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Multiversal II: Invaders from the Dark Dimension

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The next day, once Lloyd went to both their rooms and retrieved them. He urged them outside and into a taxi cab.

"Where are we going?" Ryuzaki mumbled, pretending to be sleepy.

"Im taking you to a warehouse on the outskirts, wouldn't want to draw attention to ourselves, no would we?" Lloyd said, in his shrill voice.

It took almost an hour to reach their destination. Lloyd hurried them out of the car and lead them up to a massive abandoned warehouse. With the help of Ryuzaki, he managed to slide the huge, rusty doors to the side enough for them to slip in. He walked over to where Lancelot stood, refracting light that filtered in through the sky-light.

"Before getting into Lancelot, I'd like to test you both in the simulator I created last night." Lloyd said, leading them over to one side.

"You were working last night..?" Ryuzaki asked incredulously.

"Yes, in fact I hardly got any sleep at all. Now, if you please..."

Lloyd went through a detailed explanation on how everything worked, and then forced Ryuzaki and Herok to read the guide he had written up. It was incredibly hard to read his small hand-writing, so Herok had SERVO read it to them.

Two full hours later, they were ready to try out the simulator.

"Your objective is to eliminate all enemy Knightmare Frames, tanks, helicopters, and then battle a simulation Lancelot. You'll be even in terms of everything, so it's up to skill to win that battle." Lloyd instructed. "Furthermore, any civilian casualties will result in a serious dropping of your score. You have thirty minutes."

Ryuzaki sighed heavily at the "no civilian casualties part" what did it matter if they got in the way and were killed? It was their fault, wasn't it? He shook his head clear and focused, trying out all the different controls as he sat alone in the middle of a city. Suddenly and without warning, two helicopters appeared and fired missiles at him. He narrowly dodged, but he had moved closer. Instead of using his Harken Boosters, he leapt high into the air and slashed through both with his swords. He landed graceful and spun around, coming face to face with a tank. He quickly slashed through it and jumped backwards, avoiding the blast as it exploded.

He spun around and zoomed forwards, firing his arm-mounted chain-gun on the troops. He wiped out two ranks of them with a single sweep, this was a very powerful machine indeed.

A few dozen destroyed helicopters later, an identical Knightmare appeared in the falling directly at him. He blocked it's swords with his and slid backwards on its wheels. The enemy Lancelot shot with it's chain-gun, Ryuzaki dodged to the side, all the while holding up his arm-mounted energy shield. He then lunged forwards with a thrust, the enemy lancelot jumped backwards and placed it's feet on the building, it shoved off and barreled into Ryuzaki, knocking them both to the ground. It kneed Ryuzaki's Knightmare in the chest, severely damaging it's targeting systems and causing Ryuzaki's simulator to shake violently.

He kneed the Lancelot in it's stomach and launched it over him. He got to his feet and spun around, he fired a Harken Booster into the Knightmare's head, it shuddered, sent off a bunch of sparks, and died. Ryuzaki nearly cried out in victory, before he noticed the enemy's sword jutting out of his chest. His Knightmare shuddered, fell and exploded.

"Wow!" Lloyd exclaimed, walking up to them. "I never imagined you two would tie! I guess you'll both get to try it out."

"A tie in scores?" Herok asked, wondering how Ryuzaki could ever equal him in a test.

"No, you both destroyed each other."

"But, that was a simulation..." Ryuzaki began.

"No! In fact, it wasn't. You were fighting each other in the end." Lloyd sighed. "Now, how do we get to your world?" He asked, looking at Herok.

"It's not really our world, it's where my lab is... But, it's really easy. SERVO, commence scan." Herok ordered.

Lloyd gasped and fainted as they entered Herok's laboratory. Landing next to Lancelot's feet.

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