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Moonlight RP

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The RP takes place in LA, like the show, the original characters will be in. If you haven't seen the show, on the rules to vampires all that you really need to know is:

1.They sleep in freezers not coffins.

2. Wooden stakes don't kill them, but do paralyze them.

3. They can only killed by flame, and beheading

4. Over exposure to sunlight is not good for them at all.

5. Being bitten by a vampire will not turn someone, the human must have reached a point near death, and a must then be feed the blood of a vampire, who will then become the sire of the new vampire and must teach them how to survive in their new life.

6. In the words of the fan-beloved Mick St.John: "Garlic, tastes good on pizza...toss holy water on me, I'll get wet, crucifixes, you know okay, if you like that kinda thing."

7. Vamps cannot turn into bats (unfortunately)

8. Sliver is a poison.

9. You can't catch a vampire on film that contains silver emulsion, but digital film works.

10. Vampires have a pulse, are not cold blooded

11.Vampires have heightened senses, which allow them to hear very well and smell the past. They also develop psychic powers and can glimpse the future.

12. When a vampire wants to suck someone's blood their fangs grow out and their eyes turn a pale icy blue/white

13. Vamps heal really quickly

Okay and now that that long list is over... The character bio:




Race:Human or Vamp?




My character

Name:Nissa Smith




Personality:Nissa is your average 14-year-old girl, bright, bubbly, and uplifting, but she has another side to her. She can be rather ruthless and unforgiving, but she rarely shows this side unless she's hungry.

Appearance:Nissa is a bit small for her age and has a very lithe figure. She has emerald green eyes, and long platinum blond hair.

History:50 years ago Nissa was at a park downtown when someone offered her drugs. She refused, and was shot for it. As she lay dying the only person who noticed was a vampire, who couldn't let her die so young and turned her. She's recently been staying in the residence, with out his full consent, of Mick St.John.

Also as for rules:

Don't kill or turn a character without the owner's permission

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Don't be sad about Moonlight's Cancelation. CBS is planning a Tv movie (or movies if successful) to finish the storyline.

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*Whistles innocently*

Name: Nathaniel

Age: 17

Appears: 21

Race: Human

Personality: One of those "go with the flow" kind of guys, Nathaniel has a positive outlook on life. He rarely worries over things and is the kind of guy that loves a good party.

Appearance: Of average weight and height, Nathaniel is a little bit on the slim side. He wears his black hair spiked, often leading to his friends jokingly calling him "porcupine head" and a few of the spikes often fall into his bright blue eyes.

History: A self-declared "King of Metal", Nathaniel is the singer and lead guitarist of his own (currently unnamed) band that he formed a four years ago with his friends. He intends to go to college and major in music, though, along with secretly playing the cello, he will never tell that to his band mates.

Name: Catalina "Kikki" de la Cruz

Age: 19

Appears: 19

Race: Vampire

Personality: Hot-headed and always looking for a fight, Kikki speaks with her fists (and occasionally the knife she has stashed in her pocket) rather than words. The only people she will willingly speak to are Nathaniel, P.K., and Jace--her band mates. She refuses to even address her parents or her younger brother.

Appearance: Constantly dying her naturally black hair into whatever color suits her fancy, Kikki sticks out in a crowd, if only because of her hair and eyes; she is of average height and build. Right now, her shoulder-length locks are dyed the color of "amethyst when the sun shines through it on a raw spring morning," but a month ago, it was a bright, blood-colored red. Her eyes are a pale, colorless blue, nearly white. No one is entirely sure of her natural eye color; she is never seen without her contacts. Due to her Spanish heritage, her skin is a golden caramel color.

History: For the past nineteen years, Kikki had been your "average" girl, aside from her personality issues. She had less-than average grades and no interest in any kind of physical activity, but made up for it with her musical talent. She excels at the bass guitar and she even plays the "Classic", her slang term for the upright bass. No one thinks to make fun of her hobby, however, because Kikki is infamous for being the toughest girl "this side of L.A." She had gotten into more fights than anyone can count and that's just on school property. Then, everything changed when one fight went unexpectedly wrong. It was after one of their band's gigs at one of the more rowdy establishments in the downtown part of the city, over some trivial issue. It started out as a shouting match (with the occasional rough shove), until it turned into an all-out brawl between her and the two "posers" that tried to force her to do something unpleasant. One of them pulled out a knife and at that time, she didn't carry one on her person, but despite their persuasion she refused. It was then that she was left for the dead, nearly drained of all her blood and with two bite marks on her neck, clearly left for the dead. It was less than an hour later that another vampire found her, changing her out of a twisted sense of pity. It's been a little over a month since that night and she's still struggling to face her "wild" side, though she can easily mask it up with an intense bout of threatening and/ or violence on her part, as well as hiding it from her parents. Isn't it lucky that she lives next to one of L.A's less popular ice skating rinks?

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