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No fair >:C How do I do this?

Yeah sorry 'bout that, was really tired last night and just stopped in the middle of the sentence.

"Mandy remembers too?" Lawliet asked.

Dylan held the gun in the ready position as he crept to where the others were, Felix stayed on his heels as they walked.

"What are you doing Felix?" Dylan asked.

"You got me into this mess Bro, you get shot and I book it outta here." Felix whispered.

"You do know that bullets can pass through bodies right?" Dylan asked.

They made it to the room where Mandy, Hector and Starla were to find them gone.

"Stay here!" Dylan said turning to Felix.

" better believe it!" Felix said.

Dylan walked out and he saw movement above him on a catwalk, without looking he took a shot hitting Hector in the chest causing him to tumble over the side and to the floor below.

Dylan walked over and secured the gun, then checked Hector.

"Is that guy dead?" Felix asked.

"Yeah, neck's broken!" Dylan said handing him the .38 from Agent Dunham's ankle holster.

"I'm a pacifist man!"

"Who sells poison?" Dylan asked.

"Hey that's not cool, I'm tryin to go straight that's why I agreed to help you." Felix said as he reluctantly grabbed the gun.

Dylan grabbed Hector's 9mm Glock and the extra clip in his belt and motioned for Felix to crouch.

"You don't really think that womans with them?" Felix asked

"Didn't you notice anything similar between Starla and Mandy...I think they're related possibly sisters."

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"Woah, now that you mention it, yeah..." Lawliet chuckled. "We shoulda seen that one a mile away."

"You know how we were really dizzy, disoriented... and all that, when we woke up?" Dylan asked.

"... Where are you going with this?"

"When Starla and Hector woke up, they were perfectly fine."

"Oh I see!" Lawliet caught on, "While us three were knocked out, those two rigged the explosives!" He grinned.

"Yes, which means there has to be at least one way out of here. If they were unaffected, they'd want to be able to escape."

"But... what about Mandy? They were going to leave her?"

"Exactly. That's why they acted. I think... That they're waiting for someone. Possibly with a cure for the Anthrosyte."

"And they needed a way outta here!" Lawliet finished.

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"Oh my god Felix you are brilliant!" Dylan shouted.

"You bet I am...wait why am I brilliant?"

"Starla kept glancing over here, at the time I thought she was nervous but now..."

Dylan and Felix walked over to the far wall, to a fire extinguisher box bolted to it.

"Nothing just more locked windows!" Felix shouted.

"Maybe her way out wasn't a window!"

"So what we just twist this valve and a secret passage opens up?" Felix gripped the rusty valve and twisted it...nothing happened.

"That would've been so cool had it worked." Felix said.

"I think you're on the right track bro, look at this place everything's covered with dust but look at the top of the Extinguisher box it's clean, but on the bottom..."

Felix bent down and saw a thick layer of dust on the underside of the box.

"Twist it!" they both shouted.

Twisting the box activated a small motor which in turn activated a pulley which moved a large lathe in the corner revealing a discending staircase.

"Get ready Felix...this has ambush written all over it!"

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Lawliet squealed with excitement, receiving a harsh "SHHH!" from Dylan. Gripping their pistols, they walked over to the corner. Dylan peered down the staircase, and, so far as he could see, there was nobody there. Lawliet, followed by Dylan, began slowly creeping down the stairs, hoping they didn't creak too loudly and give them away.

The staircase turned out to be much, much longer than they had anticipated, before long both their legs were beginning to get sore from the crouch-creep.

"That's it! Im walking like a normal guy!" Lawliet shouted, a bit too loudly. Dylan looked at him in horror, shortly before they heard "Up the stairs!"

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Dylan grabbed Felix's shirt and pulled him down.

"Go prone!" he mouthed as they both hit the floor with their stomachs.

Dylan reached out and popped off a round knocking out a lightbulb hanging off the ceiling.

"Look alive here they come!" Mandy shouted already sounding more cold bytch than barbie doll.

Dylan crept on his knees and found a piece of glass on the tunner floor, it was jagged but it did the trick.

He stood up behind the guard and placing his hand over the mans mouth pressed the shard into his throat, he collapsed to the ground dead. Dylan put his gun in the small of his back and picked up the guards P90.

Dylan went on ahead as Felix followed slowly a nearby squelch drew his attention, he reached into the darkness and picked up a walkie talkie.

"Dylan look!" Felix whispered.

"Hold down the squelch button, they won't be able to communicate."

Felix held down the button, stopping the line of communication between them.

Dylan stopped and aimed the P90 down the tunned and waited for movement, which happened a minute later. A quick silenced shot knocked the guard down to the ground.

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Felix grabbed the role of tape out of his pocket, which he had snatched earlier, and used it to hold down the squelch button. This achieved, he put that in his pocket too.

"Come on." Dylan whispered. He nodded and pulled his gun back out, then they began down the stairs again. Much slower this time, as they knew there were people waiting for them this time. Including Mandy, who was no doubt the leader.

They stopped only for a moment, and that was only so that Felix could take the other dead guard's Famas. He beamed at Dylan, trying extremely hard not to laugh and give them away again.

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"I don't like this Felix!" Dylan whispered.

"What?" He asked.

"We're alone down here, no resistance whatsoever."

"What do you thinks goin on?" Felix asked.

"Exactly what i'd do, setting up an ambush." Dylan said.

Felix watched as Dylan's eyes lit up.

"Oh I know that look, just like when we used to run together as kids you have a plan!" Felix said.

After a few minutes in the warehouse, Dylan came back carrying a sack over his sholder.

"What's that?" He asked.

"Oh just a present for whose ever waiting for us at the end of the tunnel."

Felix and Dylan made their way to the end of the tunnel and found that it opened up into the high Nevade desert.

"As soon as this thing goes, you climb up and run like hell for cover, I'll follow right behind." Dylan said.

"As soon as what goes...oh crap!" Felix saw Dylan pull out a drum on Antrhosyte with a brick of C4 attached to it and a long string leading to the firing pin.

"And hold your breath, just in case." Dylan crouched near the top of the tunnel and tossed the drum high into the air, the string pulled taught releasing the safety pin...BOOM!!!!

"Go now!" Dylan snouted over the roar of fire.

Felix climbed out and made his way through the dazed guards. and down a steep embankment took a defensive position behind an old mine cart.

Dylan was on his heels and met him a minute later.

"That wont keep them dazed long, but hopefully long enough." He said.

"Long enough for what." Felix asked.

Dylan rolled up his sleve revealing a red bump on his arm.

"A mosquito bite?" Felix asked.

"Look again."

Felix looked at the red blemish and realised it was pulsing a red luminous blink.

"We have a fix on Agent Burke's chip, he's about a mile in from the Warehouse in the desert."

"You are chipped?" Felix asked.

"Yeah all UC's get LoJacked, the Warehouse was shielded but luckly now that we're outside the eye in the sky can spot us."

Felix's eyes suddenly went cold. He roostered his gun and pointed it a Dylan. "Felix what are you..."

"Sorry D." Felix said as he pulled the trigger.

Dylan looked behind and saw Mandy fall to the ground, a quarter sized hole in her head.

"Oh my god you really thought I was gonna shoot you!" Felix said dropping the gun.

"No I didn't...well maybe a little." Dylan said.

The sound of Helicopter rotors erupted from over a nearby mesa followed by sirens from charging black SUV's.

"Agent Burke, figured you might need this." a beautiful raven haired woman said handing him syringe full of yellow medicine.

"Ah Metrosycline, you scanned the Warehouse." Dylan asked.

"Yeah you ready?" she asked.

"Oh Felix I'd like to introduce you to the Fabulous, vivacious Agent Jenni Wong."

"You can talk about a female Agent that way?" Felix asked.

"You can when she's your wife." Jenni said.

"You're married Dylan you didn't say."

"That's what UC means Felix, well here we go!" he said stabbing the needle directly into his heart.

"What the Fukc!" Felix shouted

"You have to inject directly into the heart, it's faster." Jenni said.

"Your turn." Dylan said handing Felix an identical syringe.

"Does it hurt?" Felix asked.

"No...well yes very much so but it's better that the alternative."

Felix cringed as he jabbed the needle in his heart releasing the life saving medicine.

"Agent Burke did you find Agent Dunham?" Another Agent asked as he walked over.

"Agent Dunham's body is in the Warehouse, near the south side. The booby traps have been deactivated and breech should be easy. There's mounds of evidence in there but it seems moot now that the Wicked Witch of the West side is dead."

"Nobody's gonna be crying for her!"

"You got that right Cho." Dylan said.

"I'll give the Insertion Team the go Agent Burke." Cho said signaling the Helicopter.

"Am I gonna be alright?" Felix asked.

"Yes...although there is a side effect to the medication." Dylan said.

"Oh great what is it?" Felix asked.

"You've heard of Viagra right?"

"Yeah who hasn't, the erectile dysfunction drug."

"Well meet it's bigger, stronger brother!"

Felix looked at Dylan and scowled.

"Very funn...oh man!" he said feeling the effects.

"And with that it's time for my darling wife and I to go!" Dylan said grinning.

"What about me?" Felix asked.

Jenni looked around and noticed Agent Katz taking crimescene sketches.

Jenni walked over and pointed to Felix and whispered in her ear. Agent Katz looked at him and smiled.

"Enjoy." Dylan mouthed with a wink.

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I didn't know it was this kind of RP! 'horrified look'

Nah... Just dunno what to do now. What's gonna happen? IS THIS THE END?

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It could be, or we can keep it going. How about....

Felix nervously adjusted his tie as he walked up the steps to the main building. He had never worn a suit before, instead he yearned for the comfort and ease of a screen print T-shirt with Scooby Doo on it. He saw Dylan standing by the door waiting for him and waved with apprehension as his friend noticed him.

"Well here I am." Felix said his palms sweaty.

The incident at the desert Warehouse was six months ago but it seemed like years. After his boss was killed and her empire in ruins Felix found himself without work, he had been crashing at Dylan's place while he looked for a job but nobody wants to hire a highschool dropout who used to sell dope.

"Why did you ask me here, and have me wear this monkey suit." Felix asked.

"Well Felix, you remember that test I had you take for your insurance physical."


"Well I lied, that test was the same test given to prospective DEA recruits."

"How'd I do?" Felix asked.

"You scored in the 98th percentile."

"Is that good?" Felix asked.

"Is that good...Felix they accept agents who score 90%." Dylan said.

"So what does that mean?" Felix asked.

"Well the Director read my report of the Warehouse incident and he agrees with me that..."

Dylan reached into his pocket and fished out a black leathed wallet.

"That Felix Lawliet would make an excellent DEA agent." Dylan said smiling.

"Stop joking!" Felix said.

"I'm serious...granted you go to the academy for training but the Director feels that somebody with your "unique" history would be a great asset to the organization more specifically a member of the new taskforce headed by me."

"So you'll be my boss?" Felix asked.

"Sort of...well yeah. So what do you say?" Dylan asked.

"I'm not sure...can I see the badge again?"

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Dylan laughed and showed it to Felix.

"No doubt." He began to laugh, eventually needing support from Dylan to continue standing. "You'll be-HA-my-HAHAHAHAHA-snort-BOSS!" He guffawed.

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Felix watched as the small tract houses flew by. He tugged at is vest, white letters that said DEA beamed up at him.

"Nervous?" Dylan asked.

"Don't be, use that feeling. Turn it back on itself and let the adrenalin pump you up.

"Be advised we are almost to the Meth labs location." a voice said over the comms.

"You heard him, lock and load!" Dylan said.

The black SUV pulled up to the corner and joined others that were already there.

"SWAT's gonna breech first, assess the situation then we follow, and check your fire there are many dangerous chemicals that explode easily."

Dylan pulled his sidearm and followed the SWAT guys to the door. Felix followed right on his heels holding his gun as well.

"Hit it!" Dylan said tapping a SWAT guy on his helmet.

Felix watched as seven people were led out of the place in handcuffs.

"It's great isn't it?" Dylan asked walking over.

"What is?"

"We got all these drugs off the street." Dylan said.

"Yeah it is." Felix said smiling.

"Agent Burke, Agents Thomas and Mann found something in the detached garage." Agent Cho said walking up.

Dylan and Felix followed Cho to the garage where Mann and Thomas were looking at a large chest freezer.

"What is this?" Mann said holding a mason jar full of an oily green liquid.

"Agent Mann, gently put the jar down and back away...NOW!" Dylan said.

"Felix call headquarters and have them patch you into Agent Ray at the ATF."

"Why what is that stuff?" Felix asked.

"That's pure Nitroglicerine!" he said.

As Dylan backed out, with Mann and Thomas following he glanced into the freezer and saw many jars just like it and one large item that he recognised all to well.

"And while your at it call Homeland Security and tell them we have a possible atomic device on the premisis."

"Alright everyone listen up, I want this entire block evacuated now!? Dylan shouted to the collected group of SWAT and DEA.

"ATF and Homeland Security are enroute Dylan, they said about five minutes." Felix said.

"What do you think?" Felix added.

"I think this is much bigger than a simple Meth bust!" Dylan said with a sigh.

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There was the sound of gunfire, and two men appeared, one was holding a knife in one hand, Deagle in his other. The other man had only a katana. They charged towards Felix and Dylan, the one with the Deagle fired, and missed. Felix tackled Dylan to the side just in time, the man with the katana barely missed slicing him in half. They quickly loaded everything into a seriously padded ice chest and took off before they could get to their feet. A few SWAY ran in and began spraying the doorway with gunfire, nothing. But it was a tiny closet, right? They approached the door and looked inside, a trapdoor previously hidden under an old refrigerator lay open.

"Dammit!" Dylan yelled.

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Dylan sat in the back of an Ambulance, the medic was tending to his bumps and bruises and checking him for signs of concussion. "I'm fine!" he said waving the medic off.

"Boss Homeland just showed up." Cho said walking over.

"Whose in charge here?" An agent asked walking over.

"That would be me Agent!" Dylan said standing up.

"Collins, Phil Collins." Agent Collins said.

" the singer?" Felix asked.

"Well you certainly fukced up this situation didn't you Burke?" Collins said.

"Oh my god, you knew about the nuke didn't you Collins?" Dylan asked.

"We were aware yes."

"And yet you did nothing when we put the op on the interagency wire?" Dylan asked.

"We were waiting for them to move it, then we would move in and take them all out." Collins said.

"Who is it Hamas, Al-Quida?" Felix asked.

"It's some new group, they call themselves "The Ultranationalists" a group made up of disillusioned people from many countries."

"So what's the plan Collins, yu gonna track the Radiation with the orbiting JX7 satellite?" Dylan asked.

"Go home DEA, Homeland's no point on this op." Collins said.

"Oh ok, sure." Dylan said.

"D wait up, are you just gonna take that?" Felix asked running after the retreating Dylan.

"Hell no, that pompous ass put us all at risk by not disclosing critical information!"

"So what are we gonna do?" Felix asked.

"Reach out to some of your contacts, see if they have had dealings with any new people Eastern Europeans and the like." Dylan said.

"What are you gonna do." Felix asked.

"I'm gonna see The Kid."

"The Kid...what Kid?" Felix asked as Dylan walked to his car.

"The Kid...he must be pissed!" Cho said walking up.

"Whose The Kid?"

"A while back DEA got hacked by some 14 year old computer genius, The Boss cut him some slack in exchange for use of his "Talents" every once and a while."

"What does that mean?" Felix asked.

"He's probably gonna hack the JX7 bird, find the location of the nuke and spoof Homeland." Cho said.

"Wow, I've never seen D like this." Felix said.

"He hates all the Agency Politics, I just hope he doesn't burn his bridge with Homeland over this." Cho said.

"Alright guys pack it in, this is Homelands dance now!" Cho shouted.

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A while later, once Felix was home, he began browsing through old contacts. Non-suprisingly he managed to find a couple people who knew about these 'Ultranationalists'. He grabbed a home-made soda, loaded with twice as much sugar than regular sodas, and called Dylan.

"Did you find anything?"

"Yeah, apparently they're hardcore terrorists. You remember hearing about all the riots in China couple years ago?"


"Well, their leader was a guy named Le Xing-Ke. Ever since he's been gathering followers. Remember the bomb threats in Europe?"

"Where are you going with this Felix?"

"The garnly guy with the sword that almost split you?" Felix laughed. "That was him."

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Dylan closed his cell and returned it to his pocket. He then walked up the steps to an unassuming Dutch Colonial with a red paint job.

Dylan knocked on the door and a woman in her late 40's answered.

"Hi Ms. Bosco." Dylan said.

"Agent Burke, what's he done now?" Phyllis Bosco asked.

"Nothing, I just dropped by to say hi." Dylan said.

"Oh, well he's in the Basement like always." she said stepping aside.

Dylan walked doen the stairs and found Billy frantically typing at his computer.

"That better not be the DEA secure server Billy." Dylan said.

"Nope it's Homeland Security, did you hear about the nuke?" Billy asked.

"Yeah that why I'm here, I need you to..."

"Hack into the XJ7 and try to pick up the Radiation trail?" billy asked.

"Yeah but I also want you to spoof Homeland's feed so they can't find it...for a while."

"Why?" Billy asked.

"They pissed me off, can you do it?" Dylan asked.


Billy worked his techno magic and found the trail of Radioactivity.

"It seems to have stopped Dylan, it's in a cargo container at the Rail Yard."

"Thanks Billy, call my cell if it moves again."

"Will do."

Dylan ran to hgs car, cell phone fixed to his ear.

"Felix get the team I have a location on the Nuke!"

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