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Soul Eater RP

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backstory: who needs it, it basicly follows the plot of the show and manga

character fill-out sheet:


Technician or Weapon:


Weapon(s): (you can have 2 of the same kind)

Partners Name: (this can be another member on the forum who has agreed, but if your partner is another member they choose what weapon they are)


now for my Character:

Name: Shinigami-Sama

Tech or Weap: Shinigami

Gender: Male

Weapon: None really

I give out missions to students

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DWMA Bulletin

Current Missions:

Priority Missions:

Obtain 99 kishin egg Souls and 1 Witch soul

Reward: ability to wield/be a Death Scythe

Regular missions:

Assassinate Don Kebora

Reward: His soul

Duel a student

reward: 5 Exp

Catch the Red Whirlwind

Reward: his/her's soul

General missions (police given)

Catch the leader of the Dim Oblivion

Reward: 100$

*Side notes*

you can challenge another student but they have full ability to decline

Accepting a Mission Means you must Come See me(PM) about the mission

A store will open after a week of having 5 teams

Higher Exp will allow more missions to be put on the bulletin with greater difficulty

the souls your team collect will be kept track by myself

any other questions can be run by me

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Can i join i am new

I watched every Episode of soul eater

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