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Retaking Moria

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Im not sure if it said anything about retaking Moria in the end of the trilogy, but I know that's how Balin died. I just re-read Fellowship of the Ring. And their whole 'Retaking Moria' quest really sparked my imagination. Which lead to the creation of this RP.

The Dark Lord and the Elves have long since passed from the land, but evil still dwells in the dark places of the world. Moria included. An army of dwarves, and a lone ranger, venture into the long forgotten realm, hoping to banish the evil from it and claim it once more, as the Balrog of Morgoth has long since been vanquished. Darhk, the Dwarf leading the army, is stubborn. And despite the warnings from the ranger, he and his army draw closer and closer to the mountains...

You are a Dwarf under Darhk's command, create your character, and help rid Moria of those that plague it.

Name: Validus

Class: Ranger(YOU put something Dwarf related. Miner, Soldier, something like that.)

Race: Human

Weapon(s): Shortsword, Dwarvish dagger, longbow.

Skill: Archery, healing, swordcraft.

History: Not much is known about one of the few remaining Rangers, he agreed to lead the Dwarves to Moria, and afterwards agreed to Darhk's request to help clear Moria. Validus is his name.

(I would normally ask you RP as close to Tolkien style as possible, but as most of you probably haven't read the books, only seen the movies, so I can't ask that.)

The sun was bright in the sky, shining down on the marching Dwarves. Their armor and weapons glinted in the light, making it hard to focus on them at close-range. Darhk, the leader of these fifty or so Dwarves, trudged along at the head of the column. Five Dwarves wide, and Ten Dwarves in length it was, with barely enough room to pass between the trees. Beside him strode a much taller man, garbed in a dark cloak, hooded. They seemed to be arguing as they walked.

"You do not know the dangers of the ancient city! There are more than just Orcs in Moria, there are beasts inumerable, Cave-trolls included!"

"Im well aware of the dangers, Ranger. My Dwarves are prepared for anything within the walls of the mountains," Darhk replied.

The tall man sighed heavily and increased his pace, quickly gaining a huge lead on the Dwarves. They would stop at an old clearing for the night, where the Fellowship of the Ring had once camped before they too entered Moria. The next morning they would reach the gates, and after it's debris had been cleared away, they would enter Moria. He just hoped they would not share the same fate as Balin and his company did, long ago.

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