What was the secret to their strength? Was it the forest? They didn't seem to die. But her forces did, oh yes. Thanks to them she'd lost half her army. Still dawarfing the rebels, but MUCH more vulnerable.

If they didn't come up with a plan, and soon, she would be in danger of losing her newfound Empire. Flooded with frusteration and anger, the Gerudo Queen swept up to her chambers and fell asleep.

Relationships between Ryu, Milo, Kat, and Lee will be revealed in time. Just be patient.

When invited you will be sent a PM asking if you're interested, if yes, then you will be sent a character form and told the main storyline, no begging, bribing, or any of that to get in. If you're not let in, too bad. Deal with it. If you ask via PM or Posting in this topic you will be ignored.

For those invited: Do not post until I start, and I'll only start after a certain amount reply to the invite and post their characters. The three main pplz(Me included)have already been determined and will be sent their Invites to post their characters, the others invited may build some background to their characters, like posting things that happened in the past. Like extended history's, and such. Until they're entered in the actual story.

We will be using a map of Hyrule I created. I'll post it sometime later.

EDIT: Not starting until 'The Ultimate RP: The End' is finished.

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