Should gays be accepted by America?

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Locking this thread because we've had this exact discussion a million times, we all know each other's viewpoints on this issue. It's just not worth the effort or time anymore. But next time you have this "debate" anywhere, Lethe Albion, try being more sensitive and not get huffy and whiny when people don't respond kindly to your negative opinion of them/their group. And don't just hide behind the tired old "it's just my opinion" statement whenever facing opposition to your views. You're entitled to your opinion, sure, but others are also entitled to disagree with you and be upset with you because of it. It goes both ways.

(P.S. Using "SJW", social justice warrior, social justice, etc as a term to discredit/put down people who aren't conservative's viewpoints is a total cop-out of an argument, very indicative of your personality/attitude towards these issues, and so goddamn tired. It really does invalidate your entire point IMO. The internet needs to shut up with it.)

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Posting in a locked topic, but I believe it's important to express exactly where and why this argument is flawed. Telling someone that they're a douchebag for holding to values and principles they believe to be right isn't going to change their mind.


Yeah, I've heard something of the like. The only question I have about it is that if biologically sex's only purpose is for reproduction, why do we consider homosexuality as simply one type of sexuality rather than a sexual abnormality? Sex feels good, yes, but the purpose for that as far as heterosexual relations go is to form a close chemical and emotional bond between the participants so as to keep them together to provide support as parents for their offspring. That and, if it feels good, you'll want to do it a lot, which makes your chances of passing on your genes higher. 

With homosexuality though, there is no possibility for reproduction. Also considering the fact that homosexual proclivities are massively in the minority, why do we in fact shy away from calling it a sexually deviant practice? It's very clearly not the norm, nor does it serve any function except for physical pleasure and sense of closeness with one's partner.  I'm not saying people can't do it. Not everyone in the world believes the same things that I do. But from my perspective, I can't condone something like that that seems to unnatural given what we know about human physiology.

Sexuality isn't the right word here (the bolded), despite the term for the actual preference of partner being homosexuality, because it incorrectly suggests that sexual intercourse needs to be involved in the discussion. To be homosexual is to be attracted to people of the same sex as you, whether that's for love or sexual intercourse or physical intimacy or a combination thereof. Any argument about sex or the "purpose" of sex ignores the much simpler fundamental human truth that people cannot and do not choose their feelings or emotions.


Of course, the argument of "it's not the societal norm and therefore I can't condone it" is inherently vapid and suggests a basic inability to think in anyone who utters it, but you can have the benefit of the doubt from me regardless.

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