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Multiversal II: Invaders from the Dark Dimension

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Welcome to Multiversal II, the sequel to Multiversal. If you wish to joinI ask you use your character from Part one, if you never joined and wish to, just use the previous RP's template and join in.

I'll get the ball rolling...

Three years later

Herok peered through the mag-lense goggles strapped tightly around his head.

"I think I found the problem, SERVO!" he said lifting his head up

"SERVO?" he asked looking around.

"Here sir." SERVO, Herok's artificial intelligence unit said floating over.

"It looks like some mice have been chewing through the conduits again, seal the breaches if you please."

"Yes sir!" shouted SERVO enthusiastically.

"I see the new emotion chips working." Herok said smiling.

Herok walked over to the main control pannel and activated the main viewer.

"SERVO, how you doing?" Herok asked.

"Moments away sir." SERVO said

"That should do it sir." SERVO said floating up, his retractible claw closing the pannel.

Herok activated his newest invention the MVHV (Multiversal Holo-viewer) a realtime map of every sector of the multiverse.

"Yes, it works!" he shouted.

"Congratulations sir, your father would be so proud." SERVO said.

"I know he would my friend." Herok said

"Let's try her out, shall we?" Herok asked.

Herok brought up the main application, a 3D projected sphere with millions of little spheres floating around it.

"MVHV select sphere designate 2145 and activate viewer." the sphere image began to glow as it grew in size, moving in closer. "Accessing VerseCam Herok Silick." the MVHV's A.I announced.

Herok watched as the VerseCam came on showing an image of his own World, ROA (known to us as Earth).

"It works!" Herok shouted.

"Pull back and access the camera for Vers 04.11..."

"Sir anomaly detected in spacial grid 12021982." the MVHV announced.

"What sort of detection MVHV?" Herok asked.

"Unknown sir, it's an energy source unlike I have ever detected.

Herok looked at the view screen

"Highlight effected sector MVHV." he said.

The Viewer moved in showing a strange almost purple blip among the green blips of other dimensions.

"What the Hell are you?" Herok asked.

"MVHV, what's the closest VerseCam to the area?" he asked

"That would be the cam stationed above sector 94710, the chaotic galaxy sir."

"The one where time flows backwards?" Herok asked.

"Yes sir."

"Alright retask the VerseCam to view the anomaly, and activate the onboard scan probe as well, just in case."

The VerseCam turned and floated through hyperspace, enduring extremes no sentient being could fathom.

"Good MVHV, now focus on the...whatever and bring it into view."

The Cam focused on the purpleish blur and it became sharp and clear.

"Launch probe." Herok said

The probe dove towrds the anomaly collecting data as it neared.

"Stresming data now sir, secondary screen." Herok looked at the data coming in from the probe.

"One atom for ever square inch, high levels of beta neutrinos, low background radiation, high foreground resonance field...STOP THE PROBE!" Herok shouted.

"But sir I'm nearly there." the MVHV said.

"I don't care back it off, NOW!"

The probe stopped and docked with the Cam.

"I want an immediate quarantine set up at that sector SERVO immediately!"

"What's wrong sir?" SERVO asked.

"The anomaly, it's an opening to an unforeseen event an Antimatter Universe."

"Antimatter Universe sir, but the existance of an antimatter reality has never been proven." SERVO said.

"Until now my mechanical compatriot, until now."

Herok stared unblinkingly at the screen, and the purple blog on it.

"This threatens every Verse in existance!"

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Herok poured over the tech readouts from the MVHV.

"I'd be really intrigued if I wasn't so terrified by the prospects." he said to the hovering SERVO.

"Why does the existance of this Antimatter reality trouble you Master?" SERVO asked.

"It shouldn't exist, that's why SERVO."

"Antimatter exists in small quantities in our space, it's left over material from the big bang that created the original Verse."

"Original Verse?" SERVO asked

"Yes the original Verse, the main "bubble" that all other Verses split off of, the existance of an antimatter verse means that somewhere out there an event occured, an event so terrifying that if it occured here would unmake existence."

"What type of event could do that sir?" SERVO asked.

"A big crunch!" Herok said

"Imagine that the Verse is a rubber band ever growing, ever expanding. As it stretches it gets tighter and tighter till it snaps. In a big crunch the Verse essentially collapses on itself obliterating all matter except for Antimatter, the existence of which is held in check by normal matter. Without matter to hold it at bay the Antimatter grows and becomes a verse in it's own right."

"But why are you troubled master?" SERVO asked.

"Antimatter is the opposite of matter, if matter comes into contact with Antimatter they cancell each other out!"

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Can I bring Ryuzaki back? He was my favorite character ever made.

"Can't help but eavesdrop, Herok." Said Ryuzaki, appearing from apparently nowhere. "But it sounds like we have quite a bit of a problem here."

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Can I bring Ryuzaki back? He was my favorite character ever made.

"Can't help but eavesdrop, Herok." Said Ryuzaki, appearing from apparently nowhere. "But it sounds like we have quite a bit of a problem here."

Yes I was hoping to bring back the old characters.

"Oh Ryuzaki, thank the Bringer you came!" Herok said.

"This little device you built works great, ever since we defeated Darkseid the portals haven't been occuring naturally."

"I fear that the threat we Outsiders faced three years ago is nothing compared to this latest crisis, the fate of every Verse hinges on us!"

"Master the viewer, look!" SERVO said shocked.

Herok and Ryuzaki looked at the MVHV's HUD and the antimatter anomoly. "I was afraid of this!" Herok said.

"What's wrong my friend?" Ryuzaki asked.

"The antimatter verse is altering the surrounding subspace field, attracting every bit of antmatter close to it, this Anti-verse is growning!"

"But why, for what purpose?" Ryuzaki asked.

"A decade ago, The Science Council drew up plans to colonize Detros, I believe you call it Mars. Mars has all the makings of a life sustaining planet but it's to cold."

"Are you talking about Terraforming, Herok?" Ryuzaki asked.

"Yes I believe that the entities of the Anti-verse are Verse-forming the surrounding realities in an attempt to build up a beach head...for invasion!"

"Any way to be sure?" Ryuzaki asked

"Just one, but It'll require the help of Elva."

"Are you sure Master, she's probably still mad at you." SERVO asked.

"I'm sure she's forgotten all about that." Herok said.

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((Meep what's Elva angry about? I can't remember/find it... and clarifying what seems stated before I screw up... The verses that were destroyed in the past one are back right?))

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((Meep what's Elva angry about? I can't remember/find it... and clarifying what seems stated before I screw up... The verses that were destroyed in the past one are back right?))

Yes every Verse that Darkseid destroyed was returned when Herok obtained the Anti-life equation.

And the incident occured after Multiversal 1, while Elva and Herok were traveling. Use your imagination, what could Herok do that would piss Elva off.

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Lol. My crazy imagination...

"So, lets say she's not mad at you, and she can confirm it's an invasion... How can we possibly stop it?" Ryuzai flexed both his arms and shrugged. "Even I can't stand up to something like that without permanently damaging myself."

Im at a loss here, most of my posts(until it really gets going)will be like this.

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Herok thought for a long time, he looked around his office and SERVO caught his eye.

"SERVO come here." he said.

SERVO floated over and landed on his desk.

"SERVO open your rear hatch please?" he asked.

"You see that?" Herok asked pointing to a tiny device inside his robot partner.

"That's a scaled down version of our Matter/ Anti-Matter engine, the same device (albeit much larger) powers our deep space survey craft and our cities here on Earth."

"So what are you suggesting Herok?" Ryu asked.

"I first want to try to establish some type of dialog with the invaders and try to stop it before it starts."

"And if negotiations fail?" Ryu asked.

"The engine works by colliding a micron of Neutronium, a super heavy element mined from the center of Blue Dwarf Stars with a micron of Anti-Matter collected from the Event Horizons of Blackholes."

"So what you plan on shooting some Neutronium into the Dimension?"

"No I plan on launching a blue dwarf star, several in fact."

"That's good but how do you expect to do that?"

"We're gonna collect them in space, minimize them, and launch them directly at the anti-matter galaxy!"

"Good plan, how do we do that?" Ryu asked.

"I have no idea!"

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"Great plan!" Ryuzaki shouted, punching Herok in shoulder. He turned to leave, and just as he was approaching the door he spun around.

"Ya know... I used to know this one guy... He's probably dead now, but... If you could get me back to my world, I know where he is."

"How could he help us?" Herok asked cautiously.

"He was kinda..." Ryu did a circle with his finger next to his temple. "according to most people, but he was really quite genious. I remember visiting him one day--he was a doctor too, you see--and he was working on this weird machine. Something about catching stars... or something like that."

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"Your home dimension...which is galactic coordinates...oh never mind commencing scan."

Ryu looked around as a blue light washed over him.

"Ahh what the hell's this?" he asked.

"Remembering galactic numerals was such a bother that the ministry wipped up this nifty piece of tech. It scans a subjects atomic structure, you see your structure vibrates at a slightly different frequency that mine because you come from another Earth. That's like your 'Versal fingerprint."

The blue light vanished.

"Verse data incoded, activating Verse projector." the Computer announced.

The large circular room lit up as a platform rose from the floor and from it a large ring.

"You redesigned the platform?" Ryu asked.

"Yeah, I saw a fascinating work of fiction titled "Stargate" during my travels and was inspired." Herok said with a grin.

The ring began to glow blue as energy sparked all around arcing from contact point to contact point. As the device reached full power a wave of energy reached out then sucked back in creating an image of a pool of shimmering water.

"Cool!" Ryu shouted completly blown away.

"Let's go!" Herok said.

"You coming SERVO?" He added.

"Always Master." the little robot announced.

And with that the trio stepped through the gate.

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They landed in what appeared to be a 21st century New York City. They were in a dark alley, almost nothing was visible, except...

"Get DOWN!" Ryuzaki screamed, shoving Herok a few feet backwards, resulting in him laying completely flat. Ryuzaki was hit with what felt like a thousand years of pent of rage. He was launched backwards, into the air, gasping as the wind left his lungs.

Herok cringed as a boot landed next to his head, it's wearer payed no heed to him, however, and continued running. Herok climbed to his feet, and watched as a familiar looking man, armed with a massive gun mounted on his shoulder, chased after Ryu.

Ryu shouted an adress, followed by, "Hurry! I'll meet you there!" And disappeared.

After he gave Herok the adress of the one man who might save them, he began a familiar route to the graveyard. He knew this was where John's family was buried, perhaps fighting there would weaken him, or at least phaze him for a moment. Ryu's thoughts were interrupted by a chunk of building being blown up directly next to him. He was blown to the side, landing heavily. He rolled out of the way just in time, as John's broadsword strick the ground where his head had been. Ryuzaki sighed, he wouldn't be able to make it the graveyard after all... He drew his katana from his back and held it loosely at his side, the blade was pointed towards the ground, his usual, and inviting stance. This was usually the end for all who accepted it, but John knew better. He self-consiously brushed the nub where his left ear had been.

"This ends here, eveyrone you've killed... including my family... is avenged tonight!" He charged with his sword, aiming for Ryu's wrist. He simply moved his arm a little, and thrust right back. John used his bracer to deflect the blow, and bright out his gun in the same movement, he shot point-blank at Ryu's head, but there was no one there...

Ryu landed on John's shoulders, and grinned, this was it...

A wave of emotion surged through John, loss at his family's deaths, anger towards the boy who was about to kill him, and above all, fear. He knew what happened when Ryuzaki killed his enemies. He absorbed their soul, adding to his strength, and trapping them for eternity. Until, of course, he was killed. John also knew what wold happen when Ryuzaki died, the blast of all those souls escaping would have destroyed everything in a ten-mile radius.

Ryuzaki gripped John's head with his ankles, and twisted, hard. With a sickening snap, John lurched forwards. Ryu landed neatly in front of him, turned, and crouched down.

"You were my most worthy enemy..." Ryu whispered in his ear, then gripped John's neck. His body began to shake violently, jerking around like a fish out of water, then nothing. A red glow traveled up Ryuzaki's arm, and into his chest. His eyes flashed a deeper red than ever before, and then it subsided. Ryu stretched his armes and sheathed his katana. It was a few miles to the scientist's place. He hoped Herok hadn't gotten lost.

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Ryu made his way to the scientists "home" which was an abandoned building in Queens.

"Herok Silick are you here?" he whispered as he moved around back.

"Yes Ryu I am." a plain looking blonde man said walking up.

"What happened to you?" Ryu asked.

"Oh apologies my friend." Herok said as he placed his hand on the left side of his face.

The image of a clean shave caucasian vanished and was replaced with a clear screen made of some kind of porous silicone.

"This is a device I created called a Life Mask, I use it to blend in with the native population of the many alternate realities I visit."

"You mean humans?" Ryu asked.

"Actually humanity inhabits only about 60% of the realities in the Multiverse, their are 15% saurian species like myself (Albeit far less evolved) and one world inhabited by large insects resembling the Hornet."

"Herok as much as I enjoy talking with you, I think the invaders from an Anti-Matter reality take a much more urgent precident over the nature of life in this glorious Multiverse."

"Well put Ryu, after you." Herok said following Ryu inside.

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Ryu knocked on the door, them entered without waiting for a response.

"But what if he doesn't live here any-" Ryuzaki cut him off.

"Nah, he still lives here. I can sense his essence." Ryu paused and looked up at the cieling. He smiled. "HEY!!! LLOYD!! GET DOWN HERE!!"

With a crashing sound, a young man in his early twenties fell down the stairs, grunting with each bounce. He landed at the bottom in an uncerimonious heap. He saw Ryuzaki and jumped to his feet.

"Eh! Ryu!" He rushed forwards an grabbed his hand, shaking it enthusiastically. He was much taller than either Ryu or Herok, with pure white hair, rectangular glasses, and a small nose. He wore a very pale robe, worn to the point of almost being pink. He spotted Herok and gasped. "Who is your friend?" He scuttled over to Herok and grabbed his hand too. "Very, very nice to meet you!" He beamed at them.

Ryu looked over and saw that Herok had re-donned his Life Mask.

"This is Herok, Lloyd, and we have very important issues to discuss." Ryuzaki said.

"Important issues? BUT WHAT COULD BE MORE IMPORTANT THAN MY LANCELOT?" Lloyd looked horrified.

"Lancelot..?" Ryu asked, giving him an utterly confused look. Lloyd gasped, grabbing his hair with both hands.

"You don't remember?! Come, I'll show you!" He grabbed Ryuzaki's hand and sprinted up the stairs, Herok followed, not wanting to be left behind.

Lloyd drug him through a series of hallways and small rooms, most of which were littered with various documents and book, all of which were notes and information on his various experiments. They eventually reached Lloyd's main research room, whith several desktop computers, a couple laptops, 3 desks, four paper shredders, a large swivel chair, and a copy of the Mona Lisa on the wall.

Lloyd released Ryuzaki's hand and rushed to desk number 2, he dug through it's contents, throwing them in all directions before finally finding his querry. He ran back over to Ryu, holding up a paper with a drawing of a large robot.

"Lancelot!" Lloyd cried shrilly.

Herok caught up, panting loudly.

"Sorry, I lost you..." He began, then stopped when he saw the drawing. He rushed forward and grabbed the paper, resulting in Lloyd gasping his disapproval.

"This... This is a Knightmare..." Herok mumbled.

"Umm, no... this is Lloyd's house." Ryuzaki said, looking weirdly at Herok.

"No! I mean, this is a Knightmare Frame!"

"Very good, yes." Lloyd said, snatching the paper back and setting it on the nearest desk. "Now follow me."

He lead them over to a wall, and said "Lloyd." A panel in the wall flipped, revealing a code pad. Lloyd typed in a series of numbers and pressed enter, too quick for even Herok to catch. The wall seperated, revealing an Elevator.

A few minutes later they all stood deep underneath Lloyd's house. A massive, half completed robot stood before them. The Lancelot, capable of flight, energy shielding, weilding several large guns designed especially for it, including the Vector, it's main weapon. It also had dual swords on it's back, inserted into the body with only the hilts visible. It had no legs, however, it was missing one whole arm, and it's energy wings weren't yet fully developed.

"This is... This is beautiful!" Herok marveled at the Lancelot, beaming at it.

"Why, thank you." Lloyd blushed deeply. "You are the first to compliment my work." He shot a gaze at Ryuzaki. "Now, what important matters must we discuss?"

"Ungh... I'll leave all the science crap to you two... Say, Lloyd. Mind if I finish attatching the arms and legs?"

"Huh, yeah sure..." Lloyd mumbled, listening to Herok explain.

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"Parallel realities...antimatter dimensions it all seems rather fantastic." Lloyd said.

"It's true Lloyd." Ryu said wiping grease off his face.

"Oh I don't doubt that, I once posited that our earth was one of many..."

"Each vibrating on it's own Multiversal frequency!" Herok and Lloyd said at the exact same time.

"Ryu your friend is a man after my own heart." Lloyd said.

"Well he's after your own heart but he aint a man." Ryu said.

"What do you mean?" Lloyd asked.

"Show him Herok." Ryu said.

Herok deactivated his Life-mask revealing his Saurian features.

"Spectacular a hyper evolved dinosaur, an Iguanadon if I'm not mistaken." Lloyd said.

"Yes that's exactly right." Herok said smiling.

"Lloyd, you don't find this at all strange...never mind look who I'm talking to." Ryu said.

"So am I correct in assuming that you need to collect Blue Dwarf stars in an attempt to subvert the nefarious plans of this Dark Dimension?" Lloyd asked.

"Again yes, we must gather blue dwarf stars from the exact same spacial vectors in many universes, but as advanced as my people are we have yet to create a device to capture stars." Herok said.

"Oh I figured that out long ago, a pocket universe works marvelous for storing things." Lloyd said.

"Of course a picket universe, it's so simple!" Herok said.

"A what?" Ryu asked.

"You see, our universe is huge...the Multiverse is bigger still. Now go backwards and you get a pocket universe, t's like any other parallel reality but it man made and empty, but we can put things in it." Herok said.

"Including blue dwarf stars." Ryu asked.

"Yes and even better we don't have to minimize them." Herok said.

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"Which effectively triples their usefulness!" Lloyd laughed shrilly. "I see now, you needed me to help you catch your stars. Well, the machine you need is near completion."

"How long?" Herok asked.

"If you two help me, probably only a few hours." Lloyd answered, smiling.

"Great! Where is it?" Ryu asked, standing atop Lancelot's shoulder.

"You're standing on it." Lloyd nodded towards the Lancelot.

"How does it..?" Ryuzaki asked, climbing down.

"Catch stars? Well, it's quite simple... Lancelot shoots a small capsule into one, capable of withstanding nearly any heat radiation. He explodes at the center, and draws the star into the pocket univers, the capsule re-seals itself and awaits retrieval, once taken back, it can either release it's contents or suck in more."

"Brilliant!" Herok exclaimed. "Let's get started."

Four hours later, they stood yet again under Lloyd's house, sweaty, grease covered, and utterly amazed as Lancelot stood before them.

"Is it an AI?" Herok asked, awe inspired. SERVO peeked out from his jacket, Lloyd saw, and almost went ballistic.


"I'll take that as a no." Ryuzaki sighed. He stood around impatiently as Herok explained in exquisitly painful scientific wording how to create an Artificial Intelligence, Lloyd jotting down notes far quicker than Herok was talking. After about an hour, Herok insisted on Lloyd explaining how the Lancelot worked.

"Very well, Ryuzaki, you should pay special attention, as you'll be piloting it." Lloyd said, approaching Lancelot. Ryu groaned.

Lloyd pressed a button, and Lancelot began to spin on a turntable, it stopped when it's back was to them. There was an open hatch, which was the inside the body just under the head. He grabbed onto a wire cable and set one foor onto a step, it began to retract into the body, raising Lloyd about 13 feet up to the top of Lancelot.

He sat in the seat and pushed a button, the open part slid into the body and a cover slid shut, the capsule was no longer visible.

Herok gasped as a whirring sound filled the air, it sounded so beautiful...

Two 3-foot extensions unfolded from the legs, revealing wheels on the ends. The Lancelot crouched down and spun in a circle until it was facing them again.

"Mic test, one two three, can you hear me?" Lloyd giggled at his ridiculous rhyme.

"We hear you." Ryuzaki said.

Lloyd practically reversed what he had just done, until he was standing with them again.

"For now, we need some sleep, I'll explain in full detail how you use it first thing tomorrow morning." Lloyd sighed, wiping his brow.

"We don't have enough time for this!" Herok complained, but even he couldn't deny the fact that he was tired, very tired.

"Come on Herok, we have plenty of time for a good sleep, it'll do you some good, you seem stressed out ever since your discovery." Ryuzaki left out the fact that he never slept.

Herok sighed and admitted defeat. "Fine, first thing in the morning."

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