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The Symbol

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October 19th

John sat up in his bed, beads of cold sweat dripping down his face. "It happened again!" he said into his cell phone.

Derek sighed "Meet me at Hermans." He said.

John stood outside Hermans trailer as Derek fell from the sky. "What if it's just dreams D?" John asked.

"You really asking me that John, because you know your visions by now."

John nodded in agreement as he walked inside, Derek behind him.

"Hey guys, come in." Herman said.

"Is it up?" Derek asked.

"Oh yeah I have Tricia on Telepresence right now." he said clicking keys.

An image of Tricia appeared on the plasma screen on the wall.

"Hey guys, sorry I can't be there." Tricia's video image said.

"No look good." John said.

"Yeah anyway, what'd you find Herm?" Derek asked.

"It's not good, After you told me about John's invasion dreams I hacked into NASA and...."

"Wait you hacked into NASA?" John asked.

"!" Herman said.

"It's NASA how could you possibly..."

"Please a kid could hack into that place...well a kid with my skills and backdoors into every public and private system..."

"Herman what did you find?" Derek asked.

"Sorry D...It's not good, it looks like their coming." Herman said.

"On July 23rd NASA detected a massive object headed for Earth."

"July...that's when the symbol appeared." Derek said.

"They'll be here by December." Herman said.

"That doesn't leave us much time to find other members for the Society." John said.

"The Society...what's that?" Tricia asked.

"Oh yeah D and I have been tossing names around, I like Society." he said.

"Not me, I wanna call it something that rolls off the tongue."

"And what is that?" Herman asked.

"The New Gods, talk about ego!" John said.

"Hey it's not ego, it's practical. The Olympian "Gods" were Symbol Bearers why shouldn't we take on that mantle as well?"

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"The New Gods... I still think it makes us sound self-obsessed, but eh! What the heck? Let's go for it." Said John.

"So, what are we going to do about this invasion?" Tricia asked.

"We need to find as many "New Gods" as possible, ASAP." Said Herman.

"Sounds.... difficult." Sighed John.

"Hey! Cheer up, it can't be too difficult. We just need to look." Said Derek.

D is short for Derek right?

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Name: Devon 'Diablo' Draiman

Age: 18

Country of Origin: New Zealand

Powers: perfect imitation skills, telekinesis

History: He was born in Fairbanks, Alaska, but he moved to New Zealand at the age of 6 months. He lived a happy life until, at the age of 15, his mother was brutally beaten to death by a rapist. His father's mental stability slowly declined afterwards, and, 7 months, 13 days, 5 hours after she was announced dead, his father was found hung in a supply closet at the retirement home where he worked. 2 years and 4 months later, as a high school senior, he noticed a strange tattoo on the back of his right hand (there's a subtle FMA reference for you) along with some strange new talents. He discovered that after witnessing anyone do anything, he became a master of said 'anything.' He earned the nickname 'Diablo' from his peers because it was rumored that he sold his soul to the devil for his powers and, come on, 'Diablo' just sounds so much cooler than 'Devil.'

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Double-U Tee Eff?

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October 28th

Derek touched down for a landing in a heavily wooded area. Feeling an oncoming rain he zipped up his jacket and flipped up his hood.

It had been a few weeks since he was home, John and Tricia were looking elsewhere for Symbol Bearers and Derek was getting sullen, he feared that the Invasion would arrive before they could bolster their ranks.

While following up a lead in Sydney (which turned out to be a bust) he heard a crazy story out of New Zealand, about a guy called "Diablo" who can mimic the skills of anyone he came into contact with.

Derek found himself in Aucland, it was very early in the morning and a large crowd had gathered.

"Find the freak and kick his ass!" Someone shouted. "Yeah find the Devil, he's cursed!" another shouted in agreement.

"Great!" Derek thought "An angry mob, what is this a Hammer Film?"

Derek knew he had to find this "Diablo" before the extras from Boris Karloffs "Frankenstein" caught him and...did whatever angry mobs do in New Zealand.

Derek backed out of the area and closed his eyes. Ever since the symbol arrived he found that whenever he was in proximity to another he would feel something.

As he felt out the area a little flicker hit his unconscious mind, a small point of light almost like a birthday candle in a dark cave, it wasn't much but it was there.

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Derek walked down a deserted alley and jumped into the air, he hung there for a minute before ascending to a nearby roof.

Closing his eyes again he felt for "Diablo". He could feel his fear and discovered he was running hard. Derek opened his eyes and realised that Diablo was being chased.

Taking to the sky Derek quickly shed his street clothes in favor of his "uniform".

He cleared the city and made his way to a wooded area and a faint glow.

Derek took a perch high above the action and waited. "What are you doing?" Devon asked the mob, who cornered him against a sheer cliff. "You brought this on yourself Devil, selling your soul!" A wide eyed old man shouted. "I did no such thing!" Devon shouted. "Then how, how can you do those things?" A woman asked. "I don't know, I just can." Devon answered. "Enough talk this ends now!" someone shouted as he pulled a gun.

Derek jumped down and placed himself between Diablo and the mob. "Back off!" Derek shouted.

"Look at yourselves, ready to kill this man, why because of a rumor about the Devil? Wake up, the world is changing there's no need for the rediculous superstitions anymore!"

The members of the mob looked around, flashed of shame on many faces as the packed up and went home.

"Thanks for that." Devon said. "You're not totally without blame Devon, you used the Diablo nickname and your abilities in public, superstition is a thing that exists in everyone that you can attest."

"Yeah ok...thanks for the save and all but I'm gonna go." Devon said.

"Oh ok...go if you want, but do you want answers first?" Derek asked.

"Answers to what?" Devon asked.

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Don't you hate it when people make characters... and then never use them?

Ehh... I had an idea, but I lost it. I'll post later.

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