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Wake Up!

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It was a normal day for George Nada, a homeless and out of work construction worker just trying to get by. One night he was walking to a local mission for a hot meal when he was startled to find a man bleeding on the sidewalk. "Let me get you some help." George said to the man. "Too late, I'm done for they say to that." he said. "But you're young and strong maybe you can fight them." He handed george a small mint tin. "Place one under your tongue, let it dissolve then you will see." The man grabbed George and pulled him close. "Wake others, make them see the truth." He then closed his eyes as he died.

George looked at the tin and shrugged as he slipped one of the waffers under his tongue. "At least my breath will be fresh." he muttered. Walking away he felt momentarly dizzy, but then he was fine. As he left the alley a group of cops ran to the body, most of them were normal but two looked strange almost as if they were not human. They had yellowish skin with dark sunk in black eyes, the tops of their heads were clear showing reddish brains underneath. Oddly no one noticed. George was shocked to see more of them around, but it wasn't just that. The entire world was different Billboards that before had models and cars now read "Stay asleep" and "Spend money".

Little by little a horrible truth donned on George our world was under the control of creatures from beyond the stars, using chemicals in food and water they kept us in a kind of waking hypnosis, blind to their true forms as they sucked our planet dry.

Now the time has come to fight back will you join the fight or stay asleep?




Here's mine:

Name: George Nada

Age: 35

Occupation: Construction worker

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