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Flash widgets - applications of the future

Together with the technicians from sineo.ch We achieved something new. Because even Zelda and current technologies can be great together.What arose from it? A global usable Flash countdown widget that four particular Time zones configured:

  • EUROPE, PST (UTC + 1)
  • JAPAN, JST (UTC + 9)

Anyone who has a page or a forum, can this widget without problems <embed>incorporate the < embed > tag to herself. It is completely free and hides no hidden Obligations.

The installation is 1 minute. Each widget has four Codes (EU, US, AU and JP), which can be copied push from Flash.

How do this again?


Step 1: <embed>The widget has not only all 4 times, but also all 4 < embed > - tags.Open so the Flash widget and click the button "Share me", which means as much as "partial" me".

Step 2: Click the button of your time zone and copy the code to highlight or push the "copy" - button. The code is copied automatically thee to the Clipboard.

Step 3: Paste the code unchanged in your page or in your forum now. When you file have updated on the server will appear the Flash widget.

Now choose your widget

Click me share and select:

Europe (UTC + 1)

United States (UTC-5)

Australia (UTC + 8)

Japan (UTC + 9)

Ask feedback or errors directly to theWebmaster. Thank you! : )

Click Here to get your Spirit Tracks Flash Countdown-Widget

doesn't work..?

then click here.

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